Milo Yiannopoulos

The war against conservative and classic liberal voices is real

Yesterday morning before court I was scanning my twitter feed. In the space of thirty seconds I came across the following three tweets:


Dave Rubin is a classic liberal. He is also a married gay man. I highly recommend him as I often watch the Rubin report. As a gay man and a classic liberal voice, his show has been put on a government watch list for ” inciting hate” against the gay community. Rubin has had liberal/conservative voice Milo Yiannopoulos who is gay on his show. He also has had death fatwas made against him in twelve different countries. Perhaps they want to kill him because being a married gay man makes him in their eyes a conservative or perhaps it is just because he is a gay man and Islamic ideology states that gay men should be killed. It is shocking that the Swedish government has put a man like Dave Rubin who is a measured, reasonable classic liberal voice onto a watchlist. What are they afraid that he is going to do? Convince too many LGBT people that they should return to classic liberal values?

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Media once again show that it is always okay when Socialists do it

Conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos was a victim as a teenager of a paedophile priest. When he tried to make light of what was done to him and spoke of the experience?flippantly?the media crucified him and accused him of supporting paedophilia. Contrast that with how the media have romanticised the pedophilia?that occurred when French President Emmanuel Macron’s at 15 was targeted by his 39-year-old?married teacher for a predatory sexual relationship.

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneux, who is 25 years his senior.

IN Australia, Emmanuel Macron might seem the victim of a predator teacher. But in France, he and his teacher are the new ?first couple?.

…The victory of this former Socialist economy minister should surprise us given how he met his future wife.

Macron was 15 and in a school play supervised by his 39-year-old teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, a married mother of three children.

Trogneux says she was bowled over. They fell in love. Macron?s parents were reportedly aghast and sent their son from Amiens to finish school in Paris.

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Milo Yiannopoulos: Pedophobe will be socially accepted soon

The suppression of free speech at universities is not something new

It was because of the youtube videos of Milo Yiannopoulos that I first became aware of the suppression of free speech inside American Universities. The MSM have now highlighted it as a new trend as even a bi-partisan Democrat professor has been affected by it. The suppression of free speech inside universities has actually been going on for almost twenty years. It is not a new trend at all. The only thing new about it is who they are targeting.

…Jewish speakers and students have been subjected … to campaigns of repressions for nearly 20 years at universities and colleges throughout the US. What is new about the riots against Murray and Yiannopoulos is that they were shouted down despite the fact that they weren’t talking about Israel.”

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ISO do not want free speech on New Zealand educational campuses


The recent creation of two European student culture groups has brought all the anti-free speech worms out of the woodwork. The ISO (International Socialism Organisation of?Aotearoa /New Zealand) had this to say about students wanting to celebrate European culture.

Keep the ?European Students Association? off Auckland University?campus!

So Trumpism has hit New Zealand shores. A group calling itself the ?European Students Association? is trying to set itself up at the University of Auckland. The group?s website is covered in all the usual muck of the far right, with slogans echoing SS phrases from Nazi Germany and weasley phrases about ?European culture?.

This is a clear provocation, and it is heartening to see how students have responded. The Auckland University Students Association is speaking out against the group, and students are planning a protest against the presence of these creeps organizing on campus. We salute AUSA?s stand, and urge all students and staff to join the protest. (Facebook page details are here).

At the very best the European Students Association is a piece of post-Trump trolling, stirring the pot of antagonism. At its worst it is a genuine far-right organization attempting to gain a foothold on campus. Either way it needs to be opposed. We say: no space for fascism! Stand up to racism and bigotry!

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What is good for the gander is good for the goose

In my analogy, the gander is gay man Milo Yiannopoulos who had his book Dangerous cancelled by his publisher and the goose is gay woman Lena Dunham who has cancelled her book tour. Over the years many allegations have been used to try to silence Milo such as white supremacist, white?nationalist, alt-right, anti-Semite, racist, islamophobic, homophobic and transphobic. The smear that cost him both his book deal and his job, however, was one of the worst smears that anyone can throw at a person which is to call them a ?paedophile.

