Lizzie Marvelly

It’s not a smear if it is true, you silly little girl

Part time national anthem singer and hopeless columnist, Lizzie Marvelly, thinks older people disrespect youth.

I was brought up to respect my elders.

Indeed, without my elders – my wh?nau, teachers, mentors and role models – I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Over the past few years, however, I’ve noticed that some older people seem to take our respect for granted.

And it’s (respectfully) doing my head in.

In an election year, it’s almost guaranteed that young people will be dragged through the mud for one reason or another.

We’ll be smeared as the unworthy recipients of a “bribe” that won the election (years after the fact); the useless, lazy cohort that couldn’t be bothered voting; the self-centred, me-me-me generation that could easily own houses if we simply stopped eating smashed avocados and watching Sky TV; or the idealistic, radical children who should listen to people who know better.

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Do you know who this man is?

Do you know who this man is?

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Dear Lizzie…


Generation Snowflake: Lizzie Marvelly

A reader writes to Lizzie Marvelly:

Dear Lizzie of the Herald.

Like you, I loved the stories of my childhood.? Your selecting Goosebumps tells us something about you and your article on the USA election, today confirms it.? However, in real life you and I don?t get to make up the ending on our own.? That is what we call a fairy tale.

You should read my favourite story.? It is about Chicken Little and her mates, Ducky Lucky and Henny Penny.? Chicken Little thought the sky was falling and set out running to tell the Lion.? As she ran she gathered up some gullible mates who all ended up in Foxy Loxy?s den never to be heard of again.

Lizzie, the sky is not falling.? Stop hanging out and running with your gullible mates.? You may not survive the fox?s den of socialist elite?s seduction, the arrogance of the academics ? all degrees of scholarship but no degrees of commonsense, the rarefied air of the closeted media who interview each other engrossed with their haughty editorialising in an unrealistic world, the conceited liberals who seek license not accountability, lusting for power and presumptuous supremacy at the expense of the heartlanders, feigning servanthood and love for the little people but requiring them to lick their boots before they walk the red carpet of self aggrandizement and showy, shallow egotism. ?? Read more »

Lizzie dear, cut the whining

Lizzie Marvelly is whining yet again about Paul Henry…and Martin Devlin…and men in general:

The past few weeks have been an interesting time to be a woman. Against the backdrop of the asinine masculine embodiment itself, Donald Trump, our local gender politics took centre stage – first with Max Key’s stunning display of intellectual prowess (“real men ride women”), then with Paul Henry’s long and leering treatise on a young women’s “titties”.

Understandably, both remarks left a number of Kiwi women less than pleased. Many of us were moved to speak out in some way against such brazen sexism. The responses we received often proved our point.

I decided out of principle that I wouldn’t appear on the Paul Henry Show on Monday. The retaliatory comments my decision generated revealed what I already well knew: Paul Henry and Max Key are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexism in New Zealand.

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I wonder if Lizzie Marvelly and Labour are going to be upset over Hadyn Marriner’s rape jokes?

Lizzie Marvelly is a national anthem singer, veteran whinger and ideal Labour candidate for Rotorua. Haydn Marriner is chair of the Labour Rotorua LEC.

Lizzie Marvelly is absolutely disgusted at Paul Henry’s appreciation of a woman’s breasts. Meanwhile, Haydn Marriner is making rape jokes online.

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The NZ Herald?s full court press to get Paul Henry fired continues


The NZ Herald continues its ‘Get Paul Henry’ campaign…aided and abetted by the luvvies.

They’ve called in veteran whinger and prospective Labour candidate for Rotorua and national anthem singer, Lizzie Marvelly, to have a whinge.

Singer/songwriter Lizzie Marvelly has pulled out of a panel on TV3’s Paul Henry Show tomorrow in protest at Henry’s comments about women’s breasts.

Marvelly, a Weekend Herald columnist and founder of the feminist website The Villainesse, said on Twitter she was “saddened” to read Henry’s comments toHerald journalist Greg Bruce about the “perfect titties” of a woman at another table in the restaurant where he was interviewed, and the “adequate titties” of a woman she was dining with.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Paul as a broadcaster and a person, and I was surprised to read his objectifying comments,” she said. ? Read more »

Comment of the Day

The indomitable George again:

Lizzie Marvelly comment (NZH): “Cycle of homelessness can end”.
She claims:

“Before last July I had no idea how it felt to sleep out on the concrete in the middle of winter. I never knew that your bones ache, not just from the cold, but also from the constant contact with the hard, uncompromising surface. I didn’t know that the ground feels much colder than the air, or that sleeping in the city means being woken up almost hourly if you get to sleep at all. I never realised that sleeping outside with a group of strangers can activate ancient human instincts, leading you to cling to any person you know, regardless of how shallow or recent your connection. As the weeks roll by and we fall deeper into the winter months, more than 41,000 Kiwis have no place to call home. And in our proud little nation, we all know that’s not the Kiwi way.”

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If you are serious Lizzie, then name them

Lizzie Marvelly has a shabby column in the NZ Herald that she claims sheds light on sexual abuse in the music industry.

She is also pimping it via Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.36.56 AM

She is being lauded as brave, as well she might be, but not for her shabby hit piece where she doesn’t name a single one of her alleged abusers.

Apparently, we must all take a stand against the gropers and the philanderers:

The stories I’ve shared here are just a selection of the incidents I’ve either experienced or witnessed over my decade in the industry. Writing this, I was reminded of things that I’d repressed. Incidents I’d completely forgotten about. Like being groped on stage at age 19.

Before now I worried that I’d never work again if I dared to speak about the sexual abuse that I’d endured, largely at the hands of powerful older men who had the means to make life difficult for me.

When you’ve been treated like a profit-generating object, styled and moulded to become a brand, it takes some time to realise that you were a person, a young person, who was mistreated by people who should’ve known better. ?? Read more »