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The Repeaters all singing from Labour's songsheet

It looks like the mainstream media repeaters are all singing from Labour’s prepared songsheet this weekend. The problem for them is that they all went tp press at the same time making themselves all look like…well…repeaters.

Fran O’Sullivan, Tracy Watkins and loyal Labour mouthpiece John Armstrong are all running the ame lines; that the government isn’t controlling the media like the last government!

OK so, let’s get this straight, they want a return to the micro-managed inside snippets, approved and released by the ninth floor. They want this because…

Well they want it because they are now having to think and write for themselves and repeaters don’t like doing that especially when they can have ready made articles churned out by a bevy of taxpayer funded spin flunkies.

Which is probably why more and more people read blogs and particularly those blogs that refuse to run spin.

John Armstrong: English must master tricky balancing act

John Armstrong: English must master tricky balancing actIt has to be assumed today’s Budget has done the job it was designed to do even before Bill English reveals its contents this afternoon. Otherwise, Budget Day will be a public-relations disaster for National. John Key and Bill… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong looks at the balancing act that Bill English must accomplish with today’s budget.

More importantly what Bill English needs to accomplish recognising that he is the DEPUTY. I rally am quite over his machinations and needling that he tries to get away with by giving us his down country yokel “Aw Shucks” look.

While we are talking about the Dipstick from Dipton have a look at how Hong Kong is “stimulating” the economy. They have raised their tax cut today from 1500 to 1900NZD a year for stimulus.

Meanwhile Bill the Dork talks about maintaining “entitlements” for losers.

Lazy media caught cheating again

John Armstrong rips WhaleoilIt never ceases to amaze me the number of times I read my own words in the media some days after I have posted something. Most times I just grin. Today however I am not. In fact today is my time to get pissed off.

You see the gallery twats get paid to write their drivel, some have been there forever. I do not get paid. When ever we in the blogosphere use their words we provide a link or a hat tip. They almost never do what is polite and acknowledge where they got their details from.

Inquiring Mind has a snip from The Herald written by John Armstrong or was it?

You see that was printed on Saturday 17 January. What did I post on Thursday 15 January? Exactly the same thing but with far more detail than John Armstrong, the ardent leftist twat he is, managed to copy from my post.

I won’t hold my breathe waiting for the cheque.

John Key: Politician of the year

John Key: Politician of the yearTo borrow the immortal words of Australian politician Bill Hayden, some might argue National could have put up the proverbial drover’s dog as leader and still won last month’s election such was its huge lead in the polls over preceding… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong makes the case for John Key to be politician of the year. It is hard to argue otherwise, though I am sure the paupers at the lap-blog will give it a go.

I think the most telling part of John Armstrongs column is one that few bloggers and commentators have yet picked up and that is the huge sea change in New Zealand politics. Certainly the Labour Party is yet to pick up that sea change after picking yet another old timer to be their temporary leader.

What also matters is that Key speaks for a new generation which entered Parliament in force at last month’s election – a generation which is less hidebound by ideology or consumed with refighting the battles of the 1980s or the 1990s.

This is a generational shift in politics. The baby-boomers are on their way out. Winston Peters has gone. Clark and Michael Cullen are poised to check out.

The new generation has never experienced a wage-price freeze, fixed exchange rates, Think Big or farmers being subsidised according to the number of sheep they had on their farms.

The new generation has only a hazy memory of the Labour Government which swept all that away in a revolution of reform before imploding. Seeing him in Parliament, those younger MPs must view Sir Roger Douglas as a relic from another age.

Key’s advantage is that his age and political freshness places him at the vanguard of the new generation – something that cannot be said for the new Labour leadership.

Labour painted JohnKey a a bumblng fool and fell into the trap of believing thei own spin. It was ultimately fatal and the bumbling fool was Helen Clark who bmbled once too many and fell on her sword. One area where John Key absolutely ran rings around Clark was Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode, here John Key absolutely painted Clark into a corner and even better used her own paint and her own brush, he then threw down the brush and as the ad says “He walked away”.

And what about Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode?

What we can be sure about is that Peters, having used the media to boost his career early on, grew to despise it. His version always had to be the correct one. That he could never concede to being wrong was what destroyed him – not the bunkum that he was the target of some kind of big business-establishment-media collusion.

NZ First, a party built solely around a personality cult, will not be back.

Peters will be missed. The charming, generous, understanding Peters, that is. Not the cantankerous, argumentative, frustrating and difficult creature with whom other parties were forced to do business, smiling benignly as they did so but at the same time looking about as comfortable as someone lying on a bed of sharpened nails.

WRP, 63, UONFA is one of the few people I genuinely loathe. The man is liar fair and square, a disingenuous prick and a sot who should not be remembered fondly, rather he should be kicked into the gutter and forgotten. He never did get round to suing me for calling him a liar. Fucking loser.

John Armstrong: Key did right thing, just a few steps late

John Armstrong: Key did right thing, just a few steps lateIn his handling of the first “crisis” to confront him as Prime Minister, John Key has been taught a few instructive lessons about not just keeping in step with public opinion, but the need to stay ahead of it. In sending an Air… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong has his pinko coloured spectacles on again this morning in berating John Key for doing too little, too late about the losers stuck in Bangkok.

Now a couple of points here. Phil Goff would have known the 757’s were broken, he was the Defence Minister just 4 weeks ago and would have been informed that the planes were broken and in the US. Quite how the NZ government was supposed to deploy them to help is beyond me. Phil Goff also thinks a valid contigency plan is to sponge off your mates by asking Australia for help.

Quite apart from all that I fail to see why people are sitting on their chuff in Bangkok waiting for the New Zealand government to save their sorry asses.

