Julie Anne Genter

If only we didn’t live in a democracy

Julie Ann Genter with Gerry Brownlee

Every once in a while the Marxists who call themselves the Greens let something slip out unintentionally. Our bicycling Associate Minster of Transport is busily peddling her scheme of ‘building up’ to slower speeds for us all and let slip that democracy is a hindrance to her plans.

I want to see this happen as soon as possible but we live in a democracy so there are certain approaches we have to take.

Julie Anne Genter 3 January 2019

What an absolute inconvenience having to live in a democracy! Obviously for Julie-Anne Genter it would be better if we didn?t have to live in a democracy as then she could push her socialist agenda on us all without our consent. (Sort of like Winston and and the UN migration deal – but I digress.)

Back to Genter and her statements in A Newspaper: Quote.

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Julie Anne Genter accepts full responsibility for the worst road toll in a decade

And I also have a bridge to sell you … Quote.

How utterly stupid to lay the blame for the road toll at the feet of the previous government just as you step into the role of Associate Minister of Transport. Anyone with a moment’s thought could see the potential for such a politicised statement to come back and bite you. It has. Quote.

“It’s absolutely tragic and it’s unacceptable that the previous National Government chose not to make safety a top priority in transport funding and policy. This new Government will.” End quote.

Julie Anne Genter 4 Nov 2017
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If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck …

Julie Anne Genter and partner Peter Nunns

Whaleoil covered the cosy relationship between MR Cagney and NZTA a month ago.? It seems that others are also a little curious as to what is going on. A Newspaper reports: Quote.

The transport consultancy firm of the partner of the Associate Transport Minister has seen a large increase in Government contracts in the last year.

But a spokesperson for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said as Julie Anne Genter had no responsibility for, or involvement in, any decisions to award contracts to the firm, no conflict of interest has arisen. End quote.

Obviously, as an Associate Minister, Ms Genter would not be awarding contracts, anymore than she would be emptying the bins at NZTA, so that is a bit of a non-statement from the PM. (Like so many of her statements.) That does not mean that there is no pillow talk about contracts that might be in the pipeline. Quote. Read more »

Face of the Day

The Green Party has questioned the financial viability of Auckland’s East West link highway, saying the Government’s own business case has costs outweighing benefits.

Construction of the East West Link started in September 2016, and it will be a four-lane highway connecting state highways 1 and 20 from Onehunga to Penrose.

But Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter says a dramatic jump of $200-800 million in estimated cost at the beginning of 2016 casts doubts over the project’s legitimacy. Read more »

A policy from the Greens I can agree with

There is a distinct possibility that this policy from the Greens may actually be implemented if Bill English proves as inept as I believe he will be.

It will allow a Labour/Greens government and with that comes this new policy from the Greens:

The Green Party say it?will legalise cannabis if it?forms a government next year.

Under its?proposal,?people would be able to legally?grow and possess marijuana for personal use.

The?Green Party would also urgently amend the law so?sick?people using medicinal marijuana were not penalised.

The party’s new?Drug Law Reform Policy released on Friday outlined plans to?overhaul existing drug laws in what it said was an inevitable push toward cannabis?legalisation.

I think eventually we’ll follow in the footsteps of USA?and?Canada,” Green Party?health spokesperson Julie Anne?Genter?said. ? Read more »

WATCH: Generation Snowflake MP Julie Anne Genter nearly cry

Watch this incredible video of Julie Anne Genter, the Green List MP almost break down into tears because Donald Trump won the election.

She epitomises everything there is about Generation Snowflake. ? Read more »

Green Taliban want to ban all trucks because they are filthy and dangerous

Julie-Ann Genter, Green Party

Julie Anne Genter, Green Party

The Greens are about to launch a transport policy aimed at getting trucks off the roads.

Transport spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter says New Zealand needs cleaner, safer and cheaper freight options.

“A few expensive motorways and more trucks just aren’t going to cut it,” she said ahead of the policy launch.

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Green MP: Key not responsible for trust problem


So far the Panama leaks have been positively underwhelming.

A sure sign of this is a Green MP, Julie Anne Genter, admitting that John Key isn’t directly responsible for the [tax haven] laws and what people and companies are doing “technically legal”.? Read more »

So, Greens, where exactly are these electric cars going to go? That?s right: roads!

The Green Taliban hate cars…unless they are electric cars full of rare earth metals mined from third world countries leaving a toxic sludge behind in a wrecked environment…but hey…electric cars.

Now?they want to embrace electric cars and are proposing their second ever tax break to encourage more car use…think about that for a minute.

The Green Party has added a second tax break for businesses to its manifesto in a bid to boost electric car use in New Zealand.

The party announced today it would scrap fringe benefit tax when businesses purchased electric cars for their fleet.

The tax is applied to any perks which staff receive as part of their employment, including motor vehicles.

It was estimated that the proposed tax break would cut the upfront costs of an electric car by 36 per cent.

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Not Sexism, a Dislike of Stupidity

TheProblem with Carter

The Greens reckon David Carter is sexist.

This will be news to one of National?s most well known connoisseurs of the female form.

Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter says Carter cuts women off when speaking in Parliament’s debating chamber.

She says she encounters “unconscious sexism” regularly from other MPs. And that female MPs catty behaviour to each other puts ordinary women off politics. ? Read more »