Milo’s use of the word “boy” in a video was deliberately twisted to make it appear that he was referring to young boys when in fact he was referring to his own sexual relationship at 17 with an older man. In the unedited version of the video used to smear him, he actually stated that the age of consent was about right which clearly showed that he did not support underage sex or paedophilia.

Milo was molested by a paedophile when he was 13. In his career?as a journalist, he has been responsible for shining sunlight on three pedophiles?which as he pointed out at his media conference was three more than any of his accusers.

Nevertheless, the smear cost him his lucrative book deal and his job at Breitbart but his fans were not happy and immediately began to point out a number of famous people on the left who have said much worse and gotten away with it. One of those people was Bill Myer who in a video condoned sex between a 12 year old?student and a 33 year old teacher. He even mocked the female guest who called it rape.

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Breitbart has a lesson to learn from Whaleoil

We have made no secret at Whaleoil of our desire to become New Zealand’s version of Breitbart or perhaps a cross between them and Canada’s Rebel Media who are equally fearless at taking on the MSM. Breitbart though could take a leaf out of Whaleoil’s book to avoid becoming financially?vulnerable. After reading an article about the 100 advertisers who have boycotted them I now understand one reason why they may have decided to let Milo Yiannopoulos, their number one star and draw card fall on his sword. You cannot stand up to criticism and stay true to your beliefs if you are 100% reliant on income from those who disagree with you. You need most of your income to come from your supporters, not your detractors.

Breitbart needs to switch over to a subscription model and fast. Trying to become a toned down version of what they are to try to appease the Social Justice Bullies will never work. Trying to become more professional is not a bad thing but it will not prevent boycotts. Whaleoil became more professional years ago when we cleaned up our comment section but while it made us even more popular with readers it did nothing to appease those who want us shut down.

The SJB’s smell blood in the water and now that they have successfully taken out Milo they will not stop. Breitbart needs to double down, not double back. They need to get most of their revenue from those who love what they do not those who oppose it.

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Same tactics used to discredit Trump used on Milo Yiannopoulos

I didn’t really want to write about this because I was concerned that by repeating the smear I might be helping plant doubt in people’s minds about Milo. The?tactics used against him, however, must have sunlight shone on them because they will be used against someone you support at some point and who knows, the next target could be us.

Social Justice Bullies have been trying to silence Milo for a long time. They were unable to beat him with reasoned, logical arguments,?they were unable to beat him with violent protests and they were unable to beat him by getting him kicked off twitter. No matter what they said or did Milo would pop up bigger and stronger than ever. They ignored his defence of freedom of speech, women’s rights and gay rights. They ignored his condemnation of paedophilia,?they called him alt-right and a white supremacist no matter how often he strongly denied it.

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Being Libertarian or Conservative is the new Punk

Being Conservative used to be boring and the establishment but now Progressive, Left-wing politically correct views are the establishment and being Libertarian or Conservative has become edgy and cool.

Singer Joy Villa turned heads when she revealed her less than subtle gown at the Grammys.


?Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don?t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree. See the person over the politics, carry yourself with dignity, always. Life is made to be lived, so go boldly and give no effs! ???? ???????????????? ???? #love #peace #joyvillagrammys #joyvilla #maga #grammys2017 #style #supportamerica,? Villa wrote in an Instagram post.

Villa arrived dressed in a white cape, which she removed to reveal her MAGA dress:

After her red carpet appearance, Villa?s album jumped to the number seven on iTunes and the top of Amazon?s ?top digital paid albums,? according to Fox News…

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“Punch an Islamist” doesn’t catch on due to non-violence from right-wing

” Punch a Nazi” has become very popular both as a catch cry and as an actual act of violence and it is promoted and glorified by the media. ‘ Punch an Islamist” or ” Punch a Leftie ” however simply hasn’t caught on due to the lack of violence amongst the very groups that the ” Punch a Nazi” crowd have accused of White Nationalism, racism and Islamophobia.



What all the so called anti-fascists anti-racists anti-nationalists seem to forget is that punching people for saying things you disagree with is, well…fascist.

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