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Bob Jones on Matthew Hooton

Matthew Hooton is the latest person to draw the ire of national treasure Bob Jones.

After explaining some travesties of reporting against him by various media outlets he then sets about excoriating Matthew Hooton.

Despite my comments, I love newspapers and specially the Dom. But I give it maybe five more years due to the short-sighted Fairfax cost-cutting destroying all their publications. The latest newspaper circulation figures show it suffered a disastrous 14.4% drop in sales last year. Every newspaper is experiencing steady drops but none as bad as that.? Staff lay-offs have become a regular feature of late. These sackees are being mopped up by the Weather Office where their creativity has proven a boon to the forecasting department. The sole New Zealand exception is The National Business Review, which alone deservedly enjoyed a growth in sales.

Still, when it comes to fiction-writing, nothing surpasses NBR?sMatthew Hooton?s July effort headed ?Bob Jones? right-hand man set to save Labour.? Over a full page it described how Greg Loveridge was to be the next Labour leader. Apparently he was about to abandon his $9 million Auckland home and recently acquired $3.5 million Waiheke week-ender and shift to Wainuiomata for God?s sake, to pursue Trevor Mallard?s seat, as a first step to taking over the Labour leadership. Hooton backed all of this with an extraordinary NBR radio interview in which he outlined this virtually as a fait-accompli. ? Read more »

The answer is a lot

Karl du Fresne raises an interesting question after the David Cohen episode.

The most interesting aspect of the non-story to me is the revelation that Cohen was engaged to work for the Labour Party.

I know that freelance journalism is a precarious way to make a living, and that there?s a powerful temptation to take work wherever you can get it. But conflict of issues arise when people who comment on matters of public interest (Cohen is National Business Review?s media columnist) are simultaneously involved in political work behind the scenes. ?? Read more »

Dimpost: “random bewilderingly stupid sh*t for no comprehensible reason”

What do you mean I have to pay my bills?

What do you mean I have to pay my bills?

Danyl at Dimpost offers his opinion on Andrew Little’s bill paying methodology:

If I could distill?the Labour Party?s woes over the last six years into just two words, I?d probably choose ?bewildering stupidity?. The causes are manifold and complex, but the symptom is that Labour and its leaders often do?bewildering, obviously stupid things despite the fact the things they are doing are obviously stupid. Think about David Shearer holding up dead fish in Parliament as his poll ratings flat-lined, or Goff dying his hair orange the day before making a major speech, or Cunliffe railing against secret trusts while financing his leadership campaign through secret trusts . . . The list is very, very long. And today:

Labour leader Andrew Little has hurriedly paid an overdue bill but apparently only after the Government used it to embarrass him in Parliament.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce attacked Little over his stance on employment law changes after revealing Little had not settled his bill with National Business Review columnist David Cohen.

Writing in the NBR last week Cohen confirmed he did paid work for Little to help him secure the Labour leadership but four months later was still waiting for the cheque.

Read more »

Press Council tells Jackal to front

Todd McDonald aka The Jackal has been told to sling his hook by the Press Council because he won’t reveal who he is. He complained last year about the NBR and the Otago Daily Times.

Remember this is the same cock who tried to sue David Farrar but lacked the bravery to have a crack at me for posting the exact same details as David did. He is also a plagiarist.

Now here is what the Press Council has to say about internet pest and troll Todd McDonald aka The Jackal, plumber and part time race horse trainer of Ruakaka:

In September 2011 Todd McDonald complained about an article on oil and gas royalties published in the National Business Review. In October Mr McDonald complained about an article referring to blogger comments about Labour Party hoardings published in the Otago Daily Times.

In both complaints Mr McDonald gave an email address [email protected] but refused to provide any further detail.

The editor of The ODT advised Mr McDonald he had received legal advice which stated that a complainant should be properly identified.

The editor noted ?The rationale of the advice to establish the identity of a complainant is the need to be satisfied the complaint is a bona fide one. An email address relates only to the source of the email and the actual user could be any person or indeed a number of persons. It may also be that the person making the complaint has a vested interest or hidden agenda of their own, which brings into question the veracity of the complaint. It is not unknown for persons or groups to attempt to manipulate the media under the guise of making complaints.?

The editor of the NBR also questioned whether they were obliged to respond to a complainant who refused to divulge any identifying information.

Requests from the Press Council for an address; phone number; driver licence details or car registration (Mr McDonald said he was homeless and lived in a car) were all refused.

