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Jew sentenced to death for selling land to Muslims

…..oh wait….it wasn’t quite like that;

In the first case of its kind, a Palestinian Authority “military court” on Tuesday sentenced a Palestinian man to death by hanging after finding him guilty of selling land to Jews.

The verdict came shortly after the PA’s chief Islamic judge, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, issued yet another fatwa (religious decree) banning Muslims from selling land or houses to Jews.

The death sentence is seen as an attempt by the PA leadership in Ramallah to deter Palestinians from conducting real estate transactions with Jews. It follows reports according to which Jewish individuals and organizations recently bought land and houses from Arabs in Jerusalem and some areas in the West Ban

The man sentenced to death is Anwar Brigith, 59, from the village of Bet Umar, north of Hebron.

The three-judge panel found the defendant guilty of violating PA laws that bar Palestinians from selling property to “the enemy.” In its ruling, the court, which convened in Hebron, said that Brigith had acted in violation of a Palestinian “military law” dating back to 1979, which states that it is forbidden for a Palestinian to sell land to Jews.

The accused was also found guilty of violating a law dating back to 1958 that calls for a boycott against Israel, as well as another law from 1953 that bans trade with Israelis. The judges issued the verdict unanimously and pointed out that the defendant did not have the right to appeal. The death sentence, however, must be approved by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The court was headed by Gen. Abdel Karim al-Masri, who sat together with two other PA security officers, Muhrez Atyani and Nabil Jaber.

The court also decided to confiscate Brigith’s money and property.

Nice fellas those Palestinians. Can you imagine the outcry if Israel had laws that allowed the death penalty for selling land to Muslims?

These are the folk that Bomber and Tim support.

Video: Hamas Terrorist Tactics

This video explains the background to Operation Cast Lead, specifically the terrorist tactics that Hamas employs. It shows how Hamas smuggles in weaponry in order to arm itself and how it employs the civilian population and infastructure in order to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel. Hamas’ use of human shields during Operation Cast Lead caused many civilian casualties.


Meet Naim the Medic

Naim the MedicMeet “Naim the Medic“, he was killed while helping wounded as the evil fascist Israelis invaded Gaza.

This poor innocent medic was caught up in the war and was one of the many innocents killed by the evil fascist regime controlling rightful Palesttinian lands.

Of course this is all bullshit along with many other of the Hamas stories to emerge from the Gaza war.

This photo of “Naim the Medic” is from a Hamas website.Ye, that’s him with the AK in his hands. Funny sort of first aid dispensing device those hamas folk carry.

The IDF has been identifying the dead in an effort to counter the assertions of the international media and hamas that of teh 1200 killed more than 895 were civilians. In fact in identifying the killed it seems like the civilian death toll is less than a third of that number.

The simple fact is Hamas are liars.

Hamas Childrens Programme: I declare war on the Zionists

Hamas indoctrinates young “Palestinian” children through its childrens tv shows. They have a new character. He is a a bear named Nassour, and appeared Friday on Hamas TV promising to be a Jihad fighter, declaring war on the Zionists.



Hamas called out by Amnesty International

Hamas must have really over-stepped the mark because radical Israeli-haters Amnesty International, the organisation lefties love to quote has come out condemning Hamas.

No really, it has;

(CNN) — Amnesty International has accused Hamas militants in Gaza of kidnapping, killing and torturing fellow Palestinians they accuse of spying for Israel, the organization announced Tuesday.
Hamas supporters stand on the rubble of a building hit by an Israeli strike that killed Hamas’ interior minister.

According to Amnesty International, at least 24 Palestinian men — most of them civilians — were shot and killed by Hamas gunmen during the recent Israeli offensive aimed at crippling the Hamas leadership in Gaza.

“Scores of others have been shot in the legs, kneecapped or inflicted with other injuries intended to cause permanent disability,” the human rights organization said in a news release.

