Mt Roskill

Phil Quin on what Mt Roskill means

If you listened to the press gallery and to Andrew Little, the retention of a safe Labour seat signals the end of John Key.

Phil Quin has other thoughts:

In late November 2012, the then UK Labour leader, Ed Milliband, celebrated a stunning by election victory in the seat of Corby.

Labour’s Andy Sawford had secured a swing of over 12 per cent to wrest the seat from the Tories.

“This constituency has sent a very clear message today,” Milliband told cheering supporters, “that it’s putting its trust in a One Nation Labour Party and that middle England is turning away from David Cameron and the Conservatives”.

In the 2015 General Election, Corby was reclaimed by the Conservative Party, along with vast swaths of the “middle England” Milliband had been so bullish about just two years earlier.

Whereas Milliband needed but a fraction of the swing achieved in Corby to oust David Cameron from Downing St, Labour went on to lose 26 seats in the 2015 election as the incumbent Tories gained 24.

It was, as Labour peer Lord McConnell told the BBC, a “catastrophic night” for the party and its supporters.

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Silly old Audrey just doesn’t get it

Audrey Young thinks Labour has the wood on National now after Mt Roskill.

In Mt Roskill it was not just the emphatic win that mattered – 66 per cent of the vote to 28 per cent for National’s candidate – it was how Labour won.

It used a field campaign style, taken from the United States, and adopted by the Victoria Labor Party, which used it to elect Daniel Andrews as Premier in 2014.

It was adopted by New Zealand Labour to successfully campaign for Justin Lester as Wellington mayor and, for a second time, successfully in the Mt Roskill byelection.

It establishes a network of field organisers and volunteers, uses data to determine which voters are persuadable, and a style of personal connection with them and carefully chooses the issues on which to connect.

It will be the template for Labour’s campaign for the 2017 election.

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Rob Hosking cuts through the Mt Roskill bullshit

Rob Hosking is perhaps the only journalist to cut through the Mt Roskill bullshit emanating from other media and Andrew Little’s band of sycophants.

The Labour Party winning Mt Roskill should not, ordinarily, be subject for much in the way of excitable comment.

In terms of indicating any swing in politics, it is a bit like the National Party winning Waikato. In normal times, it would be barely worthy of comment.

So claims of a “landslide” in Mt Roskill are nonsense. This is more a case of normal transmission being resumed after a period of somewhat tumultuous doubt and confusion.

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Joyce and de Joux deliver another win…for the opposition


LOSERS: Parmjeet Parmar, Steve Joyce and Paula Bennett

The dynamic campaigning duo of Steve Joyce and Jo de Joux have delivered yet another loss in a byelection, and the thumping was huge.

National was never going to win the by-election despite silly people making all sorts of claims about the party vote.

I’m glad Andrew Little is claiming this as some sort of endorsement for him, it means he will stay as leader despite his appalling ratings.

Labour leader Andrew Little tells crowd that National threw everything at the campaign and lost badly.

“For a seat where National won the party vote in the last election, this is a real wake up call to them.”

He said next year would be tough and dirt would be thrown at Labour, and took a swipe at some in the media “who just don’t get it”.

Little told a fired up crowd that National would try and spin the result but there was not getting away from its significance – or the effort they put in to try and wrest it from Labour.

“They thought they were going to win. We had the trash talk…but the Prime Minister doesn’t come here for seven days of the campaign, and three days this week without thinking he is going to win.

“They had one thing going for them, and it was the Prime Minister. And they have lost…the result tonight is absolutely outstanding.”

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Michael Wood’s only selling point: I’m trained by, and just like… I’m Phil 2.0

From the rhetoric at Labour candidate Michael Wood?s street corner meetings you might think that Phil Goff was still actually standing for Mt Roskill.

Wood invokes Goff?s name frequently as he stops off at corner after corner in the state house heartland of the electorate which will go to the polls this weekend.

He goes as far as to say that everything he learned about politics he learned from Goff.

Even the van that accompanies him on his trek is the same one that Goff used when he was the MP.

And he says that people want a continuation of the kind of strong representation that Goff gave the electorate over the 35 years he was in Parliament (except for 1990 ? 93 when National held the seat).

As to policy issues, he says housing is number one.

?Virtually every person wants to talk about housing, whether its ownership or rental or social housing issues,? he told POLITIK.

?Transport problems are just unavoidable in Mt Roskill and then, and this issue has really up, is crime and law and order.?

Mt Roskill is a state house suburb; 37% of the houses in the electorate are rented, most off Housing New Zealand.

A quick drive-past down Housing New Zealand streets, reveals houses which show few signs of any recent maintenance. Most are occupied by immigrants. 40% of the electorate are classified as Asian; either Chinese or Indian. 60% of the electorate’s school children are non-European and non-Maori.

