Being Libertarian or Conservative is the new Punk

Being Conservative used to be boring and the establishment but now Progressive, Left-wing politically correct views are the establishment and being Libertarian or Conservative has become edgy and cool.

Singer Joy Villa turned heads when she revealed her less than subtle gown at the Grammys.


?Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don?t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree. See the person over the politics, carry yourself with dignity, always. Life is made to be lived, so go boldly and give no effs! ???? ???????????????? ???? #love #peace #joyvillagrammys #joyvilla #maga #grammys2017 #style #supportamerica,? Villa wrote in an Instagram post.

Villa arrived dressed in a white cape, which she removed to reveal her MAGA dress:

After her red carpet appearance, Villa?s album jumped to the number seven on iTunes and the top of Amazon?s ?top digital paid albums,? according to Fox News…

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Guest Post: So you want the freedom to be a racist?

Guest Post: Lushington D. Brady

Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. After working as a freelance music journalist, auto worker, railway worker, taxi driver, small business owner, volunteer firefighter and graphic designer, Lushington Dalrymple Brady decided he finally had an interesting enough resume to be a writer. Miraculously, he survived university Humanities departments with both his critical faculties intact and a healthy disdain for Marxism. He blogs at A Devil?s Curmudgeon. Lushington D. Brady is a pseudonym, obviously.

Possibly the greatest freedom we ever experienced as youngsters were those endless days at the lethargic end of summer when we?d aimlessly wander the neighbourhood trying to invent ways to enjoy the liberty of having nothing to do, and endless time to do it in.

Often we?d just drift wherever our feet took us within the world that was our neighbourhood. Other times we might choose to turn down this street, or cut across that yard, with a specific goal in mind: someone?s swimming pool, say. Then there were the times, simply bored with the freedom to go wherever we pleased, that we invented a game: at each corner, we?d toss a coin. Heads turn left; tails, right.

What this reminiscence illustrates is the vital distinction between two different kinds of liberty: negative freedom and positive freedom. These are also known as the freedom from and the freedom to.

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Is it okay to punish people who have done nothing wrong?

Is it okay to punish people who have nothing wrong?

Is it okay to reward people who have done nothing right?

-Penn Jillette

A Liberal explains how he became a Libertarian.