Muslim activists

The pushback against political violence in America has begun

I read every day now about violence inside America from various groups,?Black Lives Matter, Muslim activists, so-called Anti-fascist groups like Anitfa?and others. An indication of the anger inside America in reaction to all this violence can be seen in this e-mail sent to me by Jack Daly.

Dear Patriot Friend,

By now you?ve heard about the young thugs who?viciously attacked and brutalized my teenaged son because he expressed support for Donald Trump.

These dreadlock-wearing punks shrieked ?F*** Donald Trump? in this gentle boy?s face over and over again as they cornered him, and cast repeated insults about white Americans.

Barack Obama has many blacks, Muslims, and illegal aliens feeling they have the right to attack Trump supporters, cops, businesses, white kids ? anything and anybody ? without going to jail or getting deported.

?Black Lives Matter? mobs chant,??What do we want?? Dead cops!? When do we want them?? Now!?

So in New York, Muslim radicals bashed cops in the head with hatchets and meat cleavers.? Hordes of thugs, vandals, and looters trashed Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.? Black Nationalist snipers stalked and murdered five cops in Dallas and shot six in Baton Rouge.? It?s anarchy.

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CAIR aim their latest legal jihad at President Trump

I have the greatest sympathy for President Trump as I know what it is like to be hounded through the courts for political reasons. Colin Craig is only a millionaire and is not bankrolled by Saudi Oil money like CAIR but like them, he does not hesitate to use the courts as a weapon. CAIR is a front group for the terrorist tied Muslim Brotherhood and is bankrolled for the sole purpose of attacking American values, laws and culture using lawsuits as their weapon.

Where ever there is a Muslim activist making a fuss about being asked to remove her hijab CAIR will be there to financially destroy the business that dared to expect a Muslim to follow their rules. Remember clock boy with his bomb shaped?” radio” that he brought to school to terrorise the teachers? They defended him. Remember the Muslim woman who made a fuss about a diet coke on board a plane? They defended her. Ordinary people cannot stand up to such a well-funded organisation. Being in the right morally and legally means nothing when your opponent can drag you through the court system till you have nothing left.

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