male genital mutilation

Research shows male genital mutilation to have health benefits exceeding 200 times the risk

What is it with cultures wanting to cut bits of our bobs? ?And no,

A systematic review of male infant circumcision led by Dr Brian Morris, professor emeritus at the University of Sydney, found the benefits of the procedure exceed the associated risks by 200 to one.

The study, published in the World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, reports that uncircumcised males face an 80 per cent risk of developing a foreskin-related condition requiring medical attention.

By comparison, the risk of an “associated adverse event” from the circumcision procedure – the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis – is about one in 250.

“Over their lifetime more than one in two uncircumcised males will suffer an adverse medical condition caused by their foreskin,” said Dr Morris.

An adverse medical condition. ?Like a rash, or inflammation. ? A bit like mould growing in those killer houses, that’s what happens if you don’t keep yourself clean or if you tear the skin by being… erm… an enthusiastic penis enthusiast. Read more »