CAIR attempts to “Mansplain” Muslim modesty



CAIR are an extremely well funded organisation that wages legal Jihad to impose Sharia law and values on Western countries. After every Islamic terrorist attack you can count on one of their representatives to be front and centre, expressing concern that the massacre of infidels may lead to the average Muslim on the street being subjected to mean stares.

After we published the above photo on Whaleoil I went looking for photos of modest Muslim men with the intention of ?pixelating??parts of their body that would have to be covered if they were Muslim women in Iran. ?Instead I found this article by CAIR ?entitled, UNDERSTANDING MODESTY ? A LOOK AT MUSLIM MEN. In it the writer does his best to mansplain?a mentality that subjugates women and is insulting to men, viewing them as primitive animals with no self control.

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TVNZ bosses to female staff: Less skin, more gravitas


Apparently the top brass at TVNZ want some of the female on-screen talent’s sluttiness to be sorted out.

TVNZ staff have been sent a document with photos of skinny models to illustrate the state-run broadcaster’s new dresscode [SIC].

Female staff are not to show bare arms or wear patterned outfits, while the men are to wear “open necked shirts, sleeves rolled (where appropriate); jackets (depending on the weather) and chinos or dark trousers” under the new dress code.

The document …?states: “We want to start the New Year with a slightly more informal look – a New Zealand look – that means dressing for the story and the occasion.”

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