I'm fucking disgusted

I was just reading the guff that every hotel/motel has to tell you about the attractions in the area.

At the bottom of the sheet was this piece of work;

[quote]Saloon Bar

This will be a cultural surprise, open your mind before going, all welcome.[/quote]

Now I know why all the Abo's were in congregating in droves around the motel. They were waiting for the Saloon Bar to open. The motel treats them as fucking entertainment, yep, drunk Abo's!! a cultural surprise, that they made drunk by supplying them with the liquor.

Now you know why I am fucking disgusted.

Whatever you do readers never, ever stay at the Kimberley Hotel in Halls Creek.

This posting has been emailed to the management. I suggest you email them too!!!

Day 10 – Broome to Halls Creek

We left the beautiful town of Broome and drove to Halls Creek today. Three main road kill, a 4WD, a Ford falcon and a Toyota Corona….all occupants safe and sound but vehicles busted.

Again it was very interesting scenery, that constantly changed. We went from the norther edge of the Great Sandy Desert to rocky country with jump-ups to Boab trees to savannah grassland type country. After passing Fitzroy Crossing we got the fright of our life as we slowed down to check out what looked like a dead body on the side of the road. It turned out to be an Abo sleeping, literally within inches of cars travelling way over 100km/h, his head popped up as we drove past.

Both Fitzroy Crossing (so named because you cross the "mighty" Fitzroy) and Hall's Creek are sorry-arsed back of nowhere places that leave you depressed. All the windows and doors over every property are barricaded and fortified. Bands of Abo's roam the streets bottles in hand or sit in the middle of wasteland in 30 degree heat like they are at the beach. there are signs up all around town about liquor sales bans. Basically you cannot buy more than a can of beer to take away.

At the motel it is essentially a compound with high barbed wire fences. We are told to be in by 9pm after which they lock the gates which are re-opened at 6am. It is very disconcerting, especially when filling up there are signs to lock your cars whilst paying for the gas. I feel like I am in what I imagine South Africa to be like. On the edge of town there are black polythene shanty hovels erected.

Wow I am gobsmacked by the place. The motel/hotel book says this place is 4 star, let me tell you it is a 1 star at best.

Stats for the Day:

  • Fuel: 85.7l
  • Consumption rate: 12.4l/100
  • Time 5:30
  • Distance 693.3km
  • Average Speed: 125.8km/h
  • Total Distance so Far: 8069.6km

We are well over half way around now.