Joseph Goebbels

Overbearing, petulant, irrational and stupid

Marama Fox lost her debate against Imperial Tobacco by labelling?Dr Axel Gietz as “Goebbels” when discussing plain packaging on The Nation.

When you resort to Nazi allegations you?have lost the argument.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox has stormed out of a TV interview after accusing a tobacco company spokesman of “peddling death and destruction and misery”.

Ms Fox got into a heated discussion with Imperial Tobacco spokesman Dr Axel Gietz on TV3’s The Nation today.

Dr Gietz said if the introduction of plain packaging goes ahead as planned, it could create a tobacco black market in New Zealand.

Ms Fox became angered during the discussion and accused the tobacco spokesman of “peddling death and destruction and misery on our people”.

She also compared Dr Gietz to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

Dr Gietz is in New Zealand to oppose plans to introduce plain packaging.

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Photo Of The Day

Four Nazi troops sing in front of the Berlin branch of the Woolworth Co. store during the movement to boycott Jewish presence in Germany, March 1, 1933.

Four Nazi troops sing in front of the Berlin branch of the Woolworth Co. store during the movement to boycott Jewish presence in Germany, March 1, 1933.

Nazis Singing To Encourage

A Boycott of Jewish Shops

?“Germans, defend yourselves! Do not buy from Jews!” With such demands directed to the address of so-called “people?s community” (Volksgemeinschaft), the country’s organized boycott of Jewish businesses, law firms, and medical practices began on 1 April 1933.

Joseph Goebbels Called for a Boycott of Jewish Businesses, in the Nazi worldview, “international Jewry” was the most dangerous racial enemy of the German people. Jews were supposedly responsible for the biological degeneration of the nation and for all the country’s crises and grievances. Before Hitler seized power, views informed by this sort of racist anti-Semitism, Social Darwinism, and paranoia were the exception rather than the rule among the general population.

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Face of the day

Churchill patting Rommel, a cocker spaniel owned by General Sir Bernard Montgomery (Monty) in Normandy in August 1944.

Churchill patting Rommel, a cocker spaniel owned by General Sir Bernard Montgomery (Monty) in Normandy in August 1944.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death. He is a historical figure that I admire because he symbolises to me the determination and tenacity of the underdog. Britain was not winning the war when he became Prime Minister and he had to deal with defeat and failure but he never gave up. His speeches are still quoted today because of the way he used the spoken word to inspire and to energise the British people. One line from one of his speeches is as relevant today for the UK as it was back in 1940.

You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

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It is deja vu all over again

I am teaching my daughter history at the moment. We have looked at the origins of WWII and are now looking at the Holocaust.

We have been studying a timeline from when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

As we looked at each item and discussed it my daughter brought up the fact that some of the techniques Hitler used to destroy the Jews bit by bit were similar to those used to try to destroy Whaleoil. I am not talking about the concentration camps or genocide of course but the steps he used to turn the German people against the Jews and to render the Jews powerless to defend themselves. I had to admit that she had a point. It made me realise that these techniques were probably not invented by Hitler but in fact have been used to hurt people since the dawn of civilization.

They are perhaps the guidelines for destroying an individual or a group of people.

Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.


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Compare and Contrast: Part One

Suffer the little children.

Below are children being prepared for war.
1. Children in Palestine




2. Children in Germany during WWII



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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is a face from the past.

The face of a woman who survived the Holocaust and is still alive today. Her story is so bizarre that it is hard to believe that it is fact not fiction as the irony of what happened is just incredible.

An 80-year-old Jewish woman has revealed the astonishing story of how she came to front a Nazi party propaganda campaign in the 1930s after her baby picture was selected by the party as the “ideal Aryan” child.


Aryan:? In colloquial English, the word has been adopted in accordance with Nazi racial theory’s appropriation of the term to describe persons corresponding to the “Nordic” physical ideal of Nazi Germany (the “master race” ideology).[n 1]

– Wiki

The Jewish Baby who won the most beautiful Aryan Baby Contest in

The Jewish Baby who was the poster child of the Nazis.

Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hessy Levinsons Taft
Copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Union thugs and ratbags

What is it with the left wing and their miserable disposition on life and their propensity to offend?

