Leighton Baker

Leighton Baker, the new leader of the Conservative party

The Conservative party registered 0.5% support (up from 0.0%) in the most recent Roy Morgan. ?At this stage there is no sign that this will grow to 5% or more. ?There are no strong candidates, and due to Colin Craig’s presidential style of campaigning, Conservative party stalwart Leighton Baker has zero profile outside of Christchurch.

In 2011, he was 12th on the party list.

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The Conservative Party. No… no… bear with me

Rachel MacGregor quitting days before the 2014 election all but ensured that the Conservative Party did not get its coveted 5%. ?It certainly looked possible up to that point. ?Of course, in hindsight, Ms MacGregor did New Zealand a huge favour by exposing what Colin Craig was like.

Mr Craig was hoping to clear his name in time for the 2017 election so he could lead what has been ostensibly his party to the election win he feels he deserved. ?But a number of public court case results and a number of still active cases have not put him in a position to be a viable political candidate for the 2017 election.

Whaleoil has kept an eye on the Conservative Party because until recently it was fair to say that Colin and the Conservative Party were one and the same thing. ? They shared the same offices, computer systems and some staff.

At some point, those with some ambition for the party, had to cut Colin loose. ?They left it too late, but it appears the genesis of the split started late last year, around the time Colin Craig lost to Jordan Williams in the very public defamation case.

In truth, Whaleoil didn’t believe the split was real. ?After all, money talks, and Colin was holding all the purse strings, with the exception of some spare change that Laurence Day would chuck into the kitty. ? So when new leader Leighton Baker was announced, he very much felt like a seat warmer because at the time, everything else still seemed to point at Colin owning the party infrastructure.

This week has seen the first public sign of a genuine breakup between the party and Mr Craig. ?They mentioned their party web site in a public press release. ?Instead of conservartive.org.nz, it is now nzconservative.com.

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New Conservative Party leader follows in Colin Craig’s footsteps

We all know how Colin Craig ‘came a cropper: ?A poem and some silly photographs. ? Last night, the new leader of the Conservative Party published some information on the Internet and invited questions. ? The first eyebrow-raising?thing was the photo:

Clearly going for the Village People vote there. ? Took the time to write?clearly also.

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The Conservative Party answers some hard questions

Last week I asked Kevin Stitt the Party Secretary some hard questions about the Conservative Party. Below are my questions and his answers in full and un-edited.


Are you able to confirm for our readers that Leighton Baker is the new leader of the Conservative party and is not keeping the seat warm for ex-leader Colin Craig who still claims to be the leader on his facebook page?


Absolutely. Actually, I think you will find that it is his twitter account that still claims that, not his facebook account. He does not know how to sign into or use his twitter account as that was controlled by his previous Press?Secretary. It appears the account has been hacked. We are?working on having it removed from Twitter. Thanks for making us aware of this.

Colin Craig’s “hacked” twitter account

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A new leader, but are there 500 members?

The Conservative Party have announced a new leader to replace Colin “poet” Craig.

The Conservative Party has a new leader, Leighton Baker, 18 months after Colin Craig resigned amid a scandal involving his former press secretary.

Mr Baker is a former farmer who now runs his own building company in Christchurch.

The party’s board announced the appointment on Tuesday.

Mr Craig, who founded the party, resigned in June 2015 following a spate of allegations about his relationship with Rachel MacGregor.

In October last year the Human Rights Tribunal ordered Mr Craig to pay Ms MacGregor nearly $129,000 for the “severe humiliation” he had caused her.

Mr Craig had previously lost a defamation action brought by Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams, and was ordered to pay $1.27 million.

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Conservative Party keeping door open to allow Colin Craig to return

Leighton Baker, via The Press

Leighton Baker, via The Press

As reported by Newstalk ZB earlier today

Conservative Party spokesperson Leighton Baker said the door is still open to Craig coming back, but they don’t know what his plans are yet.

“If I was in his shoes I probably wouldn’t want to,” Baker said. Read more »

The political retardation of the Conservative party


If you thought Andrew Little telling us that he had only read 8.5% of the TPPA text was an exercise in political retardation, then consider this press release from the congenital idiots at the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party are by no means opposed to trade agreements with other countries, but the secrecy surrounding the negotiations and the lack of disclosure of real detail with regard to the TPPA, accompanied by the fobbing off of serious questions by Government Ministers since agreement was met, has created wide spread concern in the populace.

In November 2015, the poll conducted by Consumer Link showed 65% of New Zealanders thought the Government should make the contents of the agreement public before the negotiations were completed and the agreement signed. The current public outcry seems to indicate that little has changed. ? Read more »

Apparently there was a by-election yesterday

As expected after holding the seat for nearly 100 years Labour has retained the Christchurch East seat in a by-election.

Labour has cruised to a comprehensive win in the Christchurch East by-election.

Former social worker Poto Williams, who moved to the area from Auckland only nine months ago, was regarded by some as a surprise pick to contest the seat for Labour but staged a strong campaign, spearheaded by former long-serving Christchurch MP Jim Anderton.? Read more »