Mein Kampf

Can you guess which book has 32% more Jew hatred than Mein Kampf?


As the copyright expires on Mein Kampf and publication restrictions in Germany cease there are worries that the hateful musings of Adolf Hitler will spark more anti-semitism.

But there is a book out there with even more hatred of Jews than even Mein Kampf.

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Copyright comes off Mein Kampf – German sales go through the roof

Hitler’s anti-Semitic manifesto Mein Kampf will be on sale in Germany on January 8, for the first time since World War II.

In accordance with European law, a copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author, whereupon the published writings are officially in the public domain.

A team of six scholars from the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich led by Christian Hartmann will release 4,000 copies of the now 1,984 page book, which will include 3,700 critical annotations by the historians to demystify Hitler’s propaganda.

In the face of controversy over their decision to publish a new version of the book, with critics saying you can’t “annotate the devil”, the academics arguedthat the world is better off with their version in the mix.

“We are like a bomb disposal unit, rendering relics from the Nazi-era useless,” the author told ZDF, a German TV station.

“It’s 90 years since the book was written, so it has lost its power to influence people,” Hartmann commented further on the Heute current affairs show.

“Specific topics covered in it are forgotten in history,” Hartmann said. “We now have a critical reference to the book, which will work internationally.”

I understand the book and its author have left a huge gash in?the nation’s psyche, but I’ve never really supported the idea of banning the book. ?You might as well ban shoes because Hitler wore them. ?? Read more »

Fat German Bastard Godwins himself

Sometimes people should just STFU.

Just a days after whining about what a pariah he is this country Kim Dotcom proves precisely why he is a pariah…he has compared his predicament to the holocaust.

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For someone who claims to be smart he sure looks like he is dumber than a bag of hammers

Kim Dotcom is forever claiming that he invented this or that…the reality is far from ti, usually he is the?used car salesman pimping the good idea as his own.

But for someone who claims he is smarter than most he sure acts as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Kim Dotcom has spoken out about his long battle over copyright with the US government and his regrets about the events that have led to his arrest ahead of his bail breach hearing?on Thursday that could see him return to jail in New Zealand.

“Would I have done things differently? Of course. My biggest regret is I didn’t take the threat of the copyright law and the MPAA seriously enough,” Dotcom said via live video link from his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand at the Unbound Digital?conference in London on Tuesday.

“I thought that due to court decisions we were monitoring from our competitors like RapidShare who did exactly what we did and were winning in civil court proceedings, and YouTube was winning against Viacom ? our sense was that we were protected by the DMCA law.

“We never for a minute thought that anyone would bring any criminal actions against us. We had in-house legal counsel, we had three outside firms working for us who reviewed our sites, and not once had any of them mentioned any form of legal risk, so I wish I had known that there was a risk.”

Sounds like his?in-house lawyers were tits and the three external firms weren’t much better. Of course given Dotcom’s history with bill paying they probably have ended up working for free…and you get the advice you pay for.

“The US government has taken all my assets up until the raid in all jurisdictions and after I invested money into the Internet Party, the MPAA sued me civilly to try to seize those assets too, so I’m officially broke right now.”

Well not all of them eh Kim? That’s why you have bail problems…some of your hidden assets have been found? ? Read more »

Tweet of the Day

Brittany Raleigh sums up how most Kiwi’s think about Kim Dotcom and his attempts to evade justice and his attempted hijacking of our elections. I ask valid questions about a crime, and get accused of rape culture. Dotcom jokes about killing prostitutes and makes rape jokes and no one says a thing. Kim Dotcom admitted yesterday to everything. ? Read more »

Dotler’s jailhouse epiphany

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Apologists for Kim Dotcom claim he isn’t a nazi?sympathiser…yet everything we have seen to date has been foreshadowed before.

He has formed a political party, had a book written, got all his minions in snazzy uniforms, has lightening bolt motifs on loads of things.

Then there is his ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf, one he gloated about owning across the breakfast table in Spain.

He received a Nazi flag, that is still folded in his basement at the mansion, from one of his staff and profusely thanked that staff member for giving him the best present of his life.

And has been photographed wearing a Nazi Waffen SS helmet.

