Michael Marino

Tell ?im he?s dreamin: ex prisoner and wife beater wants $60,000 of taxpayer money

Darryl Kerrigan needs to have a wee chat with this chap, so he can tell ?im he?s dreamin’.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled the department failed to factor in time spent in custody on remand when calculating the release date of Michael Marino, who had been jailed for 22 months on domestic violence and other charges.

In his High Court claim for compensation for false imprisonment, he said he suffered shock, distress and humiliation as a result of being held in prison for nearly four months longer than he should have been. ? Read more »

Wife beating ratbag now wants your money


A wife beating ratbag wants your hard earned tax money because the poor petal was held in jail longer than he should have…or so he thinks.

A former inmate who was held in jail for longer than he should have been has filed a compensation claim against the Corrections Department in the High Court.

Michael Marino was jailed for 22 months on domestic violence and other charges and should have, by his calculation, been released in January this year, based on his time on remand.

When that did not happen, he took legal action that went from the High Court all the way to the Supreme Court. ? Read more »

Diddums. Time for retrospective legislation so scumbags don?t get our money

The scumbags are getting set for some compo claims.

The country’s highest court has found the Corrections Department made mistakes in calculating the release dates for two inmates, and the ruling could now have a ripple effect.

Read the full decision or the summary provided by the court

Corrections has so far identified 21 prisoners who will be affected by today’s ruling.

The department’s deputy national commissioner, Rachel Leota, said some of the affected inmates could be released as early as tomorrow.

She said the department had been prepared for the possibility that the Court might rule in the prisoners’ favour.

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