Local body government

Same as it ever was, Vernon


Vernon Small goes on a little wander into fantasy land.

There’s less than a week to run until the results of the local government elections are known, and they will likely confirm an odd?contradiction.

Why are so many of our big?cities poised to elect (or in many cases re-elect) a Labour-friendly mayor?when the country has voted in a centre-Right government?for three elections in a row?

It might be down to a voter backlash?if National and John Key were on their last electoral legs and polling in the gutter. But?they aren’t.

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A Good Councillor…even if he is from Palmerston North

Council staff seem to think they are beyond reproach.

They throw their toys out of the cot if anyone criticises them, especially a councillor.

Fortunately there are some councillors who are willing to stand up to this bullshit view and not be afraid to criticise staff when they make mistakes.

Chris Teo-Sherrell has manned up to the ratbag staff in Palmerston North who have had a whinge about him. This is despite him recently winning reelection.

The Palmerston North city councillor most recently rebuked for breaching the code of conduct is looking for changes to uphold councillors’ rights to speak out.

A group of council managers complained about comments Chris Teo-Sherrell made as a councillor last year about them trying to run the organisation.

An ad hoc committee held a hearing with press and public excluded and upheld the complaint.? Read more »