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Poor Christchurch – the worst thing to happen since the earthquakes

Veteran activist John Minto has put up his hand to run against Lianne Dalziel for the Christchurch mayoralty.

The well-known political agitator, who ran for the mayoralty in Auckland three years ago, is standing for the Keep Our Assets group.

He will go up against incumbent Dalziel, a former Labour MP who succeeded Bob Parker as mayor in 2013.

Keep Our Assets is a Christchurch-based coalition of community groups, political parties and individuals campaigning against the sale of state and local assets.

The group has been demanding an end to secret Christchurch City Council meetings, and has asked for the renegotiation of the council’s cost-sharing agreement with the Government to be delayed.

Minto would not comment ahead of an official announcement, which is due tomorrow morning.

Speaking from Singapore, Dalziel said: “I welcome the announcement. It will be good to able to debate these issues with John.”


Do you think Phil Goff is looking forward to debating the issues with Penny Bright? What a stupid thing to say.? Read more »

Dalziel ?mentally exhausted? as mayor, but realises she wants more of it

Lianne Dalziel is “mentally exhausted” but she is up more punishment.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel says she will “not walk away from the city”.

Dalziel confirmed on Monday afternoon that she would seek a second term as Christchurch’s?mayor in October’s local body election.

She had been overwhelmed by positive feedback from the public in recent weeks, which helped make her decision, she said.

“The challenge of bringing about the change that we have managed to achieve in the last two-and-a-half years hasn’t come without its cost, but I am prepared to continue to serve the city for another three years if that’s what the city chooses.”

Dalziel’s announcement, which was not planned, followed speculation about whether she would seek a second term as the city’s mayor.

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Ex-Labour MP, now mayor of Christchurch pushes ahead with asset sales

I always find it amazing then when a socialist is freed from the constraints of dogma and their party whip they find reality stalking them…

Christchurch City Council has started its controversial programme of asset sales, announcing plans to sell 100 percent of City Care.

The construction, roading and parks maintenance business – valued at $136 million – is just one of many the council wants to sell to meet a shortfall in its budget for repairs to earthquake-damaged infrastructure.

City Care employs just over 1500 workers around the country and is the largest council-owned company of its type in the country.

Canterbury Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend said it would be an attractive asset for some buyers.

“A company that is involved in facilities management, civil construction, building construction and so on has got to be an attractive proposition,” he said. “Probably buyers will be already involved in that area in some form or another, and this would be a good opportunity for them to scale up.”

City Care is not classed as a core asset and can therefore be sold without any public consultation.

Mr Townsend said those that were considered core assets, including the port, the airport and lines company Orion, would also be sold off – but only partially and not before next year’s local government elections.

“As the council gets further into other asset sales, there are some that are particularly sensitive, particularly their core assets which they have determined they want to retain control of.

“If they want to sell down part of those to raise capital, then we might see a bit of fun, and that will probably happen post-election.”

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Central Government Asset Sales: Bad. Local Government Asset Sales: Good

Last night, Mr Brown and a strong contender to replace him next year, Labour MP Phil Goff, dismissed the main recommendations by Cameron Partners and EY (formerly Ernst Young) to privatise strategic assets such as the council’s shareholdings in Auckland Airport and Ports of Auckland, valued at $1.4 billion and $1.079 billion respectively.

The two firms have also suggested the council sell part of Watercare Services, valued at $8.5 billion, valuable golf courses like Remuera, Chamberlain Park and Takapuna, and even parks and reserves.

EY suggested 49 per cent of Watercare could be privatised in 2017, with the proceeds used to pay down council debt.

The review also criticised council spending, saying expensive office accommodation, such as No 1 Queen St – the base of Auckland’s highest-paid bureaucrat, Auckland Transport boss David Warburton, who earns between $660,000 and $680,000 – should be replaced with cheaper premises.

Mr Brown said there were some interesting ideas, like a review of car fleets and sharing back-office functions, but a number that simply would not float. Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending Competition, Ctd


The people of Christchurch have been nominating all sorts of silly spending by their council and Mayor Lianne ?Patsy? Dalziel. In the midst of a massive budget shortfall, in the vicinity of $1.2 billion dollars, the Christchurch City Council is making some very silly decisions.

Solar Powered Dunnies at $125,000 a time seem a bit expensive, but they are a lot cheaper than the exceptionally useless piece of art that you can?t even take a dump in.


And yet they spend $2M on …?

It’s downright ugly and the worst thing is that in the afternoon sun, the spinny thingy’s reflect the sun, so there is quite a bit of real distraction when you are driving.

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New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending, Ctd


Lianne Dalziel has managed to grow up as a mayor, maturing enough to understand that a childish reaction to ?Asset Sales? is inappropriate when your city is rooted. So she has been given a lot of credit for being willing to sell assets to help Christchurch rebuild.

This makes everyone wonder whether she went on a bender when some halfwit proposed spending a million dollars on fancy solar powered toilets.

The Christchurch City Council is spending nearly $1 million on eight new state-of-the-art solar-powered toilet blocks.

Brightly-coloured “Exeloo” units will be installed in parks across the city and Banks Peninsula during the next six months at a cost of $970,000. ?? Read more »

Delicious irony: ex Labour MP turned mayor can’t sell people on Asset Sales

Lianne Dalziel cracks me up. ?Having been part of the “Asset Sale Bad” crew for a couple of decades, at the first opportunity she fell back on the idea of asset sales to deal with Christchurch’s problems.

But Labour have been so successful at pushing the idea that you never actually sell anything you own, she’s discovering she’s hamstrung by the same poisonous policies she used to foist on the public.

Christchurch City Council may look to sell-off road maintenance company City Care and public transport provider Red Bus to salvage major assets like the port and airport.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel wants the companies removed from the council’s list of strategic assets, increasing the likelihood of a sale as they work to save millions of dollars.

The suggestion was part of a suite of mayoral recommendations around the council’s long-term plan, and follows submissions from more than 3000 people.

Ms Dalziel has also suggested removing Lancaster Park, Horncastle Arena and all off-street parking facilities owned and operated by council from the list of strategic assets. Read more »

Lianne Dalziel cries a river of tears

Lianne Dalziel reckons she is sorry…for doing nothing.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel has made a tearful apology to residents of east Christchurch, who feel she has let them down.

Dalziel made the emotional apology on Saturday in response to hundreds of submissions from east Christchurch residents on the council’s proposed 10-year budget, known as the draft Long Term Plan. The submissions expressed frustration at the slow pace of recovery and the lack of proposed spending in New Brighton and the eastern suburbs.

Dalziel’s voice cracked with emotion as she apologised. ? Read more »

Gee, this is timely

Gee, this is timely as we countdown to the 5th anniversary and 1000s of examples on how useless the Christchurch City Council is.

Wonder if the announcement is coinciding with when big pay rises for pretty inept councillors are announced.

The rebuild is winding down so perfect timing…typical of a council coming too late to the party and a few dollars short.

City councillors have unanimously approved plans to set up a one-stop shop for investors and developers keen to be part of the rebuild.

Development Christchurch will be set up under Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL), the council’s commercial arm, and provide advice to the council on unsolicited development proposals and look after some of the major capital projects the council has on its books. It will also help progress the council’s suburban master plans. ? Read more »