Laila Harre

Poor Julie Anne Genter forced to swallow a large rancid rat

Genter called Laila Harre’s integrity into question. ?And rightly so. ? But since Harre is now a Labour party member, it seems truth has to yield to the Memorandum Of Understanding.

Green MP Julie Ann Genter has publicly apologised to Laila Harre for criticising comments Harre made in an interview about her reasons for leaving the Greens.

Harre had claimed she left her role as issues director with the Green Party because she was unhappy with the way the Greens had handled a rebuffed attempt for a united campaign front with the Labour Party, claiming the Greens had leaked it.

In a spat on Twitter, Green MP Julie-Anne Genter said she had lost respect for Harre because of Harre’s account about why she left the Greens in 2014.

The former Internet Party leader had also wrongly accused the Greens of leaking sensitive information, Genter said.

Julie Ann was right. ?Especially since Laila Harre is currently performing a huge image rebuilding exercise with the help of a few media mates gumming her to ecstasy. ? Read more »

Dotcom says he could have proved the Moment of Truth, but decided not to

Laila Harre has popped up in the news giving tame interviews to friendly journos to try and do some image repair after her high profile crash-n-burn with Dotcom’s Internet party. ?Apparently, the “Moment of Truth” email was genuine, but Dotcom held critical information back.

Yeah, really!

The Herald approached Dotcom on the issue [yesterday], receiving an emailed response. He said: “I’m 100% sure that the email is genuine. Unfortunately it was leaked without headers.

“My lawyers advised me against using it at the Moment of Truth. They suggested to use the courts, at the appropriate time, to seek discovery and depositions.”

He said it had been difficult to get all the discovery which he believed was necessary for his case and was hoping to address that in a case before the Human Rights Tribunal shortly.

The so-called email was dated October 27, 2010 and was purported to be from Warner Brothers chairman and chief executive Kevin Tsujihara. The content of the so-called email claimed it had been sent to a senior executive at the Motion Picture Association of America – the lobby group for the Hollywood studios. Read more »

D?j? vu: NZ Journalist, criminal hack, wikileaks and Kim Dotcom

Here we go again. Is this the new normal for politics? I guess it is. This time round instead of hacking Whaleoil, Rawshark 2.0 has gone directly after the National Government. No doubt emboldened by the fact that Rawshark has never been brought to justice they have allegedly stolen 2 terabytes of information. The only difference this time round is that the journalist (who once again is linked to Kim Dotcom) is not writing a book with the stolen information but is allegedly running away to Russia to claim asylum while the stolen information apparently is destined for Wikileaks.

Is this a Martyn Bradbury drug induced?fantasy? Is the journalist in question really that afraid or even a journalist? Suzie Dawson? Never heard of her. Our sources say she was a member of Occupy and a prolific tweeter during Dirty Politics. Even Martyn Bradbury calls her a blogger rather than a journalist. At one stage she took up a friendship with fraudster Ben Rachinger who December last year pleaded guilty to obtaining by deception and who is now awaiting sentencing. Ben Rachinger you may remember is the young man who approached Whaleoil offering to help us catch Rawshark after we were hacked.We were so taken in by him that we asked him to assist the New Zealand Police with their enquiries.

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Phil Quin on Laila Harr? and Labour

Phil Quin disagrees with the Labour top table about the prospects of Laila?Harr? bringing to Labour’s table:

In the unlikely event I get a say over Laila Harr?’s likely bid for Labour’s nomination in New Lynn, I would enthusiastically vote for her opponent. Among the many questions today’s Labour has to ask itself, Laila Harr? is the answer to precisely none of them.

But what if her opponent was Greg Presland?

But I do not dispute Harr?’s right to rejoin the Labour Party; nor do I think she should be prevented from standing because of her nominal ineligibility (party rules require at least one year’s continuous membership).

Technicalities aside, Harr? is well within her rights to present her credentials to New Lynn party members, and ask them to determine whether her re-entry to Parliament is in Labour’s, or the nation’s, best interests.