Hamas leaders have publicly accused followers of its rival Palestinian political faction, Fatah, of spying for the Israelis during the conflict, and they have said many have been arrested for collaborating with the Jewish state. But they deny ordering any reprisal attacks against suspected spies, instead blaming rogue elements.


Hamas emails Israelis

Hamas’ military wing al-Qassam has sent out thousands of emails to israelis threatening Jihad.

 “More than 1330 of Islamist fighters had entered Palestine,” said a threatening email received by many Israelis on Thursday night. The message warned that several prominent people would be abducted and killed. “This is jihad, victory or martyrdom,” it concluded.

The message was sent in English, Arabic and Hebrew from an email account registered on Google’s Gmail service, which enables any person to open an account for free without requiring identification.

 The exact number of people who received the message is unclear at the moment. It is also unknown whether the email was only sent to Israelis or to a wider variety of people.

Many of those who received the message said it had been sent to their private email addresses which are unknown to external sources.

Surfers reported of additional message which arrived in their mailboxes on Friday morning, expanding the text included in the original message and offering them to join the organization as spies. Some of the emails included shocking images and links to YouTube videos.

The additional emails were titled “The End of Israel“, and were sent by a person calling himself “Youth of Islam” from the address

“The interesting thing is that I’m indeed an Israeli, but I live in New York. The email was sent to my hotmail account registered in California,” said Ron from New York.

Might I suggest that it will be matyrdom they will receive. So Israel txts people in Gaza to warn them of impending strikes so they can save lives and Hamas emails Israelis warning them of death and jihad. Yet another contrast for the leftist to try to explain.


UN retracts claim that Gaza school bombed

The United Nations has retracted a claim that an Israeli strike which killed more than 40 people in northern Gaza city of Jabaliya last month hit a school run by a UN agency.

Whoopsy, big porkies.

“The humanitarian coordinator would like to clarify that the shelling, and all of the fatalities, took place outside rather than inside the school,” the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in its latest weekly update on the situation in Gaza.

I wonder if all these photos of blood spattered walls inside the school are in fact real? Will they be retracted?

Hamas seizes UN food aid and blankets

Those nice, cuddly Arabs also known as Hamas aren’t so nice or cuddly.

The UN Relief and Works Agency said that armed police who answer to Gaza’s Islamist rulers stormed into the building on Tuesday night and removed 3,500 blankets and over 400 food parcels destined for distribution to 500 families.

“They were armed, they seized this, they took it by force,” said Christopher Gunness, the agency’s spokesman, adding that the confiscation of humanitarian aid was “absolutely unacceptable”.

He said that the police had seized the aid after UNRWA officials refused to voluntarily hand it over to the Hamas-run ministry of social affairs.

I bet Christopher Gunness now regrets being a patsy for Hamas during Operation Cast Lead by accusing Israel of all sorts of atrocities they didn’t commit.

Hamas continues to break the ceasefire

Why is it that only Israel has to accept a ceasefire?

The IDF reports today that more than 30 Qassam rockets, mortar shells, and Grad missiles have been fired at Israel since the ceasefire began. they say that Israel will rataliate if it continues.

Where is the outrage from Bomber and other jihad-enablers over this constant breaching of the ceasefire?

IDF txts Palestinians to evacuate immediately

After a day of breaches of the ceasefire by Hama where more than 15 rockets were launched at Israel it appears that Israel is set to strike again at the slow learners of Hamas.

The helpfully also sent text messages to warn residents of impending strikes against Hamas tunnels and operations.

Haaretz says they were voice messages.

Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on Sunday reported receiving recorded phone messages warning those who live near weapons tunnels or storage facilities to evacuate their homes at once.

“Everybody who is near any place used for terror or weapon storage facility or tunnels, should evacuate the area immediately,” the voice message warned, according to witnesses. Similar warnings have preceded Israeli attacks, but not in all cases.

It seems that Hamas are slow learners. Tzipi Livni is threatening that if Hamas hasn’t had enough, Israel will attack again. Clearly with the constant breaches of the ceasefire by Hamas they want more, bring it on I say.