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A call to immigration – Part Two

You're FiredYou may remember my original call to immigration on the 13 November. I certainly do. This was the call where “Christine” decided to abuse and slag off our new Prime Minister to me.

I blogged it and did nothing more. Contrary to the story the union are floating round, I never made a formal complaint or did anything other than blog this case of extremely foolish politiciking by a immigration staff member.

Unfortunately for “Christine” it seems that there are many people above her in Immigration and certainly many MP’s.

I have heard today from an impeccable source that “Christine” won’t be working for Immigration for terribly much longer. Several long meetings have been held about her inappropriate customer interface skills.

A note to assholes out there, never, ever piss of the Whale.

If I had a photo of “Christine” I would add her to the trophy wall beside Brenden Sheehan and Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode.

Did you enjoy it?

I certainly did. I hadn’t realised it had been a week, it felt like longer, but on reflection I have certainly enjoyed it.

The first week without Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode and proven liar.

The first week without the house haunting visage of Helen Elizabeth Clark bracing our papers.

The first week without a bunch of controlling pinko’s in chrge of teh country.


Perhaps the best thing about this election was the destruction of the malignant Winston Raymond Peters, 63 Unemployed of no fixed abode and proven liar and his corrupt party. (I so enjoyed typiong that)

They seem to think that they will be back but that has never been done before after a party has been turfed from the parliament in ignominy. In another 3 years at least half of the remaining 88,072 fools that voted for the lying prick will be either dead or so doolally it won’t matter.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Clark running out of partners

Like the proverbial ugly chick in the corner that no-one wants to dance with, Helen Clark is running out of partners willing to dance with her and her siamese twin Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar.

The Greens have annouced that they are unwilling to serve in a cabinet with Winston Peters. The Greens have finally shown some integrity. This will spell electoral oblivion for Clark as honorable Labour voters sickened by Clarks tacit approval of Winston’s dirty corruptions move to vote with integrity.

Meanwhile Helen Clark has cast aspersions on Peter Dunne, the first comment from her about investigations into dodgy funding arrangement. Strange that she used that comment not to distance herself from Winston but rather to attack Peter Dunne.

Winston is a serial liar

Unlike most people who find it difficult to lie, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar finds it extremely dificult to tell the truth.

It is now abundantly clear that not only is suffering from extreme Narcissitic Personality Disorder but also suffers from Pseudologia Fantastica. Otherwise as known as pathological lying which was first written about in medical literature in 1891.

Pathological lying is falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime.

I am almost certain that he also suffers from Mythomania.

Despite stating that campaigning in a helicopter was a ludicrous idea and that Tim Pankhurst and Phil Kitchin fabricated everything photos have emerged that show Winston doing precisely that. So like his denial of being at Karaka and subsequent photos showing otherwise Winston is once again shown to be a pathological liar.

The man simply cannot bring himself to ever tell the truth.

The Greens also now are getting extremely cold feet and are calling for a Commission of Inquiry. I agree but I also think we need to establish an Independent Commission against Corruption.

Winston and the Helicopter

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar reckons that the latest allegations are all the figment of Phil Kitchin’s and Tim Pankhurt’s wild conspiracy addled brains. He accuses them of fabricating the evidence and denies anything to do with the helicopter.

Remember the quote about the helicopter. I wonder if Winston could perhaps explain this photo.

Winston and his helicopter

Yes the little short-arsed prick is strolling nicely towards a “helicopter”.

Graft, Corruption and Winston

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar, crook and corrupt politician is once again the headlines and for all the wrong reasons.

Remember my post about the $3 billion tax-avoiders who just so happened to be Winston’s mates involved in the setting up of the “Couch Trust”. Now look at what one of the transcripts provided to Phil Kitchin says;

Some documents have parliamentary letterheads and include notes from a meeting at which Mr Peters said he had saved Vela interests “millions in tax liability”.

Mmmmm…not that is a happy coincidence isn’t it.

Phil Kitchin has plenty more though, that fully exposes WRP, 63, LMPONFAAPL as the corrupt, venal wanker that he is.

There is no way he can weasel out this one. The documents are irrefutable. Not only did Winston demand cash for policy he also wanted a helicopter to swan around in.

At the very least he could claim that the helicopter was to provide a breeze to stop his excessive sweating. Winston, today will be sweating like a rapist with these latest allegations of graft.

Helen would have spat her cornflakes and over-milked tea across the table at Peter after reading these allegations. Helen Clark is donkey deep in this because of her constant defence of Winston and also by enabling the laws and policy concessions bought and paid for by Vela interests.

Where's the Money Peter?

Peter Dunne is yet to pay back the money his party nicked at the last election. He is now just days away from keeping his Revenue minister’s role and sod hasn’t yet paid us back.

If John Key’s ministry is to have any integrity at all then surely he would be insisting that Peter Dunne or United Furure pay back their money before he will issue any ministerial warrant.

As for Winston Raymond Peters, 63 list MP of no fixed abode and proven liar, he still hasn’t paid anything. The prick should be behind bars.


I haven’t yet posted on the “Couch Trust” because I have been following my own line of investigations regarding this craven political act of manipulation.

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode certainly has some strange bedfellows and i’m not just talking about his interesting neighbours in Argyle Street, or Tommy Gear, Brian Deadman and Johnny Glozier. No, his latest pals are large scale serial tax avoiders.

The man pictured below is Kevin Gillespie. He was the settlor of “The Couch Trust”.

Kevin Gillespie

Mr Gillespie has a rich and varied career prior to his involvement with the “Couch Trust”. He also has links with Winston Peters’ sugar daddy’s The Vela brother’s

Gillespie is heavily involved in the Trinity Forest tax avoidance case – with links not to the Cook Islands as Winston is so fond of, but the British Virgin Islands. Gillespie held all the directorships for The Trinity Foundation (and related entities) and was a shareholder of The Trinity Foundation

Fact – Winston and his legal advisors are and continue to be involved with an Accountant at the centre of NZ’s largest tax avoidance case where the defendants were found guilty of a $3.7 billion tax avoidance

NZ Herald link

In a judgment delivered this week the court found in favour of the Inland Revenue Department and ruled that more than $3 billion in tax deductions claimed by investors in the Trinity Foundation constituted tax avoidance.

The scheme attracted some high-profile investors, but most settled with IRD before a 2004 judgment in which the High Court ruled against the scheme. The names of those participants are suppressed.

NZ Herald link

The judge said that, instead, copies of the documents were produced in court after being located by the Serious Fraud Office in the British Virgin Islands

And the individual lawyers involved and named as promoters in the Trinity case?

None other than the same lawyers used by Vela Fisheries in their Court of Appeal case which surprisingly related to – TAX.

There are many more dots to be joined but why spoil the fun of a long dance of a 1000 cuts.

Winston and the poofs

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar is nowhere to be seen in Tauranga but an observant reader has forwarded me this photo of Winston cuddling up to a couple of poofs and looking distinctly uncomfortable with it too.

Winston and the poofs