Mount Eden

WO Property: NZ Herald editor’s millionaire’s pad

I got the idea for this segment from a NZ Herald piece yesterday. I figured if it is OK for them then it is OK for me.

NZ Herald editor Shayne Alexander Currie is sitting on a goldmine in one of the leafy suburbs of the isthmus of Auckland.

He owns a property at Valley Rd in Mt Eden. It?s a Grammar Zone, iconic Mt Eden Villa. The Whitepages suggests an S Currie has a phone subscription at that home too. How quaint. ? Read more »

Just who do these pricks think they are?

We can all thank Len Brown from ruining one of the best free night time attractions in Auckland. Driving up Mt Eden to look at the view at night.

Some unelected bunch of Maori stand over merchants have decided unilaterally to change the closing hours for Mt Eden and other mountains to 8:30pm instead of the previous 11:00pm.

About 70 cars were trapped on one of Auckland’s most popular tourist attractions last night after the gates were shut early.

People who ventured up the mountain said they were outraged when they were told to pay $40 to leave.

Some motorists were trapped up the maunga for two hours and criticised the Auckland Council’s lack of consistency on publicising closure times.

The Mt Eden-Maungawhau gates were chained off after 8.30pm.

Access to the summit closes at 11pm every day, the council’s website said this morning.


An A4-sized sign with the new closure times was stuck to a pole on the right-hand side of the road, Shaw said.

It was not well-lit, making it difficult for his wife, who was driving, to see, he said.

Motorists were told they could leave if they paid a $40 fine, Shaw said.

He assumed he would receive the $40 fine in the mail, “which to me is not on”.

Security guards took down registration details of the motorists, he said.

Another motorist trapped on the maunga said?the new sign was blocked from view by vegetation.

They were allowed to leave after two hours.

“Hopefully the future forced imprisonment of tax-paying citizens and tourists on one of Auckland’s major landmarks will be resolved more efficiently since it seems gate-closing times are entirely arbitrary,” the motorist said.

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Council arrogance under Len Brown

You can’t really expect civil servants to respect ratepayers when the Mayor doesn’t.

David Seymour relates a discussion he recently held with an arrogant Auckland Transport official.

“Get a life” -Auckland Council to Mt Eden residents.

I had the most extraordinary conversation with a senior Auckland Transport staffer on Sunday afternoon. He introduced himself as a key part of the City Rail Link team and asked if I supported it (I’m very leery of it). I said:

“Well I think it’s fair to say that while everybody would love to have a train service like London or Tokyo, my constituents in Mt Eden, for example, don’t want to live in the kind of density required to support it.”

To which he replied: ? ? Read more »