Hacked? What a load crap

The PSA is spinning like a top after their social media?experiment?got smashed by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They are now claiming that their site was hacked.

PSA spinning like a top

There was no hacking, they just got played by better organised and more?dedicated?activists. If they were any good they would?have?built a better site and run a better campaign. They didn’t and now they are making pathetic excuses for their?PR disaster.

In true socialist fashion they?have?now removed all the mock billboards that didn’t suit their world view. Now you know why they supported the Electoral?Finance?Act, they simply don’t believe in freedom of expression.

What would be really “nice to have” is a union that is focussed in helping it’s membership not paying silly political games.

UPDATE: As of 15:00 the site is gone. Dead, 404.

BZP ban boosted the illegal drug market, survey shows

BZP ban boosted the illegal drug market, survey showsA survey of Otago University students has found the ban on party pill ingredient BZP has only boosted the illegal drug market. [3 News Politics]

This is definately a case of “No Shit Sherlock”.

Only Jim Anderton would be surprised by this finding. Dickhead.

Wierd and Freaky

I have two freaky stories for you. The first comes from the US and is well worth the read through 4 pages. It involves a 22 year old gun-runner who has masterminded an international gun-running business gaining multi-million dollar contracts to supply arms and ammunition to Afghanistan amongst other places. Lord of War this isn’t but it is an amusing tale of how entrepreneurial spirit can take you places, like jail.

It seems that officials were alerted to his company after some quality control complaints about dodgy ammo.

The second story is highly amusing and comes from Australia. It involves Holdens, drugs, masturbation and speeding.

A TERRITORY man filmed himself speeding at 150km/h while masturbating at the wheel of his drug-laden car, a court heard.
His Holden SV6 was allegedly laden with 5kg of drugs, including two cannabis plants resting on the back seat, the court was told.

Brendon Alan Erhardt, 39, was granted bail so he could marry his girlfriend of six months.

Apparently the drugs were for his personal consumption or as the Crown alleges worth $136,000 if sold by the gram in Darwin — or double that in indigenous communities. Hmmm….speeding, wanking and drugs for personal use, sounds plausible.


The Double Standard

Labour party client-blog the Stranded is whipping itself up over the issue of the regular rationalisation of pinniped populations in Canada, displaying histrionics not seen since the last time someone mentioned cetation research.

Obviously these are liberals of the bleeding heart variety but they would have more credibility if their sympathy extended beyond their fellow wild animals. This is the Labour sponsored blog that continues to apologise for the regime in Iran, apologise for Saddam Hussein’s tyranny and applaud countries who cut and run from efforts to develop a fledging democracy.

Is Labour using public funds to fund theStandard

Kiwiblog ? Blog Archive ? The Standard hosted by the Labour Party?

The Standard has well and truly been outed today on DPF’s blog.
[quote] it?s actually quite easy to see why The Standard reckons it costs nothing to run their blog, and, of course, who *really* pays for the blog. is hosted on a server at

A WHOIS on that IP address gives us:

inetnum: –
descr: New Zealand Labour Party
country: NZ

Oh dear.

It appears their server is hosted on an IP block purchased by THE NZ LABOUR PARTY from 2Day. Personally I?d find it incredibly unlikely for Labour to pay to put up a ?blog? with comments from what would appear to be professional comms people (?spindoctors? posting propaganda) without said comms people also being paid by Labour, or perhaps one of their Labour-affiliated member unions.[/quote]

This was in response to me asking so very pointed questions about ho exactly was funding the Standard and their almost fulltime bloggers.

It appears we all know now. It is the Labour Party.

More questions need to be asked though. The Labour Party website is paid for out of public funds, we know this because of the nice little House of Representatives logo at the base of the site which is now in the proper colours after I drew attention to their previous law breaking. Does this now mean that public funds are paying for theStandard. Does this mean that public funds are being used to pay for the design upkeep and ongoing posts by the so far anonymous bloggers?

There are some very serious questions that need to be answered. Yoooo whoooo!!!! Tane got any.

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Government has the "big money" to buy elections

Spinning govt yarn costs $47m – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Breathtaking political hypocrisy is the only way to describe the limiting of personal freedoms including speech while at the same time more than doubling the amount spent on spin doctors taking the annual amount, just in salaries to over $47 million.

While the ordinary Kiwi has to give their name and address to the government and publish it on everything they say and still not spend more than $120,000 saying what it is they want to say there are no such restrictions on the 448 spin doctors the government has hired.

To put that in perspective, based on the salaries alone there would need to be 391 registered opponents with their imposed limit of $120,000 to even get within a bulls roar of the firepower the government has. Remeber we have only included the salaries, not the millions extra on Television advertising, leaflets, mailouts etc.

It is clear to all who can see that the real “big money” buying elections is the governments. The public by comparison are limited to chump change.

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Where in the world is Winston's money?

Kiwiblog ? Blog Archive ? Where?s our $157,000 Winston?

Times up Winston, where is our money?

You and your party nicked it, now it is well past time to pay it back.

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Government 'riding roughshod' over electoral convention

Government ‘riding roughshod’ over electoral conventionA law to protect MPs’ rights to spend taxpayer money on advertising during the election campaign passed its next step last night, as National MPs accused the Government of riding roughshod over the long-held convention of seeking… [NZ Politics]

Labour continues its blatant attempts to gerry-mander the Electoral process through the twin evils of the Electoral Finance Bill and its partner bill the “Public Funding of Poltical parties by Stealth” Bill.

[quote]The bill extends until 2009 the current laws which allow MPs to use parliamentary funds for “communications” – such as advertisements and pamphlets – as long as they do not explicitly tout for votes, donations or party memberships.

However, it goes further than current law – effectively authorising public funds to be used for publications such as Labour’s 2005 pledge card, which the Auditor-General deemed to break the rules for parliamentary funded advertisements at the last election.[/quote]

Clark meanwhile prepares for another junket, so we will be expecting another scandal to erupt as whenever she goes away control of Labour seems to fly out the window.




MPs find way to spend money on themselves

MPs find way to spend money on themselvesNational claims that Labour's 2005 election pledge card would be legal under a bill on parliamentary spending that is to receive a first reading in Parliament today. Political editor Audrey Young explains that claim, how MPs have… [NZ Politics]

Audrey young explains how the Government is trying to implement Public Funding of Political Parties by stealth. She does a handy question and answer to expose the utter hypocrisy of this government.?

Rabid Labour Lickspittles breach copyright

National on free speech at

Th Standard has very quickly become the leftist sewer pipe access into the warped minds of the Labour Party and their supporters. They have clearly shown the hand of Labour’s strategists in by attacking John Key with every second post.

Unfortunately they have gone a step too far and actually broken the law. When their little faux pas was pointed out to them they have taken umbrage and tried to make this a free speech issue. This of course is bloody hilarious as they are one of the most rabid supporters of the Electoral Finance Bill.

I took the liberty of doing a little research on the issue since they decided to make a big deal of it and this is what I found.

The picture exists in several authorized contexts online, but it seems likely that it was harvested from National’s Flickr account since they seem to spend time there. National has certainly never authorised any use of it from any online source.

National’s Flickr images are available for download but may not be altered in any way.

The Standard folks flipped the image and added text.

Additionally, this picture was sourced from the Dominion Post and National use it with their permission, clearly cited on the image page.

Here’s the license under which the image is made available on Flickr.

So the little socialist trolls not only have broken New Zealand Copyright Laws but also US laws as well. Their little bid for Free Speech is nothing but a blatant breach of existing laws. But then what can we expect with law breaking examples like Helen Clark giving them pointers.

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