It’s no secret that my answer to that question is a resounding, lectern-thumping ?no?. But I also concede there are many others within the Labour movement who support Harr? for various reasons. If they prevail, and nominate Harr? for New Lynn, so be it. Them’s the rules.

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National Rejuvenates while Labour dusts off Laila Harre

Thanks to two recent resignations Bill English has two spots free that he can offer to two new and fresh faces. It is a head start on National’s rejuvenation plan and there is sufficient new talent for him to be able to juggle things around for a new look National. Labour too has people leaving but instead of gaining a fresh new face they have gained a recycled, retread, regurgitated,?old grey mare who ain’t what she used to be?and who even in her heydey never once won an electorate seat.

Laila Harre when she was Kim Dotcom’s politician for hire

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Laila Harr? rejoins Labour, putting the dirty politics crew back together

Laila Harre

Labour is putting their dirty politics crew back together with?Laila Harr??announcing she is rejoining Labour and seeking nominations.

Rumours have been flying around for days and earlier yesterday we put it out there.

It was no surprise then that Andrea Vance, one of Nicky Hager’s go to media peeps, suddenly had an exclusive:

After 30 odd years, Laila Harre has re-joined the Labour Party – and she wants to be a Labour candidate at next year’s election.

“It’s been a while. It’s really great to be back,” says Ms Harre, who first joined Labour in 1982 at the tender age of 15.

It has been a varied, roller-coaster ride of a political career since then. ? Read more »

A by-election Labour can ill afford

Labour is faced with another by-election after David Shearer quits the Labour party for the peace and quiet of South Sudan.

He will be able to reacquaint himself with mango distribution from the back of a truck.

Shearer is expected to be formally announced as the head of the UN’s mission in war-torn South Sudan on Tuesday and will resign almost immediately. His job starts at the end of January.

That will spark a byelection in his Mt Albert seat unless English opts for an early election, which is unlikely.

Labour’s candidate is likely to be MP Jacinda Ardern, who now lives in the electorate but was initially aiming for a third tilt at winning the marginal Auckland Central seat. ? Read more »

Phil Quin on the cringeworthy whining of the left over Castro’s death

We’ve seen Clare Curran’s stupid “legend” statement and Steffan Browning almost shedding a tear over Castro’s death.

Phil Quin is disgusted by it all…and contrary to what Andrew Little says, he’s not a right-winger.

While it is often attributed to him, Mark Twain may not have ever actually said “history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes”. Whether he uttered the words or not, it certainly needed saying.

Jarring echoes of the far left’s shameful past reverberated around the Twittersphere yesterday in the wake of Fidel Castro’s passing. Current Labour MP Clare Curran and former Alliance Minister Laila Harr? were just two of many who took to social media to express grief over the Cuban tyrant’s death. Castro, Curran gushed to her followers as if mourning a beloved guitarist, was a “legend”; Harr? went further, asking, “who in our Parliament will be able to move a motion capturing the grief and gratitude of millions for the life of #FidelCasto (sic.)?”. The answer, one hopes, is nobody.

But “grief and gratitude” for what exactly?

The banning of trade unions? Threatening nuclear war against his neighbours? Imprisoning and murdering thousands of journalists, dissenters and unionists? Countless, well document human rights abuses, including the systematic persecution of gays and lesbians?

Or is it the 79,000 extrajudicial killings?

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Nice to see Laila Harre is keeping busy



Promises, promises: with Laila Harre, it’s deja vu all over again

Internet Party Leader

Internet Party Leader

Harr? co-owns an Auckland restaurant, O’Sarracino, which is working towards paying a living wage to its staff.[17]


Two years ago a newspaper reported…


Ms Harre’s restaurant, O’Sarracino in Mt Eden Rd, hosted the announcement of the accreditation system yesterday but still pays two employees below $18.40. Another director of the business, Maurizio Piglia, said those two would be paid the new $18.80 rate by June or July “if the business environment supports us”.

-A newspaper

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