Maui’s dolphin

Guest Post – Some real fishing facts from an expert

Mike Rendle knows a thing or two about fishing, he makes his living from fishing, writing books and making documentaries.

Last week he was at sea when the hit job on New Zealand’s fishing industry was launched. He’s now ashore and has written this on his Facebook page. I have permission to re-publish it.

This is an important piece to write because last week I found myself right in the centre of all the negative press the commercial fishing industry has been receiving, the leaked reports and attack on their credibility.

The reason I am prepared to write is because I sat with some of the biggest players in the industry and heard their side of things. And what I can tell you is, that when you hear both sides, it?s clear the coverage isn?t balanced and in many cases is incredibly unfair.

In fact, if you look at where the leaked reports and other information is emanating from you would logically draw the conclusion that this is a hit on the government by the Labour and Green parties, aided and abetted by an activist named Barbara Maas. (More on her later). You will also notice that the name Nigel Haworth is associated with many of the press reports. He is the Labour Party president. Personally I believe that this is a hit, however let?s call that unimportant at this stage; this is firstly, and most importantly, about the resource.

You all know I am an incredibly passionate recreational fisherman. I like to think that I have a balanced view to both conservation and harvest. My opinions aren?t always the same as those around me but they are always aimed at preserving and promoting the sport of fishing. And you know I have a history of calling a spade a spade.

I learnt two things last week; first, the biggest, most powerful players in the commercial fishing industry care about the resource, possibly even more than we do, and not just for financial reasons. Second, the industry is creating more jobs, more NZ investment and providing a growing contribution to the NZ tax take. A large part of that investment is in improving harvest methods, mitigation of bycatch, particularly mammals and birds, while making the job safer and more efficient.

Let me begin with some positives because the NZ commercial fishing industry should be celebrated as a success story, not pilloried for past excess and greed from times when we all knew no better. ? Read more »

Yeah, nah from Cunliffe, another policy flip flop in hours from Labour


Earlier yesterday the Labour Party decided that blocking oil and gas exploration and production in Taranaki was a good idea to save 55 idiot dolphins too stupid to get out of the way of fisherman and nets.

They played along with the Green taliban?and their anti-progress ban everything attitude…until they realised that they would have to shut down all of the Taranaki gas production to achieve it.

Then they performed their very own reverse policy ferret after a shellacking in parliament about it…just hours later.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has had to perform a U-turn after this morning announcing Labour was against oil exploration in the Maui’s dolphin mammal sanctuary, when it actually approves.

National has jumped on the gaffe, saying Labour is hypocritical because it allowed 13 wells to be drilled in the area.

The Government has opened up 3000 square kilometres of a marine mammal sanctuary for oil exploration on the North Island’s west coast ? home to the Maui’s dolphin. The Green Party obtained documents revealing that last week.
This morning Labour came out opposed, aligning itself with the Greens.? Read more »

Greenpeace not a political lobbying group? Go on pull the other one

new zealand green taliban logo

Greenpeace claims they are a charity, the Charities Commission disagrees and says they are a political lobbying group.

Greenpeace maintains they don’t engage in that stuff, and yet almost every week they are campaigning and so it is this week too.

Greenpeace has collected 23,000 signatures from people who want Energy Minister Simon Bridges sacked for allowing oil exploration in a marine mammal sanctuary.

The petition is a response to fears that Maui’s dolphins, the world’s most endangered species, will be threatened with extinction.

There are only 55 left and they live off the west coast of the North Island.? Read more »

I hope this greenie is using wooden surf boards

Looks like another green hypocrite…I hope his surfboards are all wood with no oil based polymers or chemicals…fat chance I suspect:

Pro-surfer Dave Rastovich was here to help save the threatened Maui’s dolphin, but in the end it was them who helped him.

Rastovich completed a daunting 350km sea-paddle from Cape Taranaki to Piha today and told an excited crowd of locals that he had had a great experience with the world’s smallest known species of dolphin, which is critically endangered.

Auckland-born Australian Rastovich said a pod of Maui dolphins had helped him navigate the notorious Manukau bar.

“When I got to Manukau I had eight Maui dolphins show up. They swam with me and one bumped my board. They gave me the confidence to get me over the bar. It was amazing. There are only 55 left and so eight of them is a seventh of their population,” he said.

Once again a greenie covering themselves with the?shield…or in this case the surfboard of sanctimony.