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Wait for Me

In 1985, a young man from a well-to-do family took a bicycle trip across southern Europe, wandered into Bangladesh, traveled through India, and vanished while hiking in the rugged foothills of the Himalayas. He was never seen or heard from again.

“Wait For Me” is the story of a mother?s spiritual and emotional search for her son?a ceaseless emotional trek, propelled by an unconditional love and an unwavering belief that he may still be alive.

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?The Missingest Man in New York?

?Good Time Joe? Crater was a dapper 41-year-old judge known for his dalliances with showgirls and his ties to corruption-ridden Tammany Hall ? until he got into a cab in Midtown one evening in 1930 and disappeared, earning the title of ?the Missingest man in New York.?

Long before there was Jimmy Hoffa,?before there was even Amelia Earhart, another VIP vanished without a trace. Though you?ve probably never heard of him, he was a household name to your parents and grandparents. And his disappearance remains New York City?s oldest unsolved Missing Persons case.

The disappearance of New York Supreme Court judge Joseph Force Crater captured so much media attention that the phrase ?pulling a Crater? briefly entered the public vernacular as a synonym for going AWOL. On August 6, 1930, the dapper 41-year-old left his office and dined with an acquaintance at a Manhattan chophouse. He was last seen walking down the street outside the restaurant. The massive investigation into his disappearance captivated the nation.

Crater was infamous for his shady dealings with the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine and frequent dalliances with showgirls. In the days leading up to his disappearance, he had reportedly received a mysterious phone call and cashed two large personal checks. These details spawned rampant speculation that the judge had been a victim of foul play.

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Maura Murray

And Then She was Gone…

Maura Murray was just 21 years old when she vanished without a trace in 2004.?The University of Massachusetts student was driving through rural New Hampshire at night when she lost control of her vehicle and ploughed into a snow bank. Her vehicle had slid, spun, and then came to a stop facing the wrong way on the opposite side of the road. By the time the police arrived on scene, Maura was gone. And ever since that night thousands of people on the internet has been obsessed with her disappearance.

Blogs, Reddit threads, a podcast, and a book, have all been dedicated to the search for answers in the disappearance of Maura Murray.

Some have referred to Maura as the gone girl before Gone Girl. She was the original all-American girl, who was hiding dark secrets and a troubling past, behind her perfect grades and track star exterior.

There are many conflicting theories about what happened to Maura. Did she run off into the woods and die from exposure? Was she driving into the White Mountains to commit suicide? Did she successfully evade the police and start a new life in Canada? Was she abducted by an opportunistic serial killer? Is she still living in New Hampshire under a different name? Was she murdered by a group of locals and did the police cover it up?

Maura’s remains have never been found and she hasn’t accessed her bank accounts or reached out to her family or friends since.

There was only about a 3-5 minute gap in between the time Butch Atwood, a local school bus driver, last saw Maura and when she vanished.

So where did Maura go?

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Photo: HBO. Robert Durst (above, in a still from an HBO documentary) has been under scrutiny since his wife Kathleen (inset) disappeared in '82.

Photo: HBO.
Robert Durst (above, in a still from an HBO documentary) has been under scrutiny since his wife Kathleen (inset) disappeared in ’82.

Family of Robert Durst?s First Wife

Sues Him for $100 Million in Her Disappearance

Stranger Than Fiction? Try Fact. The life of Robert A. Durst could be the stuff of legend. The shrewd, enigmatic scion of a prominent New York family, Mr. Durst has come to be known not for his deal-making prowess, but for the cloud of suspicion he has lived under for more than 30 years.

Durst, the scion of a New York real estate empire, has long been a suspect in the notorious 1982 disappearance of his wife, Kathie. Further suspicion was raised with the unsolved killing of his confidante, Susan Berman, thought to be a key witness in the investigation into Kathie’s disappearance in 2000, as well as the subsequent killing and dismemberment of a neighbour in Galveston, Texas. Durst has consistently maintained his innocence.

Since his first wife vanished more than three decades ago,?Robert A. Durst, the eccentric and estranged son of one of New York?s most prominent real estate dynasties, has lived under the suspicious gaze of law enforcement officials in three states.

He was investigated, but never charged, in the mysterious disappearance of his young, beautiful first wife and the mob-like execution of a close friend in Los Angeles. He beheaded a cantankerous neighbour in Texas in what he described as an act of self-defence, cross-dressed to conceal his identity and then escaped the police, whose nationwide manhunt took them to Northern California, then New Orleans and, finally, Bethlehem, Pa., where Mr. Durst had gone to college.

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