Random Impertinent Questions – Mt Albert

This is a post you are yet to see from any left-wing blog about Labour’s appalling 2008 election campaign. Not one of them questioned Dear Leader, her pro-tem replacement or anyone else in the heirachy. Of course they are waxing lyrical about a victory that a monkey’s arse could have won. Here at Whale Oil Beef Hooked we know no such fear of party heirarchy and so ask the following questions.

It is now clear that the campaign was a screw up from beginning until end, and someone needs to be held to account, as well as ensuring that there is a good knowledge base built on how not to campaign. National cannot have a white wash. There is too much hand wringing and angst but not enough facing the facts. Time to face the facts.

Why didn’t National have a campaign manager planning a campaign the moment they knew clark was likely to leave? Labour did in Jenny Michie, professional, paid and there.

Why didn’t the leader or the president insist on this?

Where where the board on this? Or are they too worried about trying to lobby for President?

Who is responsible?

Why did National rely on volunteers rather than have a paid professional campaign manager for something that would obviously dominate the media for months?

Why was Melissa Lee not properly prepared for hostile audiences? Or was she and was she just inept?

Why was Melissa Lee on campus and talking to union groups? What kind of moron thought she would win votes there? Every election National candidates get invited to union meetings in the last week, and the silly ones go. They might as well self-flagellate, it would probably be more pleasant and less of a waste of time.

Why don’t they get someone independent to review the campaign, like someone from ACT who won’t care if the truth hurts?

Why did National let golden boy Jonathan Coleman get involved when it was likely to be a hiding to nothing? Ditto Tim Hurdle who did a great job with Nikki Kaye and Simon Bridges but was brought in far too late to do anything useful. Both these guys should have refused involvement, Coleman because he is a politician not a campaign manager, and Hurdle because it was not his campaign from the beginning. All they got was a hiding.

The whole campaign was not good enough, and Melissa may now need to be considering a career outside of parliament, because even her friends in caucus won’t want her anywhere near their electorates. The whole thing points to an institutional failing because the by-election was abundantly obvious for months, and National did not prepare properly.

On another note wasn’t it nice to see a candidate actually front in person to concede. Does anyone know of a Labour candidate ever conceding? Nikkie Kaye is still waiting for Judith Tizard’s concession, Sam Lotu-Iiga is still waiting for Carol Beaumont to show.




A night of losers.

The All Blacks – Beaten by the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey’s and the ref….can’t win a war but can win a rugby game.

Melissa Lee – spiked by Labour’s 3-1 spending on buying the election, a media intent on lobbying, and a party facing their Stalingrad and so were so desperate to win they literally spent the taxpayers money to win it. Let down too by ineffectual head office support and a tits campaign team lead by Mark Thomas. It wasn’t until some sane heads arrived from Wellington that traction was gained.

Greens and Russel Norman  – Labour’s vote dropped but it didn’t go to the Greens.

Labour – votes dropped, clear that locals didn’t want the soldier of fortune candidate and so ensured a very low turnout.

Phil Goff – The move against him is in train, despite his chosen candidate winning.

Politics – The very low turnout suggests voters were revolted by the new low in New Zealand politics that Phil Goff’s pimping out of a Labour activist has brought us to.


David Shearer – but not sure what impact he will have now sitting warming a seat in opposition.

Labour's strategists head scratching in Mt Albert

Labour's strategists head scratchingLabour’s strategists have called for all hands to help in the battle for Mt Albert. Today they received more bad news. David Shearer is barely in front of Melissa Lee despite Trevor Mallard’s smear campaign for which he is yet to apologise.

My deep throat Labour sources tell me that the latest polling from multi-national polling company UMR shows that David Shearer is polling at 36 per cent and Melissa Lee is just behind on 34% despite all the mudslinging by Labour.

Labour’s strategists are said to be panicking and called for a full turnout. Expect all of Labour’s out of town MP’s to be campaigning on the taxpayers tit.

We could be looking at another Onehunga here. No wonder Labour/EPMU functionaries are lying to constituents telling them it is illegal not to vote.

David “Blackwater” Shearer will be in real trouble if there is any dirt out on him that lands in the final week.

Melissa Lee exonerated

NZ on Air have released the full report into their investigation that Melissa Lee inappropriate misued funds and have completely without reservation exonerated her.

I would expect now that a full apology be issued on TV3 by Duncan Garner for his scurrilous, factually wrong and orchestrated attack on Lee over this. Further I would expect that Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to apologise as well for their disgusting involvment in this episode as well.

DPF covers the mendacity of both Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard. This is once again one of Trevor’s bullshit attacks without a shred of evidence, it is Labour’s dirty tricks, yet again exposed as a pack of lies.

Interestingly I see Labour want the focus off Lee for Mt Albert. That will be because their expensive and constant polling conducted by multi-national pollster and research company UMR is showing that their parachute candidate is virtually unknown with just three weeks to go and that Melissa Lee is experiencing a solid bounce in support largely out of sympathy.

Note that the leftwing blogs have gone all quiet in their attacks on Lee. Once again teh vaunted co-ordinated attacks trategy of denigrationa nd ridicule has backfired. Labour are certainly very slow learners.

Now after this clearing of lee I would hope that Duncan Garner would focus his nihilist behaviour onto David “Blackwater” Shearer.

