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Greens deny conflict of interest over firm

Greens deny conflict of interest over firmA taxpayer-funded Green Party pre-Budget brochure promoted a company in which its “Green Futures” superannuation scheme is a shareholder without disclosing the interest. The brochure on the party’s jobs stimulus package “Green… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Greens have always been hypocrites. Back when Project Aqua was proposed the Greens vociferously opposed the project. At the time they were promoting with great vigour wind techonology. Jeantte Fitzsimons was also a large shareholder in Windflow Technology the company that the Greens currently have shares in. Don’t forget the recent by-election where Wellington candidate Russel Norman was extolling the virtues of public transport all the while boosting his carbon footprint by living in Wellington and campaigning in Auckland.

The Greens have also promoted loudly their home insulation package and again Jeanette Fitzsimons has been a beneficiary of the change in direction heralded by that programme. She holds Fletcher Building shares. I wonder if the Green Futures Superannuation scheme now also holds Fletcher Building shares.

It could be argued that it was disclosed but you actually have to go looking for the linkages. For the incredibly dim, Fletcher Building is New Zealands largest manufacturer of home insulation products.

Good on the Greens

The Greens released today, an alternate Budget. Much of it is wooly thinking but good on them for taking the time to do it. It just goes to show that it is the Greens and not Labour that are the real opposition.

With Russel Norman making a good showing in Mt Albert at the moment and sound sensible reasoning coming from the Greens it finally looks like New Zealand is in the position that we can move forward together and leave behind the divisivness of labour and Helen Clark.

The way the Greens have conducted themselves since the election deserves commendation not condemnation.

I still don’t fully agree with them and their members especially ne’erdowells like Keith locke and Sue Bradford but I think Russel Norman may just be coming into his own, and if Metiria Turei becomes co-leader they may just be getting somewhere.


Finance act deterred donors

Finance act deterred donorsBig political donors appear to have been scared off by the Electoral Finance Act, electoral returns show. [Stuff Politics]

The Human Rights Commission was right. The Electoral Finance Act did have a dramatic effect on freedom of speech with political party donations well down on the previous year.

The Greens are having a cry because National had money in the bank, Labour continues to re-write history and the only party that didn’t breach the stupid law did what was required by all concerned with freedom of speech and repealed the Act.

Mt Albert Watch

Mt Alvert ElectorateThe troops have hit the ground in Mt Albert.

National and the Greens had the troops out and about in Mt Albert today and what a friendly lot both teams were. I think the agreement to work together in the house may be paying dividends with the troops.

The Greens had about 20-30 workers canvassing and seemed really upbeat. Russel Norman was leading from the front and looked very comfortable canvassing. They were a dignified and very energetic team

The Nats had about 60 people on the ground and by all acounts were getting a good reception even down in Tiger country around Balmoral and Morningside.

Not one single case of silliness between the canvassing teams, and by all accounts everyone was pleasant to each other, great to see.

If there were any Labour canvassers out they must have been resting their weary feet in the cafes when my spies went past.


Greens have best story for byelection

David Farrar has noted who would come in on the list should various differing parties win in Mt Albert and from his analysis we can see that the Greens have actualy been quite brilliant in their strategy of slecting Russel Norman to stand in Mt Albert.

Should he win then that would also bring in David Clendon, No 10 on the Greens list, as an MP. He actually lives in Mt Albert.

So the Greens can legitimately claim that a Vote for Russel is actually a vote for Two Green MPs for Mt Albert.

Brilliant, just brilliant. Well done The Greens.

Russel Norman must now have just nudged in front of whomever the Labour candidate will be with this most cunning of strategies.


California's 'Green Jobs' Experiment Isn't Going Well

The Greens and their ilk shove down our throats almost every day about the need to create “Green jobs” whateever these are. California, through the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and his green friends rammed through exactly that style of ill thought out policy directive and things don’t look that flash in their green experiment.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was all smiles in 2006 when he signed into law the toughest anti-global-warming regulations of any state. Mr. Schwarzenegger and his green supporters boasted that the regulations would steer California into a prosperous era of green jobs, renewable energy, and technological leadership. Instead, since 2007 — in anticipation of the new mandates — California has led the nation in job losses.