The hard left Electrical Trade Union who fund the Green party in Australia has had to apologise to Tony Abbott for portraying him as Adolf Hitler in one of their newsletters.

The Electrical Trades Union has apologised for comparing Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Adolf Hitler, infuriating Jewish groups who condemned the portrayal in the union’s newsletter during a campaign.

The ETU released a brief statement on Friday apologising for the newsletter and pulled the offending article from its Facebook page.

“The ETU sincerely and unreservedly apologises,” the statement said.

“The theme of the magazine was to show the demonisation of unions has had a long history.”

The cover of the autumn newsletter for the Victorian branch of the ETU has used a digitally altered picture of Tony Abbott, complete with a tiny moustache and a tattoo on his chest similar to the Third Reich eagle.

In the picture, Mr Abbott is portrayed wearing a white singlet, gold necklace and smoking a cigarette under the headline “The Abbott crimes”. The back page of the newsletter has a large picture of Hitler with two anti-union quotes attributed to the dictator and Joseph Goebbels,?the Nazi head of propaganda.

The newsletter has been sent out to thousands of ETU members and promoted on the union’s Facebook page.

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Comment of the Day

Left on the arts, travel and lifestyle blog:

As an aside, I?d like to compare two historical figures against a number of objective criteria?

Has a giant narcissistic ego.
Hitler: Check.
Dotcom: Check.

As a foreigner, used another country?s political system for his own amusement.
Hitler: Check. As an Austrian in Germany.
Dotcom: Check. As a German in NZ.

Owns a copy of Mein Kampf.
Hitler: Check.
Dotcom: Check. But only as a reference source for his video gaming, mind you.

Lives in a big house.
Hitler: Check. Berchtesgaden.
Dotcom: Check. Coatesville.

Surrounded himself with bodyguards.
Hitler: Check.
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Does the whole ALP wear skirts or what?

I mean seriously what a pack of blouses,?moaning?over being compared to Downfall. All the Mark Dreyfus has done is ensure they get mocked with heaps of Downfall parodies:

Remarks comparing the federal government to the Nazi party are offensive and hurtful, new federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says.

Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne on Sunday said the federal government was unravelling like Hitler’s government in the movie Downfall.

Mr Pyne said the resignation of two senior ministers and Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s subsequent reshuffle showed the government was divided and dysfunctional.

Mr Dreyfus called on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to direct Mr Pyne to withdraw and apologise for the comments.

“These immature and offensive comments have no place in Australian political debate,” Mr Dreyfus told journalists on Sunday.

“There is no place in Australian political debate for a comparison of any Australian government with Hitler’s Third Reich.

“These comments are deeply hurtful to holocaust survivors, they are deeply hurtful to any right thinking Australian.”

Of course where would you be with the Labor party without the hypocrisy:? Read more »

Get her away from young kids

Lessons from history – if you make an offensive statement but get away with it, making an absolute dick of yourself in the process, then make sure you don’t do it again.

Unless, of course, you are the thoroughly unpleasant Invercargill principal and NZPF/NZEI activist Marlene Campbell.

This nasty piece of work recently described Anne Tolley as Hitler, because she refused to back down in the face of whining leftie principals over National Standards.

The lovely Marlene was forced to apologize to her board of trustees, school, and the local community – but didn’t apologize to the education minister.

A few of the left-wing principals protested yesterday at MoE offices – but only 140 failed to hand in legal documents as opposed to the 350 that were threatening.

Rather then keep her mouth shut, Marlene decided it would be a good idea to speak to Cue TV and this time compare Anne Tolley to Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s chief propagandist.

Not only that, she had a good old laugh about her previous Hitler comments.

Some questions. Is it appropriate for this woman to be in charge of young children – what kind of hysterical offensive nonsense is she putting in their minds?

She apologized once and got away with it – what action is her board now going to take?

If she feels so strongly anti-government, why doesn’t she resign and stand for parliament?

She could begin by handing back the extra $2000 she gets a year to teach literacy and numeracy programmes.

Meanwhile, Tolley is starting to threaten rebel schools she will take away their funding if they don’t do as they are told. And it’s working a treat.