Actor Seth Rogen has blasted members of the media for publishing email messages stolen during a hack attack on Sony Pictures’ databases last month.

He told US radio host Howard Stern: “It’s stolen information… I think it’s f***** up that anyone is talking about it. And I’m OK talking about my s**t, honestly, because I don’t f****** care that much, and the stuff that was stolen from me on the grand scale of s*** is not that bad, but it’s f****** stolen. I do think it’s f***** up that everyone is doing exactly what these criminals want…

“All of this information would literally just be sitting on some obscure corner of the internet if it wasn’t for these news articles exposing the information…

“I can’t believe people are just so happy be like, ‘Look at this stolen information. Hey, let’s f****** read it.’ (The email authors) are not doing anything illegal. They’re not trying to fool you as the consumer. They’re having private correspondence with one another.”

Since the cyberattack, the group calling themselves Guardians of Peace have released stolen files featuring celebrities’ salaries, personal information, upcoming movies such as Annie and a wealth of emails, which have publicly embarrassed or landed some Hollywood execs in hot water.

The hackers have since escalated threats, referencing the 9/11 attack in their latest chilling message, which warns people off going to see Rogen’s latest film The Interview at cinemas (the Department of Homeland Security says it hasn’t found any evidence to suggest there is an active plot against US movie theatres).

The Interview, about a TV presenter and a sidekick who set out on a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has angered North Korea, who called it an “act of war”.


Seth expresses with a lot more swear words than me my sentiments exactly. No criminal activity was exposed by the hackers criminal activity. Sony has done nothing illegal. All that has been exposed was private correspondence that no one has the right to see. The only reason the information can be used to blackmail and threaten Sony is because the Media are prepared to use the stolen information that they have no right to use.

I am sick to death of the old ‘ public interest defence.’ When it comes to the famous, the public are interested in every detail about them. There is nothing, no matter how private or personal that they would not want to know, therefore nothing is protected, nothing!

We foolishly thought that the MSM at least would limit themselves to communications involving politics when our stolen information was given to them. The day Rachel Smalley spoke on NewstalkZB about a conversation between Cam and an upset friend with relationship problems, the ‘ lardo heifer’ had the gall to not only talk about it, but to attack them for what they said about women! We realised then that there was no line that the MSM would not cross.