The regulations created a cap-and-trade system, similar to proposed federal global-warming measures, by limiting the CO2 that utilities, trucking companies and other businesses can emit, and imposed steep new taxes on companies that exceed the caps. Since energy is an input in everything that’s produced, this will raise the cost of production inside California’s borders.

Now, as the Golden State prepares to implement this regulatory scheme, employers are howling. It’s become clear to nearly everyone that the plan’s backers have underestimated its negative impact and exaggerated the benefits. “We’ve been sold a false bill of goods,” is how Republican Assemblyman Roger Niello, who has been the GOP’s point man on environmental issues in the legislature, put it to me.

Whoopsy….a prosperous era of Green Jobs huh….just how bad is this disaster for California?

The environmental plan was built on the notion that imposing some $23 billion of new taxes and fees on households (through higher electricity bills) and employers will cost the economy nothing, while also reducing greenhouse gases. Almost no one believes that anymore except for the five members of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This is the state’s air-quality regulator, which voted unanimously in December to stick with the cap-and-trade system despite the recession. CARB justified its go-ahead by issuing what almost all experts agree is a rigged study on the economic impact of the cap-and-trade system. The study concludes that the plan “will not only significantly reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions, but will also have a net positive effect on California’s economic growth through 2020.”

Is this all starting to sound familiar to anyone? It sure does to me….now I wonder what the reality is?

This finding elicited a chorus of hallelujahs from environmental groups. The state finally discovered a do-good policy that pays for itself. Californians can still scurry around in their cars, heat up their Jacuzzis, and help save the planet. But there was a problem. The CARB had commissioned five economists from around the country to critique this study. They panned it.

Harvard’s Robert Stavins, chairman of the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s economic advisory committee under Bill Clinton, told me that “None of us knew who the other reviewers were, but we all came up with almost the same conclusion. The report was severely flawed and systematically underestimated costs.” Another reviewer, UCLA Prof. Matthew E. Kahn, a supporter of the new regulations, criticized the “free lunch” aspect of the report. “The net dollar costs of each of these regulations is likely to be much larger than is reported,” he concluded. Mr. Stavins points out that if these regulations are a net boon for businesses and the economy, “why would you need to impose regulations like cap and trade?”

Now there’s a surprise, Five economists independent of each other discovered what those is business already know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Anyone still want such a debacle to be foisted upon New Zealand, apart from teh communists and anti-humans in the Greens?

The green lobby has lectured us for years that global warming is all about the sanctity of science. Those who question the “scientific consensus” on catastrophic atmospheric changes are belittled as “deniers.” Now, in assessing the costs, the greens readily cook the books and throw good science out the window. “To most of the most strident supporters of this legislation,” says Mr. Niello, “the economic costs don’t really matter anyway, because we are supposedly facing an environmental apocalypse.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger fits into that camp. He recently declared: “I recommend very strongly that we move forward . . . . You will always have people saying this will lose jobs.”

Meanwhile, the state is losing jobs, a lot of them. California’s unemployment rate hit 9.3% in December, up from 4.9% in December 2006. There are now 1.5 million Californians out of work. The state has the fourth-highest housing foreclosure rate in the nation, has lost more businesses than any state in recent years, and is facing a $40 billion deficit. With cap and trade firmly in place, the economic situation is only likely to get worse.

Other states are plundering the Golden State’s industries by convincing businesses to pick up stakes and move out before the cap-and-trade earthquake hits. Governors and Washington politicians who want to reduce their “carbon footprint,” but are worried about the more immediate crises of cascading unemployment, unbalanced budgets, and the housing-market collapse, would be wise not to follow California’s lead. Green policies have a tendency to push states into the red.

Hmmmm…ets stop this nonsense now. The last thing the economy needs is a “green soluution” to a problem that doesn’t exist and then cripples our economy right when we need it to be clawing its way out of a socialist induced recession.