Yet perhaps paradoxically, unemployment is low at 4.3% and most of the electorate have white collar jobs, albeit many as sales or administrative assistants.

But the picture is one of the immigrants who have arrived with limited resources but who have begun the upward climb in New Zealand society. Read more »

Why Mt Roskill will remain with Labour

The Prime Minister and Opposition leader have turned their attention to Mt Roskill with only a week to go until the byelection.

The low profile of Labour candidate Michael Wood and National backbench MP Parmjeet Parmar together with the Kaikoura earthquakes has meant the battle for Mt Roskill has not generated many headlines.

“The earthquake definitely did shift some focus away and completely understandably,” Wood said. “But it’s interesting for local people because they have had no other MP for 35 years.

“This is the first time for a very long time in which people are definitely making a choice about somebody who will not be Phil Goff to be their MP. I think that is starting to generate some interest.”

It’s a yawn-fest all round, to be honest. ?There are no burning issues, and candidates are campaigning on policy that simply doesn’t have any local bite. ? Read more »

Unacceptable behaviour from Labour candidate

Defending your missus is fine, but roughing up people isn’t.

Michael Wood has flipped out and threatened and allegedly assaulted someone for allegedly?insulting his missus.

Labour’s Mt Roskill candidate Michael Wood has been involved in a bust up with the partner of his National Party rival following a heated by-election debate on Wednesday night.

It’s claimed Mr Wood took exception to comments about his wife, Julie Fairey, from National Party supporters seated in the front row, which included National candidate Parmjeet Parmar’s husband.

Ms Fairey is the chairwoman of the Puketapapa local board for the Auckland Council.

The debate was hosted by local newspaper Central Leader and was a raucous affair with the public loudly interjecting during most answers.

Mr Wood took offence to one particular comment during the debate, which saw him lose his patience and allegedly threaten the man who made it while he was still on stage. That man happens to be his opponent’s husband, Ravinder Parmar.

“Excuse me, if I hear comments about my wife from the National Party front row, there might be some problems after this meeting,” Mr Wood is heard saying in a video from the event.

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Politics: Last week we got TOP, this week we get NAP

By-elections usually attract a bunch of single issue nutters, but this one has at least some appeal

Not A Party (NAP) announced today that it is entering the Mt Roskill by-election race.

Richard Goode will represent the party, in its first foray into electoral politics.

Goode said he was “chuffed” to be chosen to stand for Not A Party (NAP) in the seat made vacant by Phil Goff.

“Let?s keep the seat vacant,” says Goode. “Let?s make Mt. Roskill a politician-free zone, with the rest of New Zealand?s electoral map to follow suit at next year?s general election.”

Not A Party (NAP) is the forerunner of a new breed of post-democratic political party. The party advocates a peaceful transition to a free, peaceful and prosperous society based on voluntary cooperation. “Don?t look to politicians for answers, they don?t have any.” Read more »


After 30 years representing Mt Roskill, Labour and Goff now want to actually do something

Labour have issued some new statistics about housing in Mt Roskill.

They are claiming that they are going to fix the situation.

Fewer than one in five adults under 40 in Mt Roskill own their own home according to new research, says Opposition Leader Andrew Little.

?Young people simply cannot afford to buy in Mt Roskill. As in much of New Zealand, prices are rising too fast while incomes are stagnant. The typical Mt Roskill house now costs $892,000, up $273,000 in the past two years.

?The median house price in Mt Roskill has been rising at $2,300 a week since June 2014. The median wage is up just $80 in the same time. Under National, the Kiwi dream of owning your own home is slipping away.

?Not a single affordable home has been built in Special Housing Areas in Mt Roskill, according to Auckland Council. ? Read more »

Mt Roskill National candidate follows Steve Joyce?s lead

Make no mistake, Labour’s billion dollar boondoggle is designed simply to try and help win the Mt Roskill by-election.

It doesn’t matter that Michael Wood, Labour’s candidate, was opposed to it before. Parmjeet Parmer follows the lead of Steve Joyce in hammering the little weasel.

Michael Wood?s shameless flip-flop on public transport shows Mt Roskill voters can?t trust a word he says on the local issues that really matter, National candidate Dr Parmjeet Parmar says.

“Today?s overblown transport announcement should be seen for what it is – just another headline grab by a person so desperate to be a politician he?ll take positions based on what helps him get ahead in the Labour Party,” Dr Parmar says.

“Just last year, my opponent issued a press release calling light rail ?not a fully formed proposal? and protesting that ?we don?t have clear information about funding?.

“He even went so far as to criticise it because it would put long planned and much needed Dominion Road upgrades on ice. ?? Read more »