Law Breakers

Some perspective on the Fiji bashings, some dodgy ratbags got their beans

News was released this week about some appalling bashings that?occurred?then some escaped prisoners were re-captured. The video evidence shows some pretty rough justice, and from our Westernised point of view looks pretty bad.

I didn’t blog anything about it at the time because I wanted to talk to my contacts in Fiji, both in business and the general community about the background to the escape…and the background of the people in the video.

Justice in Fiji is a wee bit rougher than what we would expect. But this was over the top, but when you put in some perspective about the Naboro prison escape in September 2012 you can understand the anger and?retribution. That by no means ?justifies it, but it simply provides perspective.

The Fiji Sun at the time wrote about the escape and the crime wave throughout Suva that resulted:

Five violent criminals who escaped from Naboro prison on Monday were yesterday being hunted in a massive joint operation by Police and Corrections officers.

Police were trying to establish if the escapees were involved in a spate of robberies in Suva after their escape, Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said.? Read more »

Media Whore at War with NZ Post

On Tuesday I rang the self proclaimed media whore and Mayor of Newmarket, Cameron Brewer.

He was moaning about the cost of mailing out his monthly Newmarket propaganda sheet. “It’s now a $1.50 to snail mail out an A4 envelope” he protested.

So I wasn’t surprised to hear on airwaves the very next morning his Worship ripping into that old favourite S.O.E NZ Post. He was getting stuck into a NZ Post’s Mother’s Day advertising campaign which states if you telephone on Mother’s Day it shows you’ve remembered, but if you post her something it proves you care. It was “emotional blackmail” according to Newmarket’s number one commercial hawker and self promoter extraordinaire.

Lets not forget the Brewer was trained in the bowels of parliament (Eeewww!) and knows what a reaction he would get from the government-owned postal department’s PR people.

Foolishly, they should have ignored Brewer’s little gripe. But no. They waited 26 hours and then put out a piss weak statement this morning defending their campaign. Brewer will be in seventh heaven. He’s set to get days of media coverage and will feel slightly better about paying $1.50 to send his A4 portraits of himself out with every presser.

A lesson of what can happen when you piss off people who make a career out of stirring.?

Brewer, a hunk of burning love?

Brewer, a hunk of burning love?

The self proclaimed “Mayor” of Newmarket and veteran media whore has whored himself off to The Gluc in today’s HoS.

When WOBH spoke to Brewer this morning about his shameless self promotion he said “What are you going on about Whaleoil, you got called popular” and when asked to rate his latest whoring expedition he said that it “definately was second best because page 3 in the Truth always trumps Spy”

I wonder what The Gluc will say about that.

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Media Whore makes it to Page 3

Self proclaimed “Mayor of Newmarket” and veteran media whore Cameron Brewer has realised a life-long ambition when he made it to page 3 of the NZ Truth.

When Whaleoil spoke with Brewer he was ecstatic and positively buzzing since the paper came out on Thursday.

“It has been my life long ambition to make it to page 3 of Truth with the lovely girls” says Brewer, a well known and shameless media whore.

“I bet Farrar has never been on page 3 of Truth, this gives me one over him for absolute sure” quipped Brewer as he put the slipper into veteran blogger and media whore David P. Farrar.

“This is the best day of my life, I reckon it is almost better than sex”

No wonder Brewer is grinning from ear to ear in the article about graffiti, the reporter has just told him the editor is holding the article for page 3. For a close up of Cameron Brewer on Page 3 click the photo.

Brewer's Party

I have been out at the un-official Mayor of Newmarket’s birthday bash. Cameron Brewer is 35 and he held a 70’s theme party at Mecca in Newmarket.

There was a veritable who’s who of the glitterati there. Mayor John Banks, Cr Aaron Bhatnagar, The Gluc, The Toaster, Miss Taranaki 1973, Miss Wales 1973, Miss Wairarapa-Bush 1973, Miss South Taranaki 1973, his Mum and Dad of course me and Spanish Bride.

Fantastic fun all round especially the beauty pageant which Miss Wairarapa-Bush won.

There are of course fantastic photos coming, so for those who do ot wish to be published in all their 70’s glory please make cheques payable to Whale Oil Beef Hooked. (Cr. Bhatnagar, special charging applies for your photos…yes we’ve got them and we are about to publish)

Strangely Charles Ashe MP never fronted even though he was invited.

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Hubbard team forced Brewer to say nice things about Dick

In an exclusive interview with Whaleoil, Cameron Brewer tells of his virtual kidnapping and torture by Hubbard and his Henchmen.

John Banks' former press secretary Cameron Brewer has told Whaleoil he was effectively hijacked by the Dick Hubbard's campaign team and made to speak into a video camera for the mayor's campaign website.

"I was terrified. They surrounded and cornered me and made me say things about Dick Hubbard. I felt very intimidated and afraid. I had just popped into a caf? in Newmarket when a couple of guys in matching pin-stripe suits with orange ties come up to me and indicated I needed to obey."

"The mind boggles what they would have done if I had refused to play ball. I found the whole experiencing frightening and what they made me say was simply humiliating. I was physically choking trying to get any supportive words out about Dick," said an emotional Mr Brewer who has since been in therapy.

Reminiscent of RAF pilots in the first Gulf War forced to praise Saddam, the video footage shows a grinning Mr Hubbard in on the torturous act and on the other side of Mr Brewer it is clear he is being prodded in the ribs with something.

Brewer was deeply hurt by this whole experience and now hangs his head in shame at not resisting more forcefully Hubbards Henchmen.

He says he is now frightened and ashamed to show his face in Newmarket shops and cafes and feels violated. His job now hangs in the balance as he can no longer schmooze and he has had to cut his lunch times down to 3 hours as a result.

Another great Hubbard moment captured by the lens.

There is a great photo on Hubbards website that has the caption… "The Mayor is congratulated on his efforts to improve New Market by Cameron Brewer from the Newmarket Business Association"

It should probably read "Hubbard asks Newmarket Business Association CEO to remind him how long Broadway is"

Oh and DICK, it is Newmarket not New Market, fool.?