Joseph Parker

Duco?s Lonergan is picking fights he can?t win

Dean Lonergan seems to be displaying all the traits of someone who has taken too many blows to the head.

Now he is taking on a senior Councillor at Auckland Council.

The Joseph Parker heavyweight world title fight is veering into a slugfest between promoter Dean Lonergan and Olympian Dick Quax.

Quax, who won silver over 5000m at the 1976 Olympics, and Lonergan, a former rugby league second-rower, have been trading blows over ratepayer money for the on-again, off-again, on-again Joseph Parker v Any Ruiz boxing fight in Auckland.

The latest round has seen Quax – an Auckland councillor these days – welcoming the prospect of sky high pay-per-view prices of between $70 and $100 as the “market price, not a price subsidised by the Auckland ratepayers”.

“That’s a problem?”, said the pro-market and Act Party member.

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Good, at least ratepayers are no longer on the hook

The Joseph Parker fight announcement that it would be held in New Zealand was somewhat premature. It was predicated on the belief that Auckland Ratepayers would help give a private company a profit.

That balloon has now been popped.

Pay-per-view prices for Joseph Parker’s heavyweight world title fight are set to go sky high, with punters and pubs expected to cop the fallout from Auckland Council’s refusal on ratepayer funding.

The Herald on Sunday understands from a well-placed source that the pay-TV price for Parker’s fight against Andy Ruiz Jr next month could now be set between $70 and $100.

That’s could be more than twice the price punters will pay to see global star Manny Pacquiao take on Jessie Vargas today, and a significant increase on the $39.95 fans were charged to watch Parker’s last fight against Alexander Dimitrenko a month ago.

It would also be way above the $49.95 some forked out to watch Parker face Carlos Takam in May – the fight which triggered public backlash over pay-TV prices being too high and controversy over illegal online streaming, as irritated fans tried to dodge costs.

And it doesn’t stop there. In what would outrage Kiwi sports fans, pubs and bars might have to resort to entry fees in order to try and claw back the inflated charges they could face to publicly screen the event. It’s understood those costs could rise from around $1400 to $2000-$2500.

Owner of The Fox sports bar in Auckland’s viaduct, Brett MacLean, said the price to screen Parker’s last fight already jumped significantly. Further costs would mean he’d have to consider charging at the door.

How is this a problem?

It is now a matter of personal choice whether or not you view the fight and pay for that privilege. Ratepayers and indeed taxpayers should not be on the hook for the private benefit of rapacious promoters.


-NZ Herald

Bob Jones on the Parker fight fiasco

Bob Jones writes at?NBR:

For nearly seven decades boxing has been part of my life. That includes Joseph, who I sponsored in his amateur days and managed in his initial professional years.? Plus, I count as friends promoter Duco?s Runyanesque principals Dean Lonergan and David Higgins, who I contracted Joseph to, and also his Las Vegas-based trainer Kevin Barry, who I arranged to look after Parker.

So should I run along with the lapdog media and pretend this fairly non-descript matching is actually for the world heavyweight title, or instead care about the sport?s credibility?

I chose the latter path, more so after watching Trevor McKewen, the sports editor of NZME, owners of the Herald, Radio Sport etc. unbelievably tell television it will be the greatest event in Auckland?s history. God help us all. That remark is possibly the most stupid ever uttered in Auckland?s history and this contest wouldn?t rate in the first 10,000 events, sporting and otherwise in the city?s history.

When it comes to rugby, league, cricket, soccer and netball, our sports journalists are excellent. But with the exception of Joseph Romanos and Mark Reason, who always do their homework, they?re unprofessional, indolent slobs when commenting on minor sport, especially boxing.

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Bwahahaha: Lonergan tries emotional blackmail next

Boxing is essentially a corrupt sport, where even those at the top, doing the fighting, barely make a living. The promoters cream it all and the fighters get nothing.

