“Strangest election” really just a total waste of money

Auckland’s Mt Albert electorate is having one of the strangest election contests New Zealand has seen. The only real contenders are two young women from the same side of the political fence who get along so well they have carpooled on the campaign…

Labour’s Jacinda Ardern and the Green’s Julie Anne Genter are trying to hold a contest between parties that might campaign as a prospective coalition at the general election in September. The Greens certainly intend to do so, they have decided not to stand a candidate in Peter Dunne’s Ohariu seat in the hope that Labour’s new recruit, former Police Association spokesman Greg O’Connor, can win it and deprive National of a likely coalition partner.

The Green strategy does seem a little confused. ?As a list-only party, they need to be campaigning for the party vote wherever they can. ?? Read more »

Greens attack Nats and Act for rort in Epsom now donkey deep in Ohariu

There is a reason I call them hippycrites.

The Green Party won’t run a candidate in the Wellington seat of Ohariu because of it’s deal with Labour to change the government in September.

Labour at the weekend announced former long-standing Police Association president Greg O’Connor would be their candidate to challenging incumbent, United Future leader Peter Dunne. Read more »


Poor Julie Anne Genter forced to swallow a large rancid rat

Genter called Laila Harre’s integrity into question. ?And rightly so. ? But since Harre is now a Labour party member, it seems truth has to yield to the Memorandum Of Understanding.

Green MP Julie Ann Genter has publicly apologised to Laila Harre for criticising comments Harre made in an interview about her reasons for leaving the Greens.

Harre had claimed she left her role as issues director with the Green Party because she was unhappy with the way the Greens had handled a rebuffed attempt for a united campaign front with the Labour Party, claiming the Greens had leaked it.

In a spat on Twitter, Green MP Julie-Anne Genter said she had lost respect for Harre because of Harre’s account about why she left the Greens in 2014.

The former Internet Party leader had also wrongly accused the Greens of leaking sensitive information, Genter said.

Julie Ann was right. ?Especially since Laila Harre is currently performing a huge image rebuilding exercise with the help of a few media mates gumming her to ecstasy. ? Read more »