And you thought he was truthful campaigning on being “independent”


So much for represent all of Auckland, so much for being independent…Phil Goff is now out there campaigning on behalf of the union weasel wanting his seat, Michael Wood. On top of that, he has hired into his office Fran Mold, his old chief press secretary.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has defended his involvement in Labour candidate Michael Wood’s campaign for the Mt Roskill by-election but said he will not help Labour campaign in the general election in 2017.

National’s candidate Parmjeet Parmar questioned Goff’s involvement in Labour candidate Wood’s campaign, saying it made a sham of Goff’s claim to be ‘independent.’

“It’s up to them how they run their campaign but Mt Roskill voters deserve to know who is funding it and if it’s the independent mayor Phil Goff or their candidate running the campaign.” ? Read more »

The world’s greatest gun salesman is a crier and a liar

Barack Obama came out and proposed a slew of anti-gun executive actions and in between bouts of tears he managed a few lies.

The Washington Post‘s Fact Checker assessed President Obama’s claim made during his tearful speech on gun control when he said that the rules for buying a gun over the Internet is different than buying one in person.

The final score? Two Pinocchios. (That means it was “half true,” according to their scale.)

“Obama erred,” states the Post, which is a nice way of saying he lied.

Here is WaPo‘s explanation:

This is a difficult claim to assess because a lot depends on how one reads Obama?s remarks: ?The problem is some gun sellers have been operating under a different set of rules. A violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the Internet with no background check, no questions asked.? ? Read more »


Muslim Woman’s Video goes Viral

I follow a facebook page called Ex Muslims of North America because no one understands Islam better than someone who has been Muslim. The woman in this video who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East understands exactly what Jihad is. The video was posted on the ‘Silence is Consent’ facebook page. In the video this woman is doing exactly what all we critics keep condemning Muslims for not doing. She is speaking out against terrorism. Not only that, she is telling us that there is a link between terrorism and Islam. So who are you going to believe, a Muslim from the Middle East or Susan Devoy?

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Think you can spot a liar? Take the test

Colin Craig

“That’s what political credibility is about. Who’s telling the truth? Am I honest or are they honest? We can’t both be right. The public do need to know.” -Colin Craig RadioNZ

QUESTION: How can you tell when a politician is lying?

ANSWER: His lips are moving.

Seriously though some of us have the skills to pick up when a person is lying.

Take this test to see how good you are at spotting a liar. Don’t worry if you don’t do well as it provides the correct answers at the end so that you can learn from your mistakes.

I scored 16 out of 18 so I am very good at spotting a liar.



I will be discussing the test over the break so don’t read any further until you have completed the test as my discussion includes spoilers.

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If you believe David Cunliffe doesn’t have contact with bloggers then I have a bridge I can sell you

David Cunliffe tells lies.

Yesterday he said none of his MPs talk to me. That was a lie. i can prove it was a lie, but to do so would breach my confidences with them. They can be rest assured that it won’t be me revealing the details.

Now he is claiming that he has no contact with bloggers.

Labour leader David Cunliffe tried to score a point over John Key yesterday by saying he rarely talks to bloggers, but that seems a stretch.

One of his closest advisers (priming him for the televised debates) is Polity blogger Rob Salmond.

Greg Presland, a lawyer friend involved in setting up his leadership fund trust, blogs as MickeySavage  at The Standard. ?? Read more »

Winston Peters making it up again, why do the media repeat his lies?

In a re-visit of his false claim that Huka Lodge was being sold to foreign owners…despite the claim being false, and it already being owned by foreigners, he has now claimed another farmer is being sold to foreigners.

Again the Overseas Investment Office is saying his claims are false.

When will the media stop repeating his lies?

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is claiming the sale of another piece of farmland is underway to offshore interests.

In a speech to Grey Power members in Rangiora this afternoon, Mr Peters said the $5.5 million sale of 1037-hectare Wheturau Station, near Gisborne, is currently being considered by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

However, the OIO says it does not have an application to buy the farm.

The land is much smaller than the 13,800-hectare Lochinver Station near Taupo, which has reignited the foreign ownership debate.

“How do we know it’s being sold to overseas interests? Because we called up the agents, Bayleys, expressing interest in buying, and were told it’s already been sold offshore,” Mr Peters says.

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When given the choice of telling the truth or telling a lie why does Winston Peters always choose to lie?

Winston Peters is now heaping more lies upon lies.

Yesterday he claimed Huka Lodge had been sold when the owner, A Dutchman, said it wasn’t for sale and the the Overseas Investment Office said it hasn’t been sold as it needs their approval and no approval has be sought.

Today he changes the lie and still insists it is for sale, again the the owner has said this is untrue.

Winston Peters is standing by his claim that one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist lodges is being sold, despite both the owner and the Government saying it is not.

During his state of the nation speech in Takapuna yesterday, Mr Peters claimed Huka Lodge, near Taupo, was being sold to Chinese interests, to gasps from some of the hundreds of North Shore Grey Power members listening.

Afterwards he cited real estate sources for his comments. “My informant says John Key has said to these people: ?Don’t worry about it, we’ll smooth it through the Overseas Investment Office’.”

Later, Peters modified his claim to say the lodge was for sale.

But sale talk was quickly rejected by both the Beehive and lodge management.? Read more »

Liar, Liar, MEGA XXXL pants on fire, Ctd

I blogged earlier about the Gurnard’s story in today’s paper that Krim Dotcon is set to claim?$6 million in damages?from the New Zealand taxpayer. The Albert Street branch of Dotcom’s empire has been working overtime.

The claim specifies sums ranging from $1 million to $50,000 for a range of points.

This proves the fraudster tells lies to the public of New Zealand.

I dug out this?interview with Paul Holmes. ?If you’re going to accuse other people of lying – best you don’t get caught in one yourself eh?

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Liar, liar, Mallard’s pants on fire…again

Lindsay Mitchell calls out Trevor Mallard for a real whopper.

Talking to Tim Fookes on NewstalkZB about the welfare reforms this morning, local MP Trevor Mallard said,

“…the total number of beneficiaries dropped by about two thirds when we were in government.”

He was stressing?the total number?to address Tim’s suggestion that many people had simply moved off the dole and onto sickness or invalid’s benefit (which has some truth to it). ? Read more »

Another big fat German MEGA lie

via 3 News

via 3 News

Lies just drip out of Kim Dotcom’s mouth. Like his new found concerns over gun safety.

Remember all the hoopla surrounding the launch of Mega? How because it was encrypted no one could know what is there, not even MEGA.

The new Mega is designed around a “see no evil” principle. All your uploads are encrypted on their way up to the server, and downloads are encrypted on the way down, only to be opened afterward. While they’re out there floating around in the cloud, they’re encrypted using the private seed you and only you have: your password.

Don’t lose your Mega password, because you won’t be getting it back; Mega doesn’t have it. The service’s carefully calculated ignorance hinges on this point. Your password is?indirectly and complicatedly?used to generate your login credentials and to encrypt all your files on their way to the cloud. Mega won’t know so much as the file names, and neither will anyone else ever again if you lose that password.

They tout it on their website:

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