Now one promoter is trying to use emotional blackmail to try and keep a fight in NZ.

The daily soap opera that is the heavyweight boxing scene has taken another twist with news Duco Events is struggling to get the financial backing it needs to host the impending WBO championship fight between Kiwi Joseph Parker and Mexican Andy Ruiz.

December 10 has been confirmed as the date the fight will take place in Auckland at either Eden Park, Mount Smart Stadium or Vector Arena, but reports this weekend have suggested that Duco require the event to be underwritten, and their current sponsorship deals don’t cover the seven figure number they need.

However Parker’s promoter, Dean Lonergan, disputes that they have asked for Government assistance and are in fact looking at other commercial opportunities.

“We are looking for commercial partners who want a return of their investment, and that’s what we are offering to a number of other partners and companies that could potentially come on board,” he said. ? Read more »

It happens rarely, but Labour and I agree on something


via Stuff


The government shouldn’t help Joseph Parker’s bid for the world boxing title in Auckland in December, Labour says.

Parker’s promoter Dean Lonergan has asked the government to help pay the bill for hosting the event.

Lonergan is reported as saying the bout may need seven-figure contributions from sponsors and the government if the fight for the WBO world heavyweight title was to go ahead.

The government said the application was being assessed and it didn’t yet have a view on it. Read more »

How does get fucked sound?


The boxing bludgers have their hands out for taxpayer cash.

Joseph Parker’s promoters are asking for taxpayers’ money to ensure the New Zealand heavyweight boxer gets a world title fight in Auckland in December.

Promoter Dean Lonergan told the Herald last week that Duco Events will require sponsorship and funding to the tune of seven figures for the December 10 fight between Parker and Andy Ruiz Jr for the WBO world title.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce confirmed yesterday that an application for Government funding had been received for the bout. ? Read more »

Duco pissing into a hurricane

This is?what happens when you align yourself with the big, but old and decrepit gorrilla in?the?room…you get shanked.

When you play with old and outdated monopolies you get bitten.

Catch up came for Sky and Duco on Saturday night. People are sick and tried of having their pockets raped.

Duco?is talking tough?and?Sky is looking to make an example of bootleg boxing broadcasters:

Joseph Parker’s boxing promoter says he’s looking at his options after an illegal live stream was viewed by thousands for free on Facebook.

A page on the social media network streamed the match for free, while Sky TV’s Arena channel charged $49.99 for the pay-per-view event.

New Zealand heavyweight Parker won the International Boxing Federation (IBF) eliminator against the France-based Cameroon fighter Carlos Takam by a unanimous points decision over 12 rounds.

Duco Events will be working with Sky TV to find out who streamed the fight without permission, Duco co-owner Dean Lonergan said. ? Read more »

Tough guys prey on 13yo girls then run like cowards when things get hard

These “Roastbusters” turkey are a bunch of blouses…the brag about raping and stupefying 13 year old girls…then do a runner when things get a bit heated.

The Herald on Sunday reports:

“Roast Buster” Joseph Parker has skipped town after threats and abuse were shouted at his family home.

The?Herald on Sunday?has spoken to his family through an intermediary, who defended Parker’s actions despite video on Facebook showing him and his friend boasting about sex with young, drunk girls.

His family is adamant he did the right thing and fronted up to police on realising the sex had gone too far.

The turning point was an encounter with a 13-year-old girl, who alleged three boys had group sex with her. But when she protested, Parker had pulled another boy off her, saying they had gone too far.

The girl had told her family and laid a police complaint. The girl’s older brother had gone to the Parker residence in West Auckland to confront him, but Parker was away.

On Parker’s return home, a family friend says, Parker’s stepfather had taken Parker to Henderson Police Station to make a formal statement about the encounter with the girl. ? Read more »

Face Of The Day

Joseph Parker, up against Richard Tutaki (if he manages to stay out of jail) in tomorrows Woodstock Honey Fight for Life?charity event to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

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