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More on National’s list issues

Last week we explained why National may have no new List MPs after the election. And why candidates should not expect National to honour any promises about List positions.

It is worth examining this further. National will lose three List MPs to retirement, Parata, Foster-Bell & Naylor. Bishop may win a seat. This will leave 15 current List MPs. ? Read more »

Will National have new List MPs after the election?

It is a good question: Will National have new List MPs after the election?

Probably not.

Unless non-caucus members are ranked ahead of caucus members.

National?s current caucus has 19 List MPs. Three of these are leaving. Parata, Naylor & Foster-Bell. That leaves 16 List MPs. ? Read more »

Clifton on National’s issues

Jane Clifton writes about that uneasy and queasy feeling that some in National’s caucus are experiencing?as Bill English and his mates flap about.

Now, you do have to take what she says with a grain of salt considering she is married to Trevor Mallard…but she is a professional and what she says rings true with the feedback I am getting out of caucus.

As new PM, English is grinding away ? to diminishing returns. Labour and National poll soundings show National?s percentage heading south towards the low 40s. Labour isn?t yet benefiting handsomely from this, but if ?time for change? momentum accelerates, voters will, however reluctantly, perceive that giving Labour a legitimising vote share is the surest way to achieve that change.

Although tentative, the poll shift signals that what was once a victory sleepwalk for National has tipped into ?game-on? territory. English?s assiduously steady-as-she-goes Cabinet, which hasn?t undone any key Keyisms (even the Super proposal is heavily provisional), will be asking what?s gone wrong. ? Read more »

Is Simon Bridges really just a big massive socialist weasel?

Photo / Alan Gibson

Simon Bridges is the Minister of transport for the Announcements party.

I call them the Announcements Party because that is all National does these days.

Bill English announced changes to superannuation that won’t take effect until we have elected seven new governments. Paula Bennett announced 1500 new police and now we hear that Police are downsizing. They’ve also announced they are going to build eleventeen million houses and less than 50 have actually been built.

Now Simon Bridges has announced?light rail to Auckland Airport…in 30 years time.

Auckland will get light rail between the CBD and the airport, it was confirmed today, but it won’t be in place for another 30 years.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges announced this afternoon that work will soon begin on protecting the route for a mass transit corridor between the city and the airport. ?? Read more »

So, a rich man gave money to Labour and the Greens, yet no one reported it

Earlier today I posted about the media announcing that Stone Shi gave $50,000 to the National party and that Jenny Gibbs has given a hundy to Act.

But, what is curious is the lack of reporting over another large donation, given just a few weeks before Stone Shi’s donation.

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Another big donation for National, none for Labour yet

National has scored another big donation, again from Stone Shi.

The National Party has received another $50,000 from the head of milk exporter Oravida, which was once caught up in a conflict of interest claim.

Oravida’s founder Deyi (Stone) Shi made the donation earlier this month.

Shi’s company, which also exports wine, seafood, freshwater and meat to China, has close ties to National. Former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley is the chairwoman and director David Wong-Tung is the husband of Revenue Minister Judith Collins.

Collins came under pressure over her links to Oravida in 2014 after she met with Shi and a Chinese border official while on a ministerial visit to China, weeks after Oravida had lobbied the Government about difficulties in getting its products into China. Read more »

National overjoyed at landlord conviction

If you need a current example of the National party championing the downtrodden?against everyday people, here’s one for you.

Building and Construction Minister Dr Nick Smith has welcomed the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment?s (MBIE) Tenancy Compliance and Investigations Team?s first successful prosecution of a landlord for renting a substandard property, under the Government?s tenancy law reform passed last year.

“This prosecution is significant in that it is the first time the Government has pursued a landlord for failing to provide a warm, dry, safe home. Last year?s tenancy reforms enabled the ministry to directly prosecute landlords rather than relying on tenants to take an action in the Tribunal. The law change also introduced a requirement for smoke alarms, home insulation by July 2019 and strengthened tenancy protection when taking Tribunal cases over substandard rentals,” Dr Smith says. Read more »

Guest Post: National is the rational choice

by Mark Rais

Labour has presented a number of positions that are untenable, and in some cases simply irrational.

First, this week Little has indicated it should be compulsory that parents immunise their children before placing them in childcare centres.? Little chose to make this point, even though the government?s own statistics indicate that over 93% of children are up to date on immunisations.

National seems to have cleared their position by indicating, rather reasonably, that it is unfeasible to achieve 100% immunisation rates, and that an attempt to do so by punishing the children’s access to education seems illogical.

This debate began over the ditch in Australia. This is not necessarily a country that we want to replicate in all of our policies.

If I listened intently enough to Turnbull and his points, it implies that if he is right to mandate every child be immunised to ensure their safety, there is therefore the possibility that immunisations are not as effectual as once thought. ?? Read more »

Shakti Wellington need more help due to increase in migrant and refugee population

After the murders of two migrant women in Wellington due to domestic violence ( Sarwan Lata Singh and Mei Fan)?Shakti Wellington opened a refuge in 2014. Last year it it helped over 350 women, with over 200 of their referrals coming from the police. Shakti advocates say they need government funding because of the growing migrant population and because their safe house is at full capacity.

Shakti Community Council is a non-profit organisation serving migrant and refugee women of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin. Shakti; meaning strength; works to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women of colour. It supports women to overcome the barriers that come with migration and inter-generational bonds of cultural oppression. Led by ethnic women for ethnic women, Shakti is dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights of both women and children and advocating social change.

The government?do not fund the safe house despite the government being responsible for the increase in the migrant and refugee population. By increasing the migrant and refugee population they are also increasing the amount of domestic violence.

As the women at Shakti point out in the radio interview, “one size does not fit all” as these women come from a different culture and have a ” different?worldview” and have traditional and cultural barriers that they face so mainstream safe houses are not suitable for them. What they will not spell out but what is pretty obvious to me is that they are talking about Muslim migrant women and Muslim refugee women.

It is worth considering that although domestic violence occurs in families from many different ethnicities in New Zealand none of them requires their own special refuge to deal with their ” different worldview.” Ethnicity is clearly not the problem. The problem is the religion or culture of these migrant and refugee women.

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He’s exactly like Malcolm Tucker’s coffee machine

Nick Smith is exactly like Malcolm Tucker’s coffee machine.

Nick Smith has screwed up again.

Last minute negotiations between the Maori Party and the Government are continuing as Environment Minister Nick Smith bids for the party?s support for his landmark Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.

Maori Party Co-Leader, Marama Fox, told POLITIK last night that unless the party gets Smith’s agreement to change a clause in the Bill relating to GE-free regions, the party will withdraw its support for the Bill altogether.

That would be a major embarrassment for the Government over what is one of its legislation show pieces.

Fox appears to be suggesting that Smith renegged on an undertaking he had given the party. ? Read more »