Ground opening up during an earthquake

Do we need a CBD?

From Stuff and Ben Heather about Christchurch:

Christchurch’s central business district is built largely on liquefaction-prone soil, making it “complex and challenging” to construct new quake-resistant buildings.

A geotechnical report commissioned by the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission says the ground beneath Christchurch’s quake-shattered central city sits only one metre to 1.5m above the water table. In addition, it is riddled with underground aquifers and streams.

In the report, Canterbury University associate professor Misko Cubrinovski and Christchurch geotechnical engineer Ian McCahon said the top 25m of soil was a “highly variable” marbling of different layers. Some large buildings sat on firm gravel on one end and silty liquefaction-prone sand on the other.

“These soils are generally considered susceptible to liquefaction, and in some cases (when deposited in a loose state) they exhibit very low resistance to liquefaction.”

I really do wonder why we are pursuing a 19th century concept in the re-build of Christchurch. As my post the other day pointed out we are experiencing a rapid change int eh way we work and where we work. Christchurch has a perfect opportunity to embrace those changes before the rest of the country.


An email from Aaron Gilmore #eqnz

Tongiht I received an email from Aaron Gilmore, he has requested I post it to give you some idea of how shitty things are at?the?moment. I also understand that Aaron caught a looter?last?night together with his brother. Looters really are scum.

Today is day 4. It is quite emotional for me on the ground here. The street and home I grew up is badly damaged, in September there was little damage there. Massive amounts of liquefaction has occurred across Parklands and Queenspark where I live. 22% of the city as I write this is without power it is likely to be the case for weeks. Most of this is in the eastern suburbs. All of these areas have no water or sewers either. I, my mum and dad my brother and his family and three uncles and heaps of cousins and many many friends are in this situation. ?I spent much of the last few days digging out crap from homes, and getting water and shelter to my wider family. I sent my own children away to Milton to their grandparents with their mother yesterday as my 5 year old daughter was traumatized. Late last night I managed to find one of my uncles who had been missing for three days. Three people were killed around his shop in front of him and he will never be the same. The CTV building still has many people in it that I know. I was supposed to do an interview there at noon friday. Sam one of the reporters still in there I would see often.

Much of my city is in ruins but much of it west of the square is fine. This city I was born and raised in, as was my daughter, my mum and dad and brothers, my grandmother, my great grandmother, my great grandmother and many generations. I will not give up on here, it is home. We will rebuild it. Better, stronger and better. Christchurch we will rise again.
Aaron Gilmore
National Member of Parliament

Aaron, our thoughts are with you. Stay strong and know that New Zealand is coming together behind the people of Christchurch.