Should DOC really be carpet bombing Taranaki with 1080?

The Department of Conservation is about to start carpet bombing Taranaki with 1080:

The Department of Conservation plans to carry out a 1080 poison drop in Egmont National Park in the next few weeks.

The drop will be co-ordinated with the efforts of a local trapper who has a permit to trap possums in the Kaitake Ranges in the park.

DOC said it was hoping the aerial operation, together with the trapper’s work, will avoid the need for another aerial drop planned in the ranges in several years.

The department said it was keen to work with community groups to help control introduced pests.

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Can you help DoC in Arthurs Pass?

After yesterday’s revelation that Cam is a Greenie too (just not Green Taliban), I feel I can finally come out as one and not be in fear of being paid this week.

Public service announcement:



Kea had “crossed a line in the sand” – bloody winged Saddam Husseins


Stuff has a story about large numbers kea that have moved into Kaiteriteri.

They are annoying the locals.

One photo shows kea attacking a solar array on someone’s roof.

Pesky kea are again bothering homeowners in Kaiteriteri, a seaside town in the Tasman district, and the message from authorities is that humans have to learn to co-exist with the curious birds. ? Read more »

Not content with killing Kiwis, tourists are now killing Keas too

Tourists taking to our road is a huge concern, especially in the South Island, where they seem to mix up their left and right because there is so little traffic to remind them they are on the wrong side of the road. ?As a result, many tourists and some Kiwis come to grief every year.

Not content with reducing our population, tourists are now also killing endangered birds

Two young kea have died after suspected car surfing at Deaths Corner in the Otira Gorge.

The Department of Conservation said both birds suffered head injuries from similar incidents in the past week.

Senior ranger Chris Stewart, from DoC’s Arthur’s Pass team, said the parrots were known for landing on cars and picking things off, but sometimes when the cars took off the birds stayed put.

“When the car gets going, they are really in trouble,” Mr Stewart said.

It was not the first time kea had been seen car surfing in the area, however an unusually high number of birds had been congregating at the Otira Viaduct lookout this year, he said.

It’s where all the easy food is to be had. ? Plus, those tourists are mighty fun. ? The alternative is to go sit high on a ridge somewhere looking at beech trees.

“They are 1-year-old, teenagers, still having fun.”

They also seemed to copy each other.

“[Car surfing’s] a bit of a problem.”

There was little DoC could do about it, other than educate people to not encourage the birds around people and their cars, Mr Stewart said.

Stupid feral kea car surfing.

Let them die.

It’s called natural selection.

South Island. ?Road deaths. ?Natural selection. ?Hmmm.


– Laura Mills of the Greymouth Star

Even Keas hate gay solar energy

Keas hate green energy projects too.

A band of seven kea have been kicked out of a Christian campground in Kaiteriteri for continuing bad behaviour.

Four kea from a mob of seven were caught with net guns on Thursday and shifted to the Rainbow ski field area in Nelson Lakes.

Last month a group of six kea causing chaos in the beach settlement were shifted to Canaan Downs.

Department of Conservation kea expert and Kea Conservation Trust worker Corey Mosen said the birds usually dispersed on their own, but the campground was “too entertaining” to ignore.

He thought their home territory was located in native bush slightly uphill from the motor camp.

“They were just coming into the campground and chewing on anything that got left outside.

“They were upsetting everyone.”? Read more »

Where are the Greens when you need them?

DoC are the biggest proponents of 1080, and with reason I can understand that for possum control.

They are however zealots and would like to carpet bomb the whole country to kill every animal in the bush, including goats, pigs and deer. This is the reason they drop only deer strength 1080 and refuse to put repellent on the bait despite stating on every single permit that the targeted species is possum.

They love 1080 but now they are killers.

The Department of Conservation says five out of 39 monitored kea have died of poisoning during the first field study using a bird repellent in an aerial 1080 operation near Otira.

DOC has been trialling repellents after a number of kea deaths from 1080 poisoning. In 2008 seven died in the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier area, and in 2011 seven more died at Okarito.? Read more »

Stupid is as Stupid Does, Ctd

? NZ Herald

I’m not sure what sort of stupidity blessed the boy who thought chucking rocks at a kea was a good idea…but it looks like he got away with it:

A 12-year-old boy who caused outrage when he killed a kea on a school ski trip has handed over the dead parrot and apologised to conservation authorities.

But the Christchurch boy will not face any further action after he and his school pledged to help conservation efforts to protect the endangered mountain parrot.

The Chisnallwood Intermediate School pupil horrified classmates and teachers when he picked up a rock and hurled it at the kea, killing it instantly on a trip to Canterbury skifield Porter Heights last Friday.

It is believed there are fewer than 5000 kea left in the Southern Alps – the only place in the world where they are found.

School principal Richard Paton – who has described his pupil’s actions as “mindless” – met the boy, his parents and Department of Conservation (DOC) staff today.

Hmmm the one he chucked the rock at is really endanegered…its dead parrot.

Why I shoot pests

When I was a kid going on holiday I would leave late at night so I could see how many possums I could run over on the drive over the hills at Coromandel. I have always enjoyed bombing up possums and rabbits as they are pests. My best ever night possum shooting was 225 possums at Matamata.

It is a pity that do-gooder anti-gun weirdos and greenies don’t see videos and stories like this before they protest about 1080 and hunting.

The Department of Conservation has released video footage of a possum killing and eating a young kea.

Researchers using nest-cameras have for the first time recorded attacks on defenceless kea nests invaded by stoats and possums in South Westland. Possums were known to kill adult kaka but for the first time have been filmed attacking the threatened species of native parrot, which only lives in forest and alpine areas of the South Island.

A large numbers of kea nests were failing in the wild, said DOC’s Brent Barrett.

“We are just midway through the breeding season and of eleven nests we’ve had under surveillance three have been devastated by stoats and possums. That’s a loss of six chicks.

“It was a grisly surprise to see photos of a possum eating a nearly fledged kea and video showing the prolonged and tormented death of chicks attacked by stoats,” Mr Barrett said.

Nearly all the monitored nests were visited by possums, which meant there was a huge risk to the lowland populations of kea.

Mr Barrett said was distressing to discover that just how long it takes chicks to die during a prolonged attack by stoats.

I’ll be continuing to swerve to hit any possums I see on the road