Michael Costa

Dodgy ALP Ratbag cops one in the chook again

Eddie Obeid is the ratbag that just keeps on giving.

He is back before the Independent Commission against Corruption with three more investigations.

Former Labor parliamentarian Eddie Obeid and two former departmental chiefs will be adversely named during the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s three-pronged inquiry which began today.

In his opening address, counsel assisting, Ian Temby, QC, outlined the details of the corruption watchdog’s trio of fresh inquiries into Mr Obeid’s dealings.

Mr Temby said the inquiries spanned three departments – Treasury, the Department of Water and Energy, and NSW Maritime – four separate ministers, and a period of more than a decade.

Mr Temby, formerly the inaugural head of the ICAC, said the hearings involved “lobbying of an unusual kind” by an MP, in circumstances where his family’s interests were involved.

Corrupt Aussie ratbag facing three more probes

Eddie Obeid, the ALP fixer and crooked ratbag is now facing 3 more investigations and his own party is throwing him under the bus.

DISGRACED former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid faces more scrutiny from the corruption watchdog, after it was revealed yesterday he is the subject of three new inquiries.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption will hold public hearings into Mr Obeid’s alleged influence over the granting of lucrative Circular Quay retail leases, the granting of water licences and health contracts.

It is alleged that between 2000-2011, while he was a member of Parliament, Mr Obeid influenced public officials to improperly grant retail leases in Circular Quay without revealing that the decision would enrich his family.? Read more »

Dodgy Labor Ratbags

Labor is being punished as day after day their utter corruption is being exposed in the media and the courts:

A WATER services company linked to the family of ALP kingpin Eddie Obeid gave shares worth as much as $3.75 million to the former treasurer Michael Costa three years after he stopped a public tender that threatened the company’s future.

The share package came with his appointment last year as chairman of the company, an appointment brokered by Mr Obeid and one of his sons.

A?Herald?investigation has also established that Mr Obeid lobbied his colleagues on behalf of the company, Australian Water Holdings, as it pushed for a billion-dollar privatisation of part of the state-owned Sydney Water Corporation.

The revelations come as an inquiry by the Independent Commission Against Corruption continues to unearth evidence to suggest the Obeids ran a vast but secret enterprise that capitalised on Mr Obeid’s political power.

The family’s multimillion-dollar interests in coal leases, harbour-front cafes and even a health services company were all furthered by Mr Obeid, who used his influence as head of the ALP’s dominant parliamentary faction to lobby ministers.

As a cabinet minister, Mr Costa was lobbied by Mr Obeid in relation to two of these ventures – and now he has confirmed that Mr Obeid also approached him in relation to Australian Water Holdings, a private water company.

Skips not Wogs

Australia is truly a different world:

LABOR powerbrokers chose?Nathan Rees?as premier because there were too many ”wogs” in cabinet, according to the first insider’s account of the last years of the former NSW government.

In his political memoir,?The Fog on the Hill, the former senior minister Frank Sartor recalls being told in 2008 by the then NSW ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, that the party favoured Mr Rees to take over from?Morris Iemma, who was struggling in the polls.

”I canvassed at some lengths the reasons why I thought Rees was unsuitable. Bitar countered with his reasoning that the cabinet was too ‘on the nose’ and that there were too many ‘wogs’,” writes Mr Sartor. In cabinet alongside Mr Iemma and Mr Sartor were?Joe Tripodi, Michael Costa,?John Della Bosca?and John Hatzistergos.

”Rees, he said, was a break from that – an Aussie Westie. What a way to choose a premier! Imagine if BHP chose their CEO using focus groups? What a bunch of superficial fools, I thought.”

The Brutality of Sussex Street

If Goff won’t go quietly some of these guys will take care of him no worries. They rolled leaders with a degree of low bastardry that was as beautiful as it is brutal.

Rees’s only qualification for the job, according to one of many detractors in his party, is that he was a “westie” and not a “wog”, apparently an asset when appealing to voter parochialism. The way he was plucked from obscurity to take the state’s top job is a glimpse into the empty heart of NSW Labor today.

The then ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, and his predecessor, Mark Arbib, now a senator and parliamentary secretary, wanted to replace Iemma because of his electricity privatisation policy.

Ironically, their focus groups at the time were negative about the “wogs” in cabinet – Iemma, Michael Costa, Frank Sartor and Joe Tripodi, and a cynical idea emerged that a “skippy”and “westie” like Rees, who had done nothing objectionable in his limited time in the portfolios of utilities and emergency services, would win the electorate’s heart.

These blokes make Fat Tony look like Tweety Bird, and H2 look like Tinkerbell.