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Handouts/03.28.07/RJTECH/email from Charlie Moore/APD’s new recruiting/This picture was?placed on 10 billboards across the city. It was?part of APD’s new recruiting campaign that used the runaway bride as a way to get recruits. Photo: COURTESY APD Albuquerque Police spokeswoman Trish Hoffman appears in a new recruiting ad for the department.

The Bride Who Faked Her Own Kidnapping

Jennifer Wilbanks became something of a folk anti-hero, inspiring an action figure and a grocery store condiment called ?Jennifer?s High Tailin? Hot Sauce,? and numerous other items, even toast?

John Mason and Jennifer Wilbanks had planned a late April wedding with 14 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen, but the wedding would get postponed when the bride got cold feet. For nearly a week media attention would focus on Duluth, Georgia, a growing city in the suburbs of Atlanta that the two called home.

32-year-old Jennifer Wilbanks disappeared while out jogging four days before her wedding, it sparked one of the biggest missing persons stories in America in 2005. Then the shocking truth emerged.

At roughly 8.30pm on a chilly April night in the small town of Duluth, Georgia, Jennifer Wilbanks told her fianc?, John Mason that she was popping out for a run. Mason, 32, thought nothing of it. She ran marathons ? it was one of the many things they had in common. And with their wedding only 4 days away, Jennifer had a lot on her mind ? a run would do her good.

But Jennifer, then 31, didn?t return that night. At 10.15pm, Mason went looking for her around Duluth in his car. ?I thought maybe she might have turned her ankle and fallen,? he said. ?Or someone could have beaten her up? No idea.? He called the police at around midnight and spent a sleepless night by the phone. He had little idea then, that it would be the first of many.

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Comment of the Day

From our General debate and idbkiwi:

All of yesterday, and overnight, NZ’s trained and skilled reporters were playing in a sandpit somewhere, deliriously making up fake news gleaned from alternative-facts sent through their twitter-feeds.

The Herald (I can’t believe I used to subscribe) says:

“US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travellers from Muslim-majority countries on Friday”, this is apparently “racism”.

Except: There is no ban, there is a temporary suspension, and the order affects all citizens of the countries, not just muslims, race has nothing to do with it, and it affects just seven particular nations, none of those being countries with the most populous muslim adherents: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia. ? Read more »

Think you can spot a liar? Take the test

Colin Craig

“That’s what political credibility is about. Who’s telling the truth? Am I honest or are they honest? We can’t both be right. The public do need to know.” -Colin Craig RadioNZ

QUESTION: How can you tell when a politician is lying?

ANSWER: His lips are moving.

Seriously though some of us have the skills to pick up when a person is lying.

Take this test to see how good you are at spotting a liar. Don’t worry if you don’t do well as it provides the correct answers at the end so that you can learn from your mistakes.

I scored 16 out of 18 so I am very good at spotting a liar.



I will be discussing the test over the break so don’t read any further until you have completed the test as my discussion includes spoilers.

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Anyone involved with, or a close observer of politics, should watch this


Shamelessly stolen from here

MEDIA ADVISORY: Glenn Greenwald is a fraud

I’m getting sick of having to do your job for you. ? Why are you calling Greenwald a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist? ?He’s nothing of the sort. ?Five minutes of research would have told you that.

Step 1: ?Go to? and search for his name.

Would you be surprised to find he doesn’t come up as a winner?

Step 2: Check what he has actually won: ?


Yes, but Cam, you say, he was?working for the organisation that won a Pulitzer.

So was the receptionist. ?And the guy cleaning out the toilets. ?I don’t think they go around claiming themselves Pulitzer prize winners.

Step 3: Search a bit deeper (by the way, this is what a REAL email looks like) ? Read more »

What David Parker Should Do

David Parker has been caught out lying about the Sensible Sentencing Trust, and is being held to account.

His lie was to say that Sensible Sentencing had made a large donation to ACT to get David Garrett into parliament.

This didn?t happen.

David Parker now faces a week of bad news about him lying, being constantly questioned about his lie, and having everyone in Labour being asked about his lie.

This means Labour won’t be able to get out their policy releases because they will be answering questions about lying.

Even if Parker thinks he hasn?t lied it doesn?t matter. He is creating a negative news cycle for his party, and if SST are smart they will keep it in the media throughout the campaign. The only way Parker can stop this from happening is issue a full apology. Like this:

Press Release: Accusation about SST and David Garrett

On Saturday 22nd of October I posted a guest post on Kiwiblog.

In it I made the following statement.

“Some are also aware Act knew this when they took a large donation from the misnamed Sensible Sentencing Trust and made Garrett Act?s law and order spokesperson.”

This statement is incorrect and I am withdrawing it and unreservedly apologising to Sensible Sentencing, Garth McVicar, David Garrett and David Farrar for this statement.


The problem for Labour is they are so convinced stealing underpants is the way to go they are unable to accept that stealing underpants doesn?t win votes and will take a pyrrhic victory on this rather than quickly apologising and moving on to issues that matter.