I had a couple of mates stuck in Thailand, they both got themelves home with no help either asked for or received from the government. One took the bus to Phuket and flew to Singapore from there and the other took a train to Malayasia and flew home from there. A bit of lateral thinking and Kiwi can do spirit.

It seems to me that 9 years of Labour have knobbled the Kiwi Spirit, essentially emasculating us from thinking and doing for ourselves, instead waiting for the munificence of the the government to save us.

John Armstrong : Canny leaders right to skip TV debate

John Armstrong : Canny leaders right to skip TV debateMuch pious-sounding claptrap has been voiced about Helen Clark and John Key’s pact not to take part in televised leaders’ debates with their counterparts from minor parties, most of this self-serving cant coming from the minor parties… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong’s first paragraph is a goodie;

Much pious-sounding claptrap has been voiced about Helen Clark and John Key’s pact not to take part in televised leaders’ debates with their counterparts from minor parties, most of this self-serving cant coming from the minor parties themselves.

He is exactly right. But the more important question is why did Clark lie about the decision? Matthew Hooton, obviously due to his close blogging proximity to Chris “honorable corruption” Trotter, thinks it is OK for a Prime Minister to lie. I don’t.

Remember this election is about trust and Helen Clark lied. She lied on national television, she lied to the people of ew Zealand because she didn’t want it known that it was her who organised the Key/Clark only debate at the expense of the minor parties.

National will focus on economy, law and order and education during campaign

National will focus on economy, law and order and education during campaignNational is pledging to focus on the economy, law and order and education in its election campaign, which will see party leader John Key and his caucus put under sharper scrutiny than ever before. An upbeat Mr Key yesterday welcomed… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Key has said he won’t dish the dirt and Helen Clark made it very clear from her speech yesterday that she is going to fight th campaign on smears, nastiness, vitriol and mis-truths as Labour runs a “scare the crap out of everyone” campaign.

She should reconsider. John Howard tried that and it failed.

John Armstrong also alludes to Clark’s apparent nasty campaign strategy.

The NZ Herald editorial looks at the announcement.

From the ongoing, destabilising uncertainty surrounding her governing arrangement with New Zealand First, the Prime Minister’s decision at last delivers clarity.

Helen Clark’s televised announcement was a party political broadcast but she seemed pained at times and sombre throughout. There were no flashes of the up-and-at-em attitude that she delivered even in 2005.

A week or two of Winston Peters in fullblown denial is probably enough to exhaust the inexhaustible.

And the Winston Fiasco ain’t over yet. The last line of the Herald’s editorial bears repeating.

“Under the Electoral Finance Act free speech has been stifled all year. Expect a campaign of limited public advocacy. Democracy’s full voice must wait, but just eight more weeks.”

John Armstrong: The Great Survivor goes hunting for brainless meerkats

John Armstrong: The Great Survivor goes hunting for brainless meerkatsThe last refuge of a politician in serious trouble is to blame the media. Not so in Winston Peters’ case. Blaming the media is not sufficient. When Peters strikes problems, they are deemed the product of a vast media conspiracy against… [NZ Politics]

John Armstrong outline 4 factors behind the refusal of Winston Raymond Peters to hold himself to the same standards he demands of others.

1. Any explanation of exactly what happened to Sir Robert Jones’ $25,000 donation to the party risks highlighting the fiction that NZ First is morally superior to other parties and does not accept money from big business interests or deliberately hide such donations.

2. Offering some insight into what happened to Sir Robert’s donation would only invite more scrutiny just when the story appears to be (slowly) running out of steam.

3. The reluctance of all parties to open their financial books for inspection. The only one which regularly publishes its accounts in any detail is Labour.

4. Winston Peters is Winston Peters. He does not come in safe, diluted versions. When you buy the package – as Labour has discovered late in the parliamentary term – you get the full package.

Heh, Winston Raymond Peters certainly is a poisoned chalice. Only one thing is for certain when you get into bed with Winston, he’s going to shag ya in the chook and you are sleeping in the wet spot with a sore arse.

John Armstrong: If mud's not sticking, time to stop slinging

Labour flings pooJohn Armstrong: If mud’s not sticking, time to stop slingingSo obsessed is Labour with destroying John Key that the party seems blinkered to the damage this is doing to Labour’s already-slight chances of winning the coming election.
Labour’s focus on Key is understandable. Without him as…
[NZ Politics]

John Armstrong one of the last bastions of Clarkism in the MSM has some sage advice for Clark.

Stop slinging mud, it aint sticking, not a bit of it.

The mudslinging has appeared desperate and they didn’t even do their homework properly. They desperately have tried to suggest John Key was trying to advantage himself by asking question about Tranzrail…..if he was he sure failed because he actually made a loss on those shares. Only a stupid socialist would try to claim this as trying to advantage ones self.

Unfortunately for Labour their numpties can’t even fling the poo in the right direction, this past week all of the poo landed in Helen’s, Cullen’s and King’s laps.

John Key meanwhile comes up smelling of roses and Labour looks like the nasty party.


John Armstrong : Election needn't delay smacking referendum

John Armstrong : Election needn’t delay smacking referendumUnless the Prime Minister is planning to go to the country much earlier than everyone expects, her assertion that it is not possible to hold the anticipated citizens-initiated referendum on the anti-smacking law on election day simply… [NZ Politics]

John Armstrong looks at Helen’s obfuscations over her inability to hold the referendum at the election.

One of his thoughts is that the election is actually very imminent. I have to agree with him on that. With the economy tanking labour is running out of time to have an election before thenext quarters economic figures will reveal wht most of us know anyway, that the economy is officially in recession.

Cullen will already know this. The last thing the government needs in the last few weeks of an election campaign is the New Zealand media crying from the roof-tops that labour has put the economy into recession.