Les Mills

Reader Observations of Auckland Dawn Service

Some readers have emailed about this morning’s dawn service in Auckland.

I have gone to the Anzac Day dawn service for years, and in Auckland it is traditional for the Mayor to speak.

Dame Cath, Les Mills Christine Fletcher, John Banks, Dick Hubbard, others and for the last term Len Brown spoke.

This year someone recognised that the mayor was no longer respected enough to take on this serious role.

The gelded mayor was relegated to delivering a wreath to the cenotaph on behalf of the citizens of Auckland.

I felt even that was not appropriate, and comments from those around me supported my views. More emphatic was that everyone was standing in silence until Len’s diminished task was announced.

It was good that someone realised that his participation was not appropriate. To debase a ceremony so important to New Zealanders would be unthinkable.

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Green Taliban global trotting Les Mills boss tells centre right voters to take a hike


The body of a half sucked throatie and the sancitmony of the Green taliban

Here is some useful consumer advice. ?Centre right voters can save $1,000 to $2,000 every year by canning their Les Mills membership.

It is kinder on the wallet, better for the environment and gives the two-fingers to the Les Mills CEPO who is using your Les Mills membership dues to back the Labour and Green Party?s.

Philip Mills has piped up on Duncan Garner?s show to explain the dosh he handing out; it?s inaction on climate change ? the defining issue of our time he says.

It?s at?Radiolive?(listen in the 545pm slot 5?55? into it from yesterday’s show).? It will make you spew.

If that is the case, that this is the defining issue of our time, then why doesn?t he offer a membership discount to Labour, Green members and to Gareth Morgan, so that his colours are truly clear.

If that?s the case, , that this is the defining issue of our time,?then perhaps he should shut down?Les Mills International, which, on his Linkedin Profile, says is ?the world?s largest distributor of branded group-exercise programming for health clubs. The ten Les Mills programs (led by BODYPUMP?, the original barbell class) are taught by 90,000 certified instructors in 14,000 licensed clubs in 80 countries.?? Read more »

When cyclists mislead to prove a point

Lance Wiggs witnessed a horrific accident when a road maggot decided the road rules didn’t apply to him and ran a red light. The temporary citizen paid for his mistake with his life.

But now cyclists are on a mission to convince the rest of us that their lifestyle should be protected and cosseted like the bunch of nancies they are.

I get that he was traumatised. But really manufacturing stories in the NBR to show the daily commute home of the missus and misleading people along the way is pathetic.

My partner rides a bicycle to and from work.

Her town bike has a basket on the front and back.

She is small, wears normal street clothes and obeys traffic rules.

This is what a ride home looks like.

Here is the video.

In the cycling video he posted on NBR the cyclist commits at least four offences.? Read more »

Hedges and Berms are the canary in the mine for Auckland’s financial woes

The other day the news was that the Council was insisting a couple trim the council’s hedge. if it was me I would trim it alright…at ground level.

But these sorts of stories as well as those about the removal of berm mowing services point to a deeper malaise within the Len Brown led council.

Councils provide core services. When councils start trimming back costs in order to save money and those costs fundamentally change the way they maintain the places we live in – it is an obvious sign of the decay of financial viability of a council.

Auckland council is ballooning in debt – almost a $1m per day. When Les Mills was Mayor the debt for Auckland Council was less than $400m. Now it is in the billions. ? Read more »