This is exactly the same behaviour that Todd McDonald tried when he attempted to threaten David Farrar. Now some might say how do you know this is the same person. Well here is one of his comments he left on my blog before he was banned for trolling behaviour:

Now note that he has added .blog in the address for commenting, but I also have several abusive emails from the email address noted above.

Todd McDonald aka the Jackal isn’t a homeless man who lives in a car. He is a sad angry little man who runs a plumbing business in Ruakaka. He is a serial complainant, a try hard bully and a pathetic apologist for the Labour party.

The Press Council concludes:

The Press Council determined not to rule on Mr McDonald?s complaints. They reasoned that they should not rule on a complaint where the complainant had not provided any detail as to their bona fides.

If a newspaper were to publish material or a letter to the editor under the same circumstances (without establishing, or having the means to establish, the credentials of the commenter/letter-writer) the Press Council might very well say the newspaper was at fault. The same principle applied. If the Council accepted the complaint it was lowering its standards to a level it wouldn?t want a newspaper to practice.

The Council understood that Mr McDonald might not be able to provide a residential address, given his personal circumstances, and was not refusing the complaint on the grounds that he was homeless

However, he should still be able to provide some proof that he is Todd McDonald; that Todd McDonald does exist; that Todd McDonald is not simply a made-up alias or a name for some other party or person.

The Press Council declined to rule on Mr McDonald?s complaints.

Todd will of course now complain that this was all a conspiracy led by John Key to silence his critics who are only trying to hold him to account for the wanton rape of our country at the hands of evil banksters on behalf of the 99%.

Improper and Absurd

Fran O’Sullivan tells a few home truths about Michael Fay, though she gets the golden rule story just a bit wonky. Fay used to have a brass plaque on his desk that said “Nothing for nothing Fuck you!”.

And given that this probably still holds true then Fran O’Sullivan is right in questioning the motives and tactics of Sir Michael Fay.

It’s all part of the carefully orchestrated “patriotic” campaign that Fay is spearheading to wrest the ownership of the Crafar farms his way.

But it will be interesting to see whether Fay – who spent a good deal of time out of New Zealand as a tax exile in Switzerland – still carries the sway he used to enjoy with previous Governments.

The most interesting example of the influence game that I can recall was with the September 1990 sale of Telecom to the US “Baby Bells” consortium for $4.25 billion. Business readers will recall that Fay Richwhite and Co (the merchant bank controlled by Sir Michael and David Richwhite) and the Freightways partners Alan Gibbs and Trevor Farmer effectively pulled the deal together for Bell Atlantic and Ameritech and emerged with minor holdings themselves after the share float.

The Baby Bells consortium was not the highest bidder when the then Labour Government put 49.9 per cent of Telecom on the block. The top bid was said to have come from Australia’s Optus.

But as former Telecom chief executive Peter Troughton revealed in a National Business Review article in 2006, a few days before the final bids were due, “I was informed that a non-conforming bid would be submitted, and that the government might be prepared to accept it.”

Other bidders were given just 24 hours to match the Baby Bells’ bid.

One thing is for sure about any bid from Sir Michael Fay is the only winner will be him. He might lose the battle but he always seems to win the war.

If any of the under-bidders were really serious about their altruistic saving of kiwi farm land then they should simply bid the same as Pengxin plus $1. If they aren;t?prepared?to do that then the government should simply allow the sale of the land to the highest bidder provided all other regulations are squared away.

Much closer in Epsom, give Banks the vote

Epsom is following the pattern of the last two elections. We have the media and their left wing hangers on all predicting the demise of the ACT party. Yet the pattern is the same with the polls in Epsom closing.

3 News and NBR have released a poll that shows that John Banks has closed the gap to just 6 points.

A poll of 500 voters in tomorrow’s National Business Review shows:

  • National?s Paul Goldsmith still in the lead with 46 percent
  • Banks is trailing on 37 percent
  • Labour’s David Parker is well back on 12 percent
  • While David Hay of the Greens is on 3.3 percent

It is clear that Labour and the Greens have done a dirty deal to encourafge their voters to vote for Paul Goldsmith. This is cunning long term thinking, something which National has shown a distinct lack of. If the Greens and Labour planners get their way and maniupulate voters of Epsom into electing Paul Goldsmith and National voters follow along with Trevor Mallard’s strategy then National’s only coalition partner truly of the right will be killed off.

