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15-spending-spree-kv003646-w1680-h1117” Steel Butterfly”

“They?went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes.”

-Imelda Marcos

The Marcos Regime is primarily known for its brutality and corruption. However, Imelda Marcos is known notoriously for her love of material things and most infamously shoes.

Imelda Marcos, in full Imelda Romu?ldez Marcos, n?e Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romu?ldez (born July 2, 1929, Manila, Philippines) public figure in the Philippines who wielded great power during the 20-year rule of her husband, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. She remains one of the richest politicians in the Philippines through her collection of clothing, artwork, and jewellry, along with money in offshore bank accounts under the pseudonym “Jane Ryan”. As a result, she has been called a kleptocrat by her critics who accuse her of plunder.

The harsh rule of?Ferdinand?Marcos?and the Marcos regime led to much of the poverty in the?Philippines?and suffering. Yet, Imelda and the presidential?family?hardly suffered. They lived a lavish,?ostentatious,?glamorous, royal?lifestyle?at the expense of their people. Draining most of the funds from the Philippine?government,?Imelda?Marcos purchased extravagantly. Imelda travelled to New York and other?destinations?to buy fashions, high-end jewellery and other luxury items. She visited all of the major palaces and cities of mankind and purchased items left and right. Imelda bought the world’s biggest diamond in 1983. She bought a Michelangelo piece?for three and a half million dollars. In addition, she bought a 26 story?skyscraper?in Manhattan.

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David “Tainted” Fisher complains that people think he is on Team Dotcom, but what else can you expect when he is back writing about Kim Dotcom, and worse quotes his own book in the article.

Kim Dotcom and his estranged wife, Mona, will be brought together in court today as witnesses in the John Banks trial.

The couple are scheduled to appear in sequence with Mr Dotcom taking the stand first to testify over donations he made to Banks’ 2010 Super City campaign.

Mrs Dotcom was to appear immediately after with her testimony forecast to support that given by her husband.

The court date comes about a week after the couple separated and follows confirmation of the separation by a lawyer acting for Mrs Dotcom.


In the?Secret Life of Kim Dotcom, Mr Dotcom told of meeting Mrs Dotcom in a nightclub in Manila in 2007.

He spotted her on the dance floor and claimed to be instantly smitten.?

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Third world solutions to third world problems

When you hear the Labour party talking about poverty in New Zealand they really don’t know a thing about what they speak of.

You see we have a welfare system…every “poor” person in New Zealand has access to lighting in their homes, to a fridge, to a washing machine to hot and cold clean running water.

But what if they didn’t…would the “poor” be as resourceful as these people from Manila in the?Philippines? Somehow I doubt it…too long have they relied on the state to fix their every problem…hell they can’t even clean up mould anymore.

We can learn a lot from 3rd world countries. Third?world solutions to third world problems. Darkness during the day – plastic bottle, water and chlorine = light.