What is becoming very clear though is that Russel Norman is emerging as the clean candidate for this by-election, so far untainted by scandal.

The Misogyny of the Left

Has anyone noticed that the left and I include the media are all outraged when anyone attacks the lefty woman. But then all po-faced when they all bay for the blood of a woman who doesn’t seem to fit the correct thinking ideology-wise.

I point this out because of the rank hypocrisy being shown in recent attacks on Judith Collins, Melissa Lee, Paula Bennett and Christine Rankin.

If we take Christine Rankin, there has been much made of her previous marriages but not one squeak about the rest of the Commission and their previous marriages. Not one squeak from Labour when they appointed them, not one squeak from Peter Dunne when the Commission was set up with divorcees on the Commission. The rank hypocrisy stinks.

What can it be then about Christine Rankin that so appalls the left? Is it because she is a supporter of National? Possibly. Is it because she is successful in all by her marriages? Possibly. Or is it because she cuts through the bullshit and doublespeak? Possibly. It is more likely to be a combination of all of those plus a healthy does of leftist misogyny. Just what exactly has she done to earn so much opprobrium from the left.

Some are starting to notice. Ali Ikram has a thoughful piece on the issue. Fairfacts Media at No Minister has what just may be his best post ever, noting the misgoyny of the left.

Likewise the attacks on Melissa Lee. What we are seeing here is constant attacks against successful, good looking women who aren’t in the mould of ugly by the leftwing. Their view of the world seems to want women to be in sack-cloth and ashes and to only think their way.

Meanwhile they continue the meme that the Auckland Supe City transitional authority will be filled with “Dead Old White men”. Well what is David Shearer if he isn’t grey, dead, and old and a man compared with young, vibrant, female Melissa Lee.

Leighton Smith on Melissa Lee and Christine Rankin

After TV3’s stitch-up of Melissa Lee it is clear that Duncan Garner and TV3 are running their own agenda with Mt Albert. (There won’t be a link, the prick never attributes stories so why should I)

However there are some in the media that are starting to see what is what. Listen to these two comments by Leighton Smith. The first was on monday morning and the second this morning.



Lee apology 'shows character'

Lee apology ‘shows character’A repentant Melissa Lee is battling to get her campaign for the Mt Albert byelection back on track after Prime Minister John Key was forced to intervene over comments she made at a public meeting. Ms Lee – a National List MP and… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good on Melissa Lee for apologising. It is certainly refreshing to have MP’s prepared to admit mistakes, something we never saw for nine long years under Helen Clark.

Not even once can I recall any minister or MP apologising. Helen Clark never apologises for calling Maori “haters and wreckers” or West Coasters “feral inbreds”. Trevor Mallard has never apologised for his “chinless scarf wearers” comment. Michael only sort of apologised for his “rich prick”, his apologose was that it was never meant to be heard.

You see when you look at what Melissa Lee said, which was about criminals from South Auckland it pales into insignificance against the utterings of Clark, Cullen and Mallard.

We will wait until hell freezes over before any of them apologise.

Where did the African Sunset go?

Russel Norman appeared on Close Up tonight with Melissa Lee and some guy from Labour.

I thought he won hands down, he was very statesman-like in handling Paul Henry’s persistent questioning of Melissa Lee. I really feel for Melissa though. She has been beaten up by everyone today and all she was trying to do was think up an answer that was more right-wing that David “Blackwater” Shearer. She failed. Of all the candiates no one is more right-wing than David “Blackwater” Shearer.

Now back to Russel with one ‘l’ Norman.

  • What has happening to his hair?
  • Where was the African Sunset?
  • Has it been dyed?
  • Did TVNZ powder it out?
  • Why is Russel hiding the essential Ginga? 

Right now though between Russel with one ‘l’ Norman and Melissa Lee they have sown up the name recognition statistics. David “Blackwater” Shearer is fading like camouflage into the background.

Mt Albert Watch – More Evidence of Labour Muckraking

If there were any doubts that the unprecedented attacks on Melissa Lee are being driven by the Labour Party, we have more revelations on the grassroots Labour website.  In the “Mount Albert Helpers” group of the website, we have this admission from the website’s administrator:

“Comment by David Talbot 23 hours ago

Trevor is running the Melissa Lee story on the MPs blog at:

Go check it out and voice your opinions in the comments section”
It does make you wonder why Labour are throwing Trevor Mallard and the kitchen sink at Melissa Lee in Mount Albert.  They’ve been getting some very nervous poll numbers.  First from UMR, which Labour’s hierarchy suppressed and dismissed as a rogue poll (and leaked here on Whaleoil).  Then Labour’s follow-up poll, conducted by Labour Party and EPMU activists, because they were so suspicious of the UMR results.
Labour are very worried in Mount Albert.  They wouldn’t have Trevor Mallard fronting the smear brigade if they thought they would coast home.

Russel's faux-outrage

Motorway ‘could divert criminals’ – LeeOne of the candidates in the Mt Albert by-election is flabbergasted, following National MP Melissa Lee’s comments at an election meeting last night.

I didn’t notice Russel Norman being “flabbergasted” by the racist comments about Asians, that the Mt Albert chemist made. Newsflash for Wellingtonian Russel with one ‘l’ Norman, Asians live in South Auckland too.

Melissa was talking about a criminal element in South Auckland.

She was a little naive though. As if a road could divert criminals.