Fact: Legalising weed means fewer teens using it

Following legalization, the rate of adolescent marijuana use in Colorado has fallen to its lowest level in nearly a decade, according to new federal survey data.

State-level numbers from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health show that a little more than 9 percent of Colorado teens age 12 to 17 used marijuana monthly in 2015 and 2016, a statistically significant drop from the prior period. That’s the lowest rate of monthly marijuana use in the state since 2007 and 2008.

Wait. Wasn’t teen use meant to skyrocket after cannabis was legalised?

And it’s not just marijuana: Rates of teen alcohol, tobacco and heroin use are down sharply in the state, as well.

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Three more states voted to legalise cannabis

The news that three more states, California, Nevada and Massachusetts, all voted to legalise cannabis kind of slipped under the radar as Donald Trump surged victory.

For many years now, the American people have been fighting for the widespread legalization of marijuana. While at times it appeared as though they were fighting a losing battle ? thanks to the ridiculous fact that the federal government refuses to acknowledge the truth ? the freedom-loving members of the American public never gave an inch to the opposition, and now their commitment is paying off.

Last night, America got a whole lot greater, and that has nothing to do with the presidential election (we can discuss that at another time). No, how America got a whole lot greater last night has nothing to do with the presidency, and everything to do with the fact that the recreational use of cannabis was legalized in three more states across the country.

Residents of California, Nevada and Massachusetts will now be able to use cannabis as they see fit ? for recreational or medicinal purposes ? without the fear of being unreasonably imprisoned. Anyone who has been paying attention and knows anything about politics or marijuana knows that the only reason this was happening is because the federal government profits off Big Pharma, which loses money every time someone wakes up to the fact that marijuana provides a natural alternative to their chemical-ridden pills. ?? Read more »

Legalisation of Marijuana for RECREATIONAL use: Whaleoil survey results

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.55.57 AM

It was close but the majority of our readership do not want marijuana to be legalised for recreational use.

Those against legalisation expressed concerns about associated health issues or social costs such as people driving under the influence and teenagers getting easier access to it. Some wanted it decriminalised but did not want to go as far as legalisation. One person believed that by legalising marijuana the government would be?normalising it.

Those for legalisation said that it would save on ?enforcement costs and could be regulated and taxed just like tobacco. Many felt that it is up to individuals to manage their own behaviour. Age restrictions were suggested. The lowest age suggested was 18 and the highest was 25+.One person suggested alcohol-type controls on purchasing and a good legal test to manage driving under the influence.?An obviously libertarian writer commented that as long as they’re not harming anyone else, what people do is their own business.




Legalisation of Marijuana for MEDICAL use: Whaleoil survey results

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.56.14 AM

An overwhelming majority of Whaleoil readers support legalisation of medical marijuana.

The ?main concern expressed was ?whether or not it would be controlled properly so that there would be no backdoor access for people who want to use it recreationally.

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Legalising cannabis in UK ‘would raise ?1billion a year in taxes’

The Telegraph reports:

Legalising the sale of cannabis in specialist shops could raise ?1billion in tax revenues while reducing the harm done to users, a new study has found.

A panel of experts including scientists, academics and police bosses have concluded that the UK should follow some US states in allowing over 18s to purchase cannabis in licensed stores.

Cannabis could also be home-cultivated for personal use and small-scale licensed cannabis social clubs under the proposals.

Just like you can grow tobacco for personal consumption here.

Advertising or branding of cannabis products would be banned and the pricing and packaging of cannabis would be controlled by the Government.

A new regulator would also be created to oversee the industry.

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Colorado now has more pot dispensaries than Starbucks

Depression and synthetic cannabis

A reader posted this in the comments yesterday. ?I believe it deserves a wider audience, and it deserves a wider debate. ?Posted with permission:

So as most regulars on here will know I suffer from depression I was again on the brink of depression on Friday.

Saturday night we had family over. I decided to with the encouragement of my sister in law who also wanted some to smoke an old synthetic (normally I stick to the natural stuff) that I bought a decent amount of when the government in its infinite wisdom decided to make them illegal.

Now I know many will have thought this was a good thing. But I can assure you that prior to being banned there was no trouble with the synthetics of that time. The trouble began once suppliers started coming up with new product to get around the law.

The synthetic I had was called Puff the Magic Dragon. Now I haven’t had this for about 18 months and since then have always stuck to natural herbs to help alleviate depression and help me function.

Now I don’t know whats in Puff the Magic Dragon but I smoked a small bowl from a bong. ? Read more »