Justice for Some

Now there's a surprise, Not!

It must be cool being a judge or an ex-judge with mates all over the place so that when you get in trouble you can just make the case disappear just like that [snaps fingers].

The funny thing about this case is that the repeaters don’t actually tell us why in the middle of the case it just gets dismissed. There were two witnesses, the ex-judges explanation had more holes than a colander and it is dismissed? Why was it dismissed? What did the presiding judge say? Was it a case of “Sorry old bean. had to make it look like a real trial you know, bit of a bother, but case dismissed, oh and you can slip out through my chambers”.

Here is the really offensive part about this ex-judge;

“He said, ‘I didn’t do that.’ He said, ‘I’m a judge. I wouldn’t do that and my integrity would outdo that man’s.”

What a stuck up c*nt. He doesn’t even know the person who witnessed his alleged vandalism, but says to the policeman investigating that his integrity is better than the witness! Why? Because you are an ex-judge. F*ck off! I know hookers that will attest to the lack of integrity of some judges, and I just bet this ex-judge is one of them.

There is a lot more ‘splaining to do on this case for sure.