A little birdy told me

A few of interesting bits of gossip have come in over the Tip Line.

Clark on the Bludge in New York

It seems that Helen Clark was on the bludge recently in New York. Turns out that despite a salary of over $500,000 USD there is no accommodation supplement and she had to find her own accomodation.

Yes it is hard to believe but this veteran trougher from the public purse, despite a lifetime of troughing and owning a multi-million dollar property portfolio herself was trying to score free accommodation in New York by requesting accommodation in the UN Ambassador’s house until she found one.

Her request was politely declined.

Pork Chop and Gilda K troughing it up at Yum Char…plus the cat fight amongst the witnesses

The other story involves one of the biggest Pigs in Auckland. Pork Chop and Gilda K were seen troughing up large, and I mean large at Grand Harbour, one of the best Yum Char’s in Auckland. The two of them looked positively miserable. I wonder who the nasty person was who sent BBQ Pork Buns, Roast Pork and BBQ Pork to the table?

Perhaps Pork Chop as seeking solace after the down-low bust-up of the relationship between the Chop’s and their star witnesses in the Saunders/Chop case. Firstly the word is that a bit too much snooping went on when the Chops were looking at one of the witnesses laptop for the emails. The other interesting thing is Mrs Chop’s lawyer seems to have ditched the case leaving Drew without representation.

Ohhh…I wonder why that happened. Perhaps it is the same old problem that Mrs Chop always has…the little issue of paying ones bill.

Shayne and Stephen up a tree….

This is really interesting considering the ongoing Employment Dispute between HoS and StePhen Cook.

StePhen Cook who has sued for unfair dismissal after apparently being accused of selling class A’s in the bogs at HOS is having a good whack at Shayne Currie. His affidavit against Shayne apparently contained sexual harassment claims (obviously not towards Pork Chop – we know Shayne is not that desperate).

Eye Spy

Is it true that Jonathan Marshall to be the new About Town guy? Could this be the end of Pork Chop, after lying about being offered the job, as Marshall is way nasty, hard working and gay so knows all the goss. He also doesn’t eat as much so will be welcome at more events than the woman with the ever expanding arse.

Meet the world's ugliest dogs

Helen ClarkStuff has an article about the worlds ugliest dogs.

A prominent under-bite, scrunched face and floppy ears are the hallmarks of a winner – the winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog contest, that is.

Pabst, a boxer-mix rescued from a shelter by Miles Egstad of Citrus Heights, California, won the annual contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California.

I reckon they missed some out of the line up

This one from New York

This one from Auckland

This one from the Waikato

This one from Wellington

and this one also from Wellington

They all have faces you can break bottles on and you certainly wouldn’t wish breeding traits that that on anyone let alone your dog.

Whaleoil on TV3 talking about Twitter

I was called by TV3 to comment on the Twitter saga engulfing parliament. They didn’t use most of my comments which were about branding and how Labour’s “brand” has just shuffled off to New York. Essentially Labour has been branded for 13 years as Helen Clark and Helen Clark was the Labour Party. Social Media is all about getting your brand recognised and Labour and indeed most MP’s are woeful at this.

It almost serves them right that someone has had a crack at them. Darren Hughes, though and Labour are being overly precious and The Ginga Whinga’s words about wanting takedown for parody, ridicule and denigration is simply pathetic. These are the kind of people who always went running to the kindy teacher when someone called them names. What a diddums.


Clark will make solo move to New York

Clark will make solo move to New YorkFormer Prime Minister Helen Clark’s husband will not accompany her to New York and will instead stay at home because of his work commitments. Peter Davis told the Weekend Herald he wasn’t in a position to “down tools” and move… [NZ Herald Politics]

Helen’s letter to the editor writer won’t be gong to New York. he reckons that he and Helen “would work out a commuting pattern that the university would be happy with”.

More like a commuting pattern that avoids US Immigration authorities.

DimPost breaks news on Tizard

The Dimpost has broken the news that Judith Tizard will be going to New York with Helen Clark.

Speculation on the future career of Labour politician Judith Tizard ended today with an announcement from Helen Clark that she would be taking the ousted Auckland Central MP to the United States with her this August, when she travels to New York to take up her new job as head of the United Nations Development Program.

It had been rumoured that Tizard would stand as a Labour Party candidate in Clark’s Mt Albert electorate, return to Parliament as a list MP or even run for mayor of Auckland’s supercity. Those rumours were quashed today with the news of her departure for New York. Clark advised that she has not yet informed Tizard about her upcoming move, as the prospect of such a long journey would only frighten and confuse her. Tizard will be leaving a month before Clark, as US Department of Agriculture regulations state that Tizard – who was Minister of Auckland, as well as Associate Minister for Arts and Transport – must spend at least a month in quarantine before she can enter the US.

Read the rest….this is why I read DiM’s blog….he actually gets it.

NY Times doesn't get it

From BoingBoing.

Not much more I can add to Cory’s summation

Scott from Apartment Therapy sez,

Apartment Therapy New York received a DMCA take-down notice from the NY Times demanding removal of a long list of blog posts containing images from the Times (in posts about relevant Times articles).

We love the Times and write about them (and link to them) frequently. We are shocked & disappointed their first contact with concerns about our use of their images (in posts about their stories!) was a threatening letter & DMCA takedown notice to our ISP who have warned us they will disable our servers if we don’t comply with the NY Times request.

Pop quiz: You’re a troubled media dinosaur struggling to find your way on the Web. What steps can you take to actively discourage people from linking to you, thus reducing your pageviews and revenue? DMCA Take Down Notice: The NYTimes Goes to War & Wants to Shut us Down (Thanks, Scott!)

Is it any wonder that their share price is on a constant 5 year slide to nothing? Morons!

Another A320 goes down

Another A320 has gone down.

A U.S. Airways flight from LaGuardia Airport in New York went down in the Hudson River this afternoon, and rescuers moved quickly to remove passengers from the plane.

Flight 1549, an Airbus A320 with 135 people on board, appeared to make a controlled landing in the water shortly after takeoff from New York bound for Charlotte, N.C.

Television news footage showed the aircraft resting apparently intact in the frigid water as ferries and rescue vessels surrounded it and helicopters flew overhead.

Thankfully no one was killed. However A320’s are falling out of the sky with alarming regularity at the moment with Air New Zealand’s A320 crash causing the death of seven.

You won’t catch me on an Airbus anytime soon.

Cry me a river of tears

Triple killer William Bell fighting for his life | NATIONAL | NEWS |

Just smother the prick and be done with it.

Oh and give the guys that “sorted” him time off for good behaviour.

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Oxygen Thief

Roger Tira Kahui has used up long ago any possible goodwill humanity could conceivably manage to find.

With over 140 previous convictions he should be escorted to the scaffold and dispatched forthwith. I fail to see why the taxpayers should keep him in warmth and comfort in any of the nations prisons.?

In fact every cell should have an eyebolt, a length of good quality hemp, a wobbly stool and instructions on how to tie a noose properly.

Kahui is nothing but an oxygen thief and his supply should be cut off forthwith, preferably with a sudden stop at the end of a long drop.