“Bitches” teaching boys about respecting women

So, someone goes on SaveOurSchools Facebook page promoting a parent lecturing Wellington College Principal Roger Moses on the “rape culture” of his college and his response to it.

She also lectures him on the use of social media and what an outstanding parent she is (her son goes to WC) and how she is teaching her son respect for women and how to use social media.

This exactly encompasses my thoughts about Wellington College Principal’s comments about this week’s events. His focus on the fact that the boys should understand that social media is never truly private completely misses the point. The issue is boys who think that it’s okay to joke and boast about rape. That is the issue, as it speaks to a culture where so many think it’s acceptable behaviour so long as they’re not caught. It’s not.

Schools, whanau, the media and society as a whole need to work together to make very clear that only enthusiastic consent means yes, and anything else means no. Always no.

~ Dianne

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New Zealand Feminists respond to Dr Sahib’s misogynistic words

Many people and groups have spoken out publically?since Whaleoil first published a?video?containing clips from a number of different sermons given by Dr Sahib.

The Human Rights Commission

Islamic Women?s Council of New Zealand


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand

The Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians and Muslims

The International Muslim Association of New Zealand

The New Zealand Jewish Council

Dame Susan Devoy,

Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga

David Seymour,

Winston Peters,

James Shaw

I was particularly disappointed by the lack of response from New Zealand’s feminist organisations so I sent four of them an e-mail inviting them to respond six days ago. I included a link to our video and followed up three days later with another video that showed them specifically the misogynistic?comments that he made.

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Part Two: Out of context I don’t think so

When we posted a video containing extracts from lectures given by Dr Sahib he demanded an apology and said that the anti-Semitic and misogynistic words we had put together in the video were taken out of context. In order to show the context for one quote I watched one video and wrote the following post. Before I could analyse the second video however the mosque shut down their Youtube channel’s public access and I thought I would be unable to show the context of the rest of the quotes.

Fortunately, a reader had taken the time to download the videos so I have been able to continue in my quest to provide context for each quote.

The context of the second quote was that it was taken from a lecture about slander. A story was used to illustrate the message. Dr Sahib tells his audience about a 15 year old wife who?was falsely accused of doing something forbidden with the man who leads the end camel of the caravan. She had been accidentally left behind by the caravan after she had left her camel to answer the call of nature. Her camel had a tent like structure on it so they were not aware that she was not inside when they left. The guy who rides at the tail end of the caravan finds her sleeping without her face covered. He looks away and says something and she wakes up and immediately covers her face. He then gives her his camel to ride on. When they reach their destination she ends up sick for a month unaware of the slander that is being spread about her and the last?camel guy. When she is told about it she says to her husband?

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Comment of the Day

My attention was drawn to this comment on Martyn Martin Bradbury’s hate speech blog, where Bradbury gets schooled on issues regarding hate speech and its pernicious effects.

Bradbury had been mansplaining about how it was OK for Muslim hate-speech preacher?Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib was really just a silly old man rather than the nasty antisemite ?and misogynist he actually is.

This has got to be one of the silliest posts to have turned up on the Kiwi blogosphere for some time, with a fair number of suspects competing for that dismal accolade.

Maybe the most disconcerting thing here, Martyn, is your blitheness about the stress that hate speech causes real people: members of vulnerable minorities; especially young people, and children not least of all. ?What?s so controversial about claiming Jews and Christians are the enemies of Muslims?? What?s the matter with you, Bomber? How do you imagine that hate speech, or the wholesale denigration of an entire minority actually works?

A boy of four wearing a yarmulke, assaulted in Mt. Eden last year ? because Jews are portrayed by some fanatics as the enemies of Islam and as members of a race trying to take over the world. That?s how hate speech works. A Muslim kindergarten child in the US harassed verbally ? and physically ? by his TEACHER ? because all Muslims are supposed to be terrorists. And one day that child is supposed to grow up to become one. That?s how hate speech works.

