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Outstanding……and the Aussies don't get the new record.?

Well played India.?


Kevin Rudd to be Australia’s next PM |

John Howard concedes, says nation ‘stronger, prouder’ |

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Bwahahahaha Never underestimate Little Johnny

’13 Labor candidates ineligible’ | The Australian

hat tip Adolf at No Minister
[quote]THE Liberal Party has claimed 13 Labor candidates are ineligible to stand in Saturday’s federal election.

Melbourne’s Herald Sun has reported the shock development threatens to create a major distraction for Kevin Rudd’s run to the poll.

According to Liberal Party headquarters, the 13 hopefuls are all ineligible because they failed to resign from Commonwealth jobs before nominating for parliament.

Under the relevant legislation, a candidate can only validly nominate for Federal Parliament if they no longer hold an office of profit under the Crown.

Legal advice suggests the ALP candidate for Wentworth, George Newhouse, may be ineligible for parliament and has compounded the problem by refusing to release relevant documentation.

Twelve other ALP candidates may be similarly affected, the Liberals claim.

This includes Victorian candidate for McEwen, Rob Mitchell, who the Liberal Party claims may still be employed as a senior adviser to the Brumby state government.

The others named by the Liberals are: Tony Zappia (Makin, SA), Yvette D’ath (Petrie, Qld), Peter Conway (ACT senate), Shayne Neumann (Blair, Qld), Garry Parr (Hinkler, Qld), Alan Neilan (Kennedy, Qld), Sharon Thiel (Kalgoorlie, WA), Belinda Neil (Robertson, NSW), Mark Buttugieg (Cook, NSW), Ross Daniels (Ryan, Qld), Mark Reynolds (Tangney, WA). [/quote]
Whoopsy, that makes winning 18 seats just that much harder. Oh the aching ribs, the stitch, the pain.

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Peter Garrett single handedly destroys Labor's hopes

Peter Garrett gaffe undermines Labor | The Courier-Mail
Peter Garrett has fallen into the age old electoral trap opening his big yap and spilling the beans about Labor's real agenda.
[quote]NINE simple words could derail the strategy at the heart of Labor's campaign.
Labor environment spokesman Peter Garrett might well have meant as a joke his "once we get in we'll just change it all" comment to radio shock jock Steve Price yesterday, but it could prove to be far from a laughing matter for Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd.[/quote]
Never under-estimate Little Johnny. It ain't over. I must check out the odds at the bookies before Labor puts more feet in their collective mouths.

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Never under-estimate Little Johnny

Howard closes on Labor – New Zealand’s source for World News on

The fat lady is far from singing for Little Johnny. Never ever under-estimate the skill of this Aussie battler. Of course in the midst of an election campaign the heat is coming on KRudd and he is being found wanting.

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Coalition catching Labor

Sky News: Coalition gains ground

KRudd has peaked too early and the coalition is rapidly gaining ground in two polls published today in Australia.

I always say never count out Little Johnny, he has a knack of ruining Labor dreams.

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Liar, Liar

Cullen says too poor to cut taxes like Australia – 16 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Cullen lies like a flatfish in commenting on the Liberals tax largess in the opening salvo’s of the Australian election campaign.
[quote]”Not the kind of programme you would expect to see from a Labour-led government,” [/quote]
Quite right, Cullen will never, ever give us tax cuts, all he does is increase taxes. When he does promise them he reneges, the man simply cannot believed.

David Farrar shows the lies of Cullen’s statements. His comments simply cannot be supported by semblance of facts. All we get is spin and lies.

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Youtube used by Howard

Howard uses YouTube to push Apec – 03 Sep 2007 – NZ Herald: World / International News

Little Johny Howard has used Youtube to discuss the benefits of APEC this week in Sydney.

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Clark unwise to increase Transtasman tension

Blog: Clark unwise to increase Transtasman tensionThe Air New Zealand fiasco is escalating diplomatically.
Prime Minister Helen Clark this morning effectively warned Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, to butt out of the domestic row going on here over Air New Zealand…
[NZ Politics]

Clark seems intent on pissing off one of the only friends we have in the region, and all for trying to make her look good over the Air New Zealand saga. She has now resorted to bagging Alexander Downer for his attendence at Nationa;'s conference and telling lies about whether she was informed or not.

It is becomng clearer by the day that Labour has no idea at all what is going on inits portfolios and is daily being caught out by trifiling incidents that get blown out of proportion by their silly reactions to them.?

Iwi leader calls for immediate resignation of Harawira

Scoop: Iwi leader calls for immediate resignation of MP

Ngapuhi leader and activist David Rankin has called for the immediate resignation of Hone Harawira over his allegation that the Australian Prime Minister is a ?racist bastard?, and threatening that Ngapuhi could have an armed uprising.

[quote]?No matter what his personal views are?, says Mr. Rankin, ?there is no excuse for talking about anyone in this way. Not for the first time, Hone has embarrassed all of Ngapuhi. Some of us are beginning to wonder whether he has lost his marbles?.[/quote]

Some of us haven’t been wondering at all, we have known all along he is a few sandwich’s short of a picnic.

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