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@JonoMilne @PatrickCrewdson EPIC FAIL, dust off your CV's fellas

Jono Milne has been keen on Twitter. He is the driver behind a few articles about  Twitter and has been trying to get the people behind the fake MP Twitter accounts to reveal themselves. I was told this in an anonymous email that had screenshots of his and his off-sider also threatening lawyers.

Anyhow, Barnsley Bill has noticed a particularly sick Tweet this sap has posted. He also helpfully grabbed a screenshot. This will add to the mounting embarrasment at Herald on Sunday after Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina was found to have published a story complete with photos about Donna Awatere-Huata, the only problem was the photo wasn’t Donna. In that same issue with the fake photo she also made out that she was at the MTV Awards but mysteriously was never sighted anywhere for the entire time.

He flicks a tweet at Patrick Crewdson from the DomPost about his callous disregard for a grieving widow and promoting Trademe (which Fairfax owns), yet immediately below he says this;

is appalled at the boy-racer crash on the North Shore. These kids just get together and get legless …

The story it relates to;

Teenage girl loses leg after street race crash

Nasty…..this is the sort of thing I would do and say not some journalist.

These two are a prize bunch of c**ts. Tweet them both and let them know what you think.

Jono Milne and patrick Credson Epic Fail


Chop Chop for Pork Chop

Chop Chop for Pork ChopNBR won’t publish it but Whaleoil will.(Click for larger version)

I knew this was going to blow up in the bitch’s face so I took the liberty of a screen shot of her blog post labelling Ponsonby local and retail assistant Kwija Kim as Donna Awatere-Huata.

There are two egregious errors on this page. Firstly is Pork Chop’s photo, she hasn’t looked like that forever, to continue to exhibit such blatent photo-manipulation surely must be a breach of the sale of goods act.

The second error is that the photo supplied is purported to be that of convicted fraudster Donna Awatere-Huata but is in actuality Ponsonby local and retail assistant Kwija Kim.

And it isn’t like Pork Chop can claim this was a simple mistake. She/the paper actually phone Awatere-Huata who denied it was her in the first place. But oh no they went right ahead and printed anyway.

I think it is time for a Press Council complaint about Pork Chop. Though you could hardly call her a journalist as she interviews her keyboard all too often. This, though, isn’t a simple case of plagiarism which the Herald pilloried that Irish tart over, it is a bona-fide case of making shit up and it wasn’t even April the First so she can’t use that excuse. making shit up is a sackable offense and one action that the Herald should take in order to maintain some semblence of professional integrity. They sacked John Manukia, they should sack Rachel Glucina.

NBR calls out Pork Chop

Pork Chop caught!!!! liar, liar pants on fire.

The other day I called out Pork Chop for her egregious fuck-up over Donna Awatere-Huata and as recently as yesterday the blog post about the same was up on the Herald website.

Today the NBR has called out Pork Chop for the lying, mendacious wench she is.

They even allude to the Pork Chop descripter;

“BELLA DONNA: We uncover Donna Awatere-Huata’s gorgeous new look” the headline squealed.

Further reading found that Ms Glucina had dedicated an entire page within the gossip portion of the paper to “the vanishing act of Donna Awatere-Huata”, with a pictorial history of Ms Awatere-Huata’s physical transformations since 1975.

I think that I can claim yet another scalp for the Trophy Wall, but I will let my readers decide if this is worthy enough.

NBR quotes the aggrieved party saying they are going to sue Pork Chop….beautiful.

The MTV awards is also made up. Back in 2005 the Herald sacked John Manukia for making shit up, I believe that Pork Chop similarly should be sacked for getting this story so wrong and for making up her attendence at the MTV Awards in Sydney.

Meanwhile the NBR also joins my shit-list for not acknowledging that I broke the story.

I Spy with my little eye, I see a Pig telling a lie

Pork Chop is a liarWhile Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina may be all upset about someone setting up a fake Twitter account and using the HoS lawyers to try, vainly, to heavy Twitter they should perhaps get the lawyers to look a little closer to home at their columnist and her two little lies in this weeks column.

Whaleoil’s spies scoured the MTV awards looking for the piece of pork we like to call Pork Chop and she was nowhere – as in NO WHERE. They walked the red carpet for an hour, worked the entire NZ media area – of which they had names and locations of who was to be where and she was NO WHERE. When they were put in what is called a holding area and taken to an area deemed the ‘glamour pit’ for VIPS and media for the actual awards ceremony. Once again NO WHERE.

My snitches swear they were sober the whole night and specifically on the lookout for her, and lets face it an arse the size of hers is a very difficult thing to hide. They even had a dog team out looking for her, like a whole crew of Jake the Muss’ going pig hunting.

Our spies even stayed till all hours at the after party, hung out with all the kiwis and NO WHERE. The kiwi crew were asked rather pointedly “is that fat c**t here?” No, they said she wasn’t. Our WOBH team circulated and circulated looking for that thing and it was NO WHERE.

Where was the missing pig? Why has Pork Chop written not one but two pieces about flying on Air New Zealand to the show and about the show when after exstensive investigations it apears she stayed in the hotel room and destroyed the room service menu?

While we are talking of making shit up, Spy also had a full page “scoop” of the new look Donna Awatere-Huata….WRONG! It isn’t. The photo is of some slapper who works in the homo clothes shop called Masons at 179 Ponsonby Road. If Pork Chop had bothered to even try to find out some details she would have known this and known too that her name is something silly as well, therefore qualifying her to claim Silly First name Syndrome. Her first name is unpronoucable and would score big in Scrabble.

Plus there are the obvious things that no amount of Plastic Surgery can hide, the hands, the legs, and the wattle….you know the wobbly bit on the neck that turkey’s have. The hands are those of a younger woman and no 60 year old woman could possibly have legs looking like after she was as big as she used to be. Pork Chop has got it so wrong she should be sued.

This weeks Spy is an EPIC FAIL! Based almost entirely on falsehood. Certainly the two full page articles about the MTV awards and Donna Awatere-Huata are entirely a fiction dreamed up from Pork Chops mind. Our spies tell us she wasn’t in attendence at the MTV awards despite availing herself of paid for flights and accommodation and she has got it dead wrong on the identity of the capsicum shopper in Ponsonby.

The HoS lawyers will be praying hard come Monday morning. It is time for someone to take The HoS to task for supporting this blatent liar. I’d start with the photo they use of her and then move onto the “making shit up” allegations. Pork Chop’s taudry rag has become a liability.

Poor Wi and Donna, they are being victimised

Poor old Wi Huata and Donna Awatere-Huata say they are being victimised because they are Maori.

Uhmmm no, wrong, wrong, wrong, you are being victimised because you are both convicted felons who thieve.?

Hands still in the till up to the armpits

You would think a stretch would have enlightened Donna Awatere-Huata to the evils of thieving.

Alas no, this time howeer she may not be a party to the thieving rather the foundation she "founded".

The Pipi Foundation has decided to give dear Donna a "bonus" of $60,000 adding also that "She should never have been prosecuted".

Pray tell what exactly is the "bonus" for? and for it to be a bonus hterrre must be some other payments? lurking that aren't? bonus's.