This make the situation in this election very parlous indeed where National, the most popular party by a long way at more than double Labour could effectively be shut out of government. Worse still, even if National does scrape over the line then 2014 becomes almost impossible as Nationals support partners will have disappeared?courtesy?of Trevor Mallard’s dirty little plan.

National voters in Epsom would forever be remembered as the ones who fell for Labour’s trap. They need to go into the polling booth on Saturday and with a quick stroke of the pen vote for John Banks and National for their party vote. It only takes 4% to change over and national gets a proper coalition partner.

Do Epsom voters really want Russel Norman and the Greens propping up National?

This will allow National to have some comfort and a couple fo extra MPs. It will also allow John Banks and the “Killer Bees” to rebuild the party for the future.

How is that loan coming along Terry?

Not looking good if the NBR is anything to go by:

Controversial lender Western Gulf Advisory and its founder Ahsan Ali Syed have defaulted on payments related to the purchase of Spanish Racing Santander football team, triggering moves to strip Mr Ali of ownership.

WGA took control of the football team in early February with part of the deal involving taking over the ?6.7 million debt owed by the club to the local government. While the first ?2 million payment was made, the second payment’s deadline of Friday was missed,?Bloomberg reported.

WGA and Mr Ali’s lending practices – charging millions in upfront fees for undelivered loans – have come under enormous scrutiny in New Zealand and Australia.

Wellington developer Terry Serepisos is waiting for a $US100 million loan from the lender, and?last week NBR broke the news another New Zealand “borrower” has contracted a former police detective to look into WGA.

Looks like?Ahsan Ali Syed go chop your dollar Terry.

Some replacements for Terry

It is very doubtful that Terry Poo-piss will make it back to the The Apprentice.

Fortunately though there are a couple of contenders for the spot from the papers this weekend.

First up is Don Ha, who reckons the bank got it wrong after putting his real estate business into?receivership.

A multimillionaire real estate “king” says the bank that put him into receivership did not have a true understanding of his position.

Don Ha’s fortune was estimated at $60 million by?National Business Review in 2007, but receivers have taken over properties and assets belonging to Don Ha Real Estate.

“Without going into too many details, it came to my attention recently that some of the management controls and reporting systems employed by Don Ha Real Estate Ltd weren’t what they should have been,” he said in a website statement.

“I am confident that the bank which put me into receivership doesn’t have a true understanding of my position.

“I wish they had communicated with me more before taking their action because this could have been avoided.”

Mr Ha is an idiot using that defense. When you stop paying bills, and stop talking to the bank the logical consequence is they send in the receivers. To make matters worse he has just admitted that the bank doesn’t have a “true” understanding of the position of the company. What that means to the bank and to receivers is that Mr Ha is a liar.

Before receivers are put in demand is made, giving notice of pending action. Don Ha has known this was going to happen for a couple of weeks at least.

From the NBR we have a other prospect for Terry’s job at The Apprentice. It is subscriber content so here is an extract.

Former Dragon?s Den star Paul Webb is playing down an Inland Revenue raid on his Westpark Marina office yesterday saying the visit was part of an ongoing audit of his property companies.

Sources told NBR that eight Inland Revenue staff turned up at the recreational boat marina in Hobsonville and ordered staff to “step back away from their computers.?

Mr Webb said he was in Australia this week and had no comment to make on the Inland Revenue action.

?We are working on an audit with IRD that?s been going on for a long time,? he told NBR.

?I wouldn?t consider it as a raid. I don?t believe that any computers are gone and as to the detail I?ve got no comment.

?Our taxes are all up to date.?

Webb is a real smart arse. If you look into the companies office he is connected? to Julie Christie and has a fine young man called Brent Todd running? his Aussie dredging company. Plus he is using the same defense as Tezza regarding taxes.

I’m still waiting for Terry’s lawyers to serve me. Looks like that promise was as good as the ones he has made to IRD.




Taking Two for the Team

Well now, seems that another of the tight six has, or is currently taking one for the team. Greg Hutt has lost his bid for continued name suppression. NBR and Jock Anderson has the story behind the paywall.

Name suppression has been lifted on businessman Greg Alexander Hutt, a second accused in a Serious Fraud Office probe into Accident Compensation Corporation property corruption.

Mr Hutt, owner of Wellington-based Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors, which did fitouts for ACC offices, lost a Wellington High Court appeal for continued suppression of his name.