Greens say Gilchrist visited offices, reported on party activity

#1 HypocriteGreens say Gilchrist visited offices, reported on party activityThe Green Party is furious that police-paid spy Rob Gilchrist infiltrated its offices and was used to report on the party’s activities [TVNZ News Politics]

Oh dear, the Greens are all upset that the paid snitch “infiltrated” their offices and reported on their activities.

Let’s get a few things straight, it isn’t infiltration if you invite someone in to the office for a coffee and a chat and it isn’t snitching to be included on a mail list of activities.

Hell, colour me accused of snitching because I have 15 different “names” on Labour party mailing lists.

Of course while there is always the faux indignation card to play the Greens can continue to be “furious” and “outraged”. Pity they weren’t so outraged when a parliamentary office really was infiltrated and reports of communications were passed onto persons known and unknown.

In fact Green MP’s have gone out of their way to quote “Hollow Men” in numerous press releases. It is a bit rich of them to use information gained by real infiltration and spying for their own political gain yet moan like a whore who didn’t get paid when they are the victim.

Sue Bradford – “This Bill presents an opportunity for the National Party to distance itself from the hard-right policies and the Hollow Men of the Brash years.”

Russel Norman – “According to Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men, leading members of the Business Roundtable were secret donors to the National Party in the last election campaign.

Hager identifies Business Roundtable members Alan Gibbs, David Richwhite, Doug Myers, Peter Shirtcliffe as amongst the secret donors.

National hid the true identity of their funders behind secretive trusts like the Waitemata Trust. National knows who gave them money but the public does not.

It is no surprise that Business Roundtable members are attacking campaign finance reform when it was Business Roundtable members who gave secret donations to National”

Russel Norman – “This is especially important in light of the revelations in Nicky Hager’s book, The Hollow Men, that the National Party Board and leadership were aware of the identity of the key big donors to the party even though they never appear in their Donations’ Return to the Electoral Commission, and the revelations of their close links to the Exclusive Brethren.”

Russel Norman – The Green Party has written to the Police and the Electoral Commission asking them to investigate whether charges should be laid against the National Party regarding their donations’ return for 2005, in light of Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men.

“The book presents considerable evidence that the political and organisational leadership of the National Party were aware of the identity of major party donors yet in their donations return to the Electoral Commission these names were not mentioned,”

As you can see The Greens were quite happy to quote chapter and verse from the Hollow Men. For them to now complain is…well…we all know what that is, but what would you expect from a bunch of un-reconstituted communists, maoists, leninists and warmenisers.

Greens take dim view of reversal of light bulb decision

Greens take dim view of reversal of light bulb decisionThe Greens are unhappy with National’s decision to overturn the previous government’s ban on incandescent light bulbs [TVNZ News Politics]

Boo fucking Hoo, the Greens are upset that one of their pet bans has been overturned.

I don’t think the Greens have yet realised that by picking Labour as the dead horse to ride in the election sweepstakes they didn’t get to finish with a say.

National on the other hand has quickly delivered on something the population were wanting them to deliver on even if it wasn’t overtly promised.


Special votes see Greens gain seat, Nats lose one

Special votes see Greens gain seat, Nats loseThe Greens gain a new MP and National lose one with the special votes now counted. There were 270,965 special votes – that is people who voted in advance, from outside their electorate or overseas. The results were released… [NZ Herald Politics]

Bugger, if anyone should have lost seats it should be those mendacious pricks in Labour. I think it is definately time to toss MMP out on its arse.

Cam Calder retires to the bench once again, hoping that another MP will take a dive for him to make it back into parliament.

Greens release criteria for coalition partners

Greens release criteria for coalition partnersThe Green Party has announced the criteria it will use to decide which major party it prefers to work with after the November 8 election. Its co-leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman today said the party would assess Labour… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Greens have prepared a list, about ten bullshit pithy statements they could have made into just one criteria;


The Greens obviously like being bent over and rogered in the chook by Labour.