Not to mention his tirade of abuse against homosexuals and Jews on a beach on Isola Butelli, where he shouted at a Conservation officer that Hitler was right when he gassed the homosexuals and Jews in Auschwitz. I have spoke to three eyewitnesses who say this happened. Not to mention his goose stepping around a BBQ in Corsica.

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Hitcom and Dotler

Had I written, Dotcom and Hitler, would you have decided to read? ?Some of you, no. ?But this is important to see.

Compare and contrast:


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Time For Dotcom To Take Off The Onesie And Reveal All

Having this sort of order against your client is a nightmare.? It matters not so much when the client isn’t living in that jurisdiction but when he is trapped from leaving it is game over time. ?With only an appeal in sight.

On one hand the billable hours record for the year are about to be smashed, but on the other hand you have to explain to a mad German whinging online about his rights that he has to actually tell you the truth now about his asset base. ?Definitely time to convene at a bar for a think.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.57.38 pm

“Legally and beneficially owned” is a rather wide definition and it is an extremely wide order and definitely a “fishing expedition”.

Given his break up with Mona any assets in her name are half owned by him as well. ?It will be interesting to see how his lawyers can squeeze around that.

Wide fishing expedition orders like this are very much common place in offshore jurisdictions and I have seen many in the past few years. ?Dotcom is not special nor is he being picked on, it is happening everywhere.

Lawyers won’t get much love on appeal arguing they are too wide when it comes to a sophisticated subject who has operated offshore for years from many locations. ?Your only advice to the client is to be truthful as their pants are about to be removed. ?? Read more »

Internet Party “visionary” Kim Dotcom indulges in Racism Day

If you never expected to go into politics, then you didn’t really sanitise your life leading up to that moment. ?In essence we get to see the real person before the PR people try and drape you in respectability and voter acceptable goodness.

SCCZEN_140320HOSHHINTERNET26_620x310Kim Dotcom took part in “racist day” and referred to his American crew as “my little n……” – giving them gollywogs while recording his album Good Times.

The Mana Party has said that Dotcom may help it win the Maori seat of Waiariki at the next election. However, the Internet Party founder failed to show on Saturday at a media opportunity in Rotorua where Annette Sykes was confirmed as Mana’s Waiariki candidate.

Christchurch musician Aaron Tokona, who played guitar on Dotcom’s album, said German-born Kim Schmitz, also known as Kim Tim Jim Vestor or Kimble, took part in “racist day” during the recording of his album last year at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios.

“On racist day you were allowed to speak freely, make racist jokes and it was OK apparently,” Tokona said yesterday.

“He could be called an evil Nazi and given the Hitler salute and he would call people ?his little n……’.”

This is of no surprise to Whaleoil of course. ?Even though the Internet Party will be trying to laugh this away, we know Kim Dotcom to be a racist. The true source is through his world view that “things German” are just far superior. ?He doesn’t care much for jews and homosexuals either, just like his idol, Adolf Hitler. ? Read more »

Union thugs and ratbags

What is it with the left wing and their miserable disposition on life and their propensity to offend?

The hard left Electrical Trade Union who fund the Green party in Australia has had to apologise to Tony Abbott for portraying him as Adolf Hitler in one of their newsletters.

The Electrical Trades Union has apologised for comparing Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Adolf Hitler, infuriating Jewish groups who condemned the portrayal in the union’s newsletter during a campaign.

The ETU released a brief statement on Friday apologising for the newsletter and pulled the offending article from its Facebook page.

“The ETU sincerely and unreservedly apologises,” the statement said.

“The theme of the magazine was to show the demonisation of unions has had a long history.”

The cover of the autumn newsletter for the Victorian branch of the ETU has used a digitally altered picture of Tony Abbott, complete with a tiny moustache and a tattoo on his chest similar to the Third Reich eagle.

In the picture, Mr Abbott is portrayed wearing a white singlet, gold necklace and smoking a cigarette under the headline “The Abbott crimes”. The back page of the newsletter has a large picture of Hitler with two anti-union quotes attributed to the dictator and Joseph Goebbels,?the Nazi head of propaganda.

The newsletter has been sent out to thousands of ETU members and promoted on the union’s Facebook page.

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