Kurt Westergaard

Propaganda 102

Before I continue with 102 in my series of posts to help you recognise, understand and analyse? propaganda I will add this disclaimer.

I am an ex High School History and English teacher. I am very motivated to learn from the lessons of history because otherwise I feel that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. I have a special interest in how propaganda was successfully used by Hitler to demonise the Jews and when I see the same techniques being employed now I feel honour bound to point it out. That is my motivation and that is my bias.

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David Shearer – Leadership Challenge?

I have described David Shearer as Labour’s Clem Simich, but could he really be Labour’s John Key. Watch this interview and listen carefully.

Note how he says Phil Goff is not internationally successful (a strange claim for a former foreign minister!)

And he says “not right now” about wanting to be leader.

New MP has message for Labour

New MP has message for LabourNew Mt Albert MP David Shearer has wasted no time in sending a clear message to his party that it must move with the times, generate new ideas, recruit fresh talent, take risks and listen to New Zealanders. [Stuff Politics]

A week ago I dubbed David Shearer the Clem Simich of the Labour party and today he proved my point by announcing he was elected to deliver a message to his party echoing Clem’s exact same purpose for becoming an MP in 1992.

I wonder perhaps if David Shearer will be more successful in delivering his message than Clem Simich was in delivering his?


Valedictories and why I don't care

A short word about valedictory speeches. You won’t get any gushing praise from me about any of them.

Katherine Rich – Silly little girl, glad she is gone, fancy praising up the worst Speaker in New Zealand’s history.

Clem Simich – God was he sleeping with Helen Clark. Still waiting for that message to be delivered after 17 years of spineless mediocrity.

David Benson-Pope – Mentioned Peter Huse in his nasty, spiteful speech. Peter Huse the $400k man of the Ministry of Social Deelopment even dragged along a coterie of fawning acolytes to watch Benson-Pope’s valedictory from the Gallery. Hmmm…not a good career move from a supposedly “neutral” civil servant.

The rest of them, no-one will miss for even a nano-second. Good Riddance.

Clem stepping down despite never delivering message to Wellington

Simich confirms he will stand down

Clem Simich is stepping down, finally the last of the Tamaki Mafia has fallen on his sword.

When he was selected he promised to “deliver a message to Wellington”. Well the carrier pigeon or pony express or whatever method he used didn’t work because the message never arrived.

Clem will be able to spend more time washing his son’s car and doing his washing and ironing.

Random VERY Impertinant Questions

Why does Clem Simich still wash his sons car?

Why does he do his dishes as well?

I mean, I'd like to know.?