You bring up Gaza. Did the Islamic Women?s Council of NZ, who are a thousand-fold more qualified to talk about Gaza then you are, raise Gaza? Of course not. They rebuked Sahib unequivocally and expressed nothing toward the Jewish community but magnanimity and solidarity. Not much sexy contrarianism there, Martyn. But I?m guessing that they know all too well the thing that you?ve completely managed to miss: that children or young people of any minority are not in the least bit responsible for Gaza, for Isis, for anything else ? but they?re always the first victims of the radical evil that hate speech is. ? Read more »

Are NZ Herald ‘Journalists’ Afraid Of Insulting Islam?

Shaykh Anwar Sahib has shut down the at-Taqwa YouTube channel so it is harder now to see the hate that he thinks is appropriate for even public consumption. The widely (except for Labour and the Greens) condemned Auckland hate preacher was exposed in January by Whaleoil for having known Islamic State supporters in his mosque (masjid).

Before the videos were taken down, we found one more clip of interest.

It shows the radical Shaykh admitting that he knew about contact that was made by a ‘sister’ trying to warn the NZ Herald that the masjid promotes terror. We can only hope that she wasn’t beaten with a hammer when she got home. ? Read more »

If they axe Destiny’s charity status then what about At-Taqwa mosque?

The luvvies have laid complaints, outraged over Brian Tamaki’s?statements and now the Charities Services is reviewing their charities status.

The Herald, the slowest of all media to report on Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib, reports:

Destiny Church could be at risk of losing its tax-free status after a member of the public complained to Charities Services.

Charities Services today confirmed it will analyse the Church’s tax-free status and see if its guilty of breaching the Charities Act.

The assessment will see if Bishop Brian Tamaki’s church is guilty of any wrong doing.

If anything is uncovered a full investigation will then be carried out.

A spokesperson for the church this afternoon said they have had no communication with Charities Services so would not be commenting on the development. ? Read more »

And the score is?

The score at the Human Rights Commission for complaints is 17-16 to Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib over Brian Tamaki.

The Human Rights Commission has received 16 complaints about Brian Tamaki’s rant blaming gay people for earthquakes.

In a sermon the day before last week’s massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed two people, Tamaki told churchgoers quakes were a result of sexual perversions.

He also blamed a gay priest and the people of Christchurch for the devastating earthquakes that hit Canterbury in 2010 and 2011, killing 185 people.

A spokeswoman for the commission said 16 complaints had been received about his speech, which could result in mediation.

After the rant was reported by the Herald, Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley branded it as “disgusting.”

“Tamaki’s words are a lesson to us all that intolerance and prejudice is very real,” Tankersley said. ? Read more »

All of the left-wing commentary about the anti-Semitism and misogyny of the Muslim hate-speech preacher

A tale of two professors on Islamic misogyny and anti-Semitism

Radio New Zealand had two professors on air this morning, nearly an hour apart giving two separate views on the Islamic?hate-speech preacher Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

Jim Veitch from Victoria University says it’s OK as it was in the mosque and shouldn?t be considered from a?secular viewpoint.

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Hate-speech preacher stood down permanently by FIANZ

Radio NZ reports:

A Muslim cleric criticised for anti-Semitic speeches at an Auckland mosque has been permanently stood down from his role in the Federation of Islamic Associations.

The speeches made by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Anwar Sahib, at the Al-Taqwa mosque in Manukau have been widely condemned, but the cleric said he had been misinterpreted.

The Human Rights Commission is investigating the comments.

Dr Sahib was the secretary of one of the Federation’s committees, but he retains his role as the president of the Al-Taqwa mosque.

They emerged in video footage published on the blog Whale Oil, which Dr Sahib said had been compiled from several different sermons and taken out of context.

Earlier, the Federation of Islamic Associations said it was considering all options.President Hazim Arafeh said it had no tolerance for any kind of hate speech and it had raised the issue with Dr Sahib.

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