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 Andrew Little

Andrew Little

‘We should not send troops to Iraq’ ? Andrew Little

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Mr Key said Mr Little knew the numbers of New Zealanders considered possible risks as extremists had increased from 30-40 last year to 60-70 now. There was also a greater risk to travelling New Zealanders.

“But he says he’d do nothing. I don’t believe him. If it’s really true then you’d have to question whether he’d make the right decisions for New Zealand.”

He believed Mr Little’s objections were simply politicking and if it was in Government, it would have deployed the troops as the former Labour Government had sent engineers to Iraq and the SAS in a combat role to Afghanistan.

-NZ Herald

Key whallops Cunliffe over ‘Fudge-It’ claim


Barry Soper reports

Egg again on David Cunliffe’s face in Parliament this afternoon as he slammed Bill English’s sixth Budget as the fudge it Budget.

However, John Key told him with great relish it’s a title that’s been used before.

“I hate to tell David Cunliffe the bad news, but that was actually the label that Rodney Hide put on the 2002 Budget.

“So if he’d stolen a few of the decent ideas from the Act Party, he might’ve been able to give a half decent speech – but he couldn’t Mr Speaker.”

Key continued to attack Labour for a lack of vision while lavishing praise on his Finance Minister Bill English for putting together his sixth and most optimistic Budget.

“He’s had as many budgets as he’s had children, which is living proof of why you should have a Catholic Minister of Finance, Mr Speaker.”

– Newstalk ZB

And in case you missed it, check ?out John Key’s “Santa Speech” here.

The Grim Reaper for Auckland Sport

So the cat is out of the bag . Mallard announces the N.I.M.B.Y. Stadium to please Dear Leader and local Mayor Dick "Reaper" Hubbard kills of another fine sporting proposition with his support.

I've known jockstraps with more support for projects and sports than Dick Hubbard has.

He has systematic wreaked havoc upon Auckland's sporting scene since taking office. The list is impressive.

Speedway at Western Springs, V8 Supercars Streetrace and now he has destroyed a Trusts asset value by toadying up to Clark like a good little lickspittle.

Huge questions remain.

How much has Fletchers paid to Labour to get the contract without a tender?

If the Street Cars and Speedway couldn't get consent then how the hell is a stadium?

Isn't Helen just the NIMBY Cat that licked the cream?