Free up land or else Nick Smith tells councils

Central government is to order councils to free up more land for housing…or else

The government has signed off its national policy statement that ensures councils in rapidly growing urban areas provide enough land for new housing and business developments.

It takes effect on December 1 and big councils experiencing high growth will be most affected – Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton.

Smaller fast-growing cities such as Nelson and Queenstown will also be affected.

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith says the national policy statement requires councils to allow for a greater supply of houses, so prices rise more slowly and houses are more affordable.

“The long-term, root cause of New Zealand’s housing affordability problems is insufficient land supply, especially in Auckland where median section prices increased 350 per cent from 1990 to now,” he said on Monday. ? Read more »


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David says, Ctd

David Shearer’s thesis is interesting especially in light of his current views on many things…like the value of Maori land:

“…monetary compensation for acquisitioned land, raises the question as to whether?this is an appropriate means to compensate Maori people whose attachment to land is demonstrably?more significant than can be measured simply in terms of market value. In short, the question to be?asked is that whether ancestral land be measured in dollar values.”

Hmmm…that is at odds with Labour propensity to throw cash as solving Maori problems.