Earlier this month ACC national property manager Malcolm David Mason (50), who worked for ACC for 32 years, admitted two Crimes Act and one Secret Commissions Act charges, relating to an ACC office building in Nelson.

Mr Hutt faces three charges alleging corrupt secret commissions arising from a payment allegedly made by him to co-defendant Mason ? an allegation of corruption of a public official.

The allegations relating to Mr Hutt arise from property rentals by ACC.

Rejecting Mr Hutt?s contention that publication of his name would have serious effects on Hi-Tech?s business, Justice Ron Young said whenever a businessman was charged with some form of dishonesty, publication of his name was likely to affect their business.

?There is no principle that exempts those alleged to have committed white collar crime from the established approach to suppression of name accepting that each case must be assessed on its own facts,? Justice Young said.

In a judgment released to National Business Review today, Justice Young said: ?There is nothing about Mr Hutt?s circumstances that, in my view, can be assessed as exceptional given the context of the crime he faces.?

The judge sums up nicely at the end:

After developing the companies over 20 years, Mr Hutt recently resigned as manager and director of Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors Wellington and Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors Auckland.

Justice Young said the public and especially government departments and other commercial enterprises Mr Hutt dealt with were entitled to know about the charges he faced.

Commenters on the NBR site made the follwoing comments:

Awesome result. Those who can do. Those who cannot cheat.
PT | Monday, February 28, 2011 – 4:30pm

Harpooned by a Whale.
Kaikoura Kid | Monday, February 28, 2011 – 4:47pm

Very apt comments those.




The reaction

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Blogger Cameron Slater is likely to appeal his conviction and fines and costs of nearly $8000 for breaching suppression orders. Slater was convicted of nine?

Slater guilty of suppression breaches
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Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater has been found guilty on eight breaches of suppression orders and one of identifying a victim. Slater was found guilty by

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Controversial blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted on eight charges of breaching name suppression orders and one of identifying a victim in a sex case.

Blogger guilty of breaking suppression
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Prominent political blogger Cameron Slater says he will continue to break name suppression laws, despite being found guilty of the offence at Auckland

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There’s hope the penalty handed down to Cameron Slater for breaching name suppression rules will act a deterrent to others. The blogger has been fined $750

Bloggers not above the law – academic
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A legal academic says a judgement in the case of blogger Cameron Slater shows bloggers are not above the law. Slater, who writes the Whale Oil blog,

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An Auckland judge has delivered a blunt message to bloggers – the internet is no place to hide from the law. The remark by Judge David

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Wellington – A New Zealand blogger was fined Tuesday for identifying sex offenders whose names had been suppressed by judges when they appeared in court.

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Blogger Cameron Slater is back in the Auckland District Court at 10am today to contest a name suppression order. Mr Slater’s legal counsel has argued there

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Controversial blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted of illegally identifying several high profile New Zealanders protected by

Name suppression ? the judges findings and how to do it properly?…
By Lance Wiggs
Whale Oil failed in his case (at least so far) and is up for some eight thousand of dollars in fines and fees. To me it was clear that his actions were breaching the law, but it’s the considered opinion (Thanks Kiwiblog) of Judge Harvey?…
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Despite being convicted of breaking several name suppression orders today, Cameron Slater says his crusade is not over.

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Conceptually Mr Slater, you’re done like a large oily whale?…
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Having said that, I’m not at all surprised that?Cameron Slater was today found guilty on eight charges of breaching suppression orders. He knows he did it; we know he did it and now Judge David Harvey in the Auckland District Court has?…
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Whale guilty on 9 out of 10 charges | Kiwiblog
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Judge Harvey has found?Cameron Slater guilty on nine of the ten charges relating to name supression. The judgement is here ? Police v Slater. I’ll do a fuller post tonight or tomorrow analysing it n depth, and especially any?…
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K1W1: Name Suppression Activist/Blogger fined MORE than sex offenders
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As we all know by now,?Cameron Slater got fined a total $6750 today for breach ing name sup pression orders on this here web site. Most right-thinking peo ple would agree that the name sup pres sion orders should never have been made in?…

K1W1 –
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Cameron Slater’s Court Appearance
Mr Slater has campaigned against name suppression for nearly a year, using his blog to highlight the stupidity of the current law.…/6748961-cameron-slaters-court-appeara…

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