Kingi Taurua

Willie Jackson pins his hopes on Old Scribble Face

Willie Jackson thinks that the media ban unless they pay brown-mail koha is nonsensical.

Willie Jackson has described the banning of media with cameras from Te Tii Marae as “absolutely bloody nonsensical”.

He hoped that kaumatua Kingi Taurua could “fix it up”.

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Riots predicted for Waitangi…again

The scribble-faces are agitating again:

Threats of riots and protests at Waitangi Day celebrations kept the Prime Minister away this year and the next anniversary is shaping up to be another battle.

Concerns over his safety and a “gagging order” preventing Key from speaking at Te Tii Marae meant he didn’t show up at Waitangi for the first time ever.

Ngapuhi elders and trustees in charge of organising the Waitangi Day celebrations met on Friday to discuss whether they would move all the events to the upper marae and drop the controversial Te Tii marae from the schedule in February.

However many of the “protagonists” didn’t show at the meeting so another one has been organised for the end of the month where it’s expected a vote will take place.

Key said on Monday that he was aware of meetings going on and Ngapuhi have “asked us for an indication at some point whether we intend to return to Waitangi ? we haven’t made that call yet”.

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Knock me down with a feather, Tracy Watkins agrees with John Key

Tracy Watkins agrees with John Key.

She thinks the the organisers of Te Tii marae?are “mickey mouse” as well.

John Key launched National’s third term in office with a plan to craft his legacy by changing the flag. Would a more lasting legacy be gifting us a national day free of acrimony that everyone can celebrate?

After a week of will-he won’t-he politics, Key’s decision to turn his back on Te Tii marae will probably come as a relief to Kiwis who have spent much of the last week rolling their eyes at the usual threats of protest and conflict that accompany our only national day each year.

The Prime Minister’s description of the to-ing and fro-ing over whether he should be welcomed onto the marae as “mickey mouse” was as on the money as it was overdue. The row has exposed the same egos, tribal divisions and personality clashes that have marred Waitangi Day for years.

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Deluded, no wonder Ngapuhi are the last to settle

scribble face

Old scribble face, Kingi Taurua, has written to TPPA parties and the Queen claiming he can veto the TPPA and will not support it. Full text of his letter is here. It is bizarre in the extreme, but basically comes down to this single point:

?”… I am exercising my tino rangatiratanga and thus my constitutionally vested power of veto with respect the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and hereby affirm that the New Zealand Crown does not have due authority to enter into such an Agreement on behalf of the nation of New Zealand without assent of myself and other rangatira of the Hapu of our various districts, which assent has not been given.”


I want to know how the Mexican or Vietnamese governments will try to?translate ‘tino rangatiratanga’.

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Threats and demands and he wonders why they’ve been snubbed


Photo/ 3News

Who does?Kingi Taurua think he is?

After years of abuse, both of the government, and royal visitors is it any wonder that they don’t get visitors anymore.

The fact Prince William and his wife won’t be visiting Waitangi next month has so incensed a Ngapuhi Maori elder he says he’ll knock down a famous monument to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

He’s also threatened to block Prime Minister John Key from ever returning to Waitangi’s lower marae.

Ngapuhi Chief Kingi Taurua usually helps keep the peace at Waitangi but not any more – the Treaty grounds have been left off the royal travel itinerary and he’s furious.

“If the Prince don’t come in April then we are going to knock it down,” he says, speaking about the monument erected in the 1880s commemorating the Treaty.? Read more »

Tell them to stick it John, it is just more brown-mail

Adam Bennett has reported in the NZ Herald that Ngapuhi were thinking of not inviting John Key to Waitangi and seriously considered giving him the cold shoulder.

He should give them a call and tell them to stick their invitation…they want to give the cold shoulder…how about they get the cold face and the black tent.

While anti-mining protesters are planning a torrid welcome for John Key at Waitangi tomorrow, the Prime Minister was close to receiving the cold shoulder from Te Tii Marae this year, Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua says.

Visiting politicians have been a magnet for heated protest at their traditional speaking engagement the day before Waitangi Day at the marae several hundred metres down the road from the Treaty grounds.

This morning saw a scuffle as Hinewhare Harawira – sister of Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira – attempted to prevent Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae from going on to the marae.

Mr Taurua today confirmed the decision to allow Mr Key and other politicians to speak this year was only narrowly agreed.? Read more »