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Eddie Chapman (1914-1997) aka Agent ZigZag – double agent.

Agent Zigzag

Eddie Chapman was a charming criminal, a con man, and a philanderer. He was also one of the most remarkable double agents Britain has ever produced. Inside the traitor was a man of loyalty; inside the villain was a hero. The problem for Chapman, his spymasters, and his lovers was to know where one persona ended and the other began.

Chapman was also an army deserter, career criminal, safecracker, con artist, thief, triple agent and, in all fairness, one of Britain?s most unlikely heroes. He was a Northern lad with a champagne appetite and beer budget. Sure, Eddie loved fast cars, faster women, and fast living. What he didn?t have was cash to satisfy those tastes.

However, Chapman did know where to get it in amounts large enough to keep him in Bentleys, champagne, expensive tobacco and tailor-made suits. The answer, for a spirited young man with a taste for adventure and distaste for anything remotely resembling convention, was simple. He joined the British Army, deserted and headed for the bright lights and dark deeds of Soho, epicentre of London?s ?underworld, made a few contacts, stole anything worth stealing and began a grand scheme to get as much cash as possible without the tiresome necessity of honest work. Why stand in line on payday when he could blow the safe instead?

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Marie Jalowicz Simon - 1944

Marie Jalowicz Simon – 1944

She Used Absurd Means To Save Herself in the Absurd Times of Nazi Germany

Marie Jalowicz Simon was 11 years old when Hitler came to power, early in 1933. Some 400 Nazi decrees later, her friends and family were being transported from Germany; and by May 1943, Berlin was declared Judenrein ? clear and cleansed of its Jews…

On June 22, 1942, 20-year-old Berliner, Marie Jalowicz ?made an extraordinary decision. As she witnessed the Nazis deporting her friends and family, she resolved to do whatever she could to survive outside their grasps. She found a way to fool the Gestapo when they came for her, flitted fearlessly to and from Berlin during periods of hiding outside the city and declared unashamedly that she could not identify with the mindset of a community resigned to going meekly to its death.

Simon was one of 1,700 ‘U-boats’, German Jews who survived the war submerged below the surface of daily life.

In 1942, Simon, a twenty-year-old Jewish Berliner, made the extraordinary decision to do everything in her power to avoid the concentration camps. Once she decided to take off her yellow star after fleeing the Nazis in 1942, Simon began her nomadic existence. She had lost both her parents before the mass deportations took place. Her mother died of cancer in 1938 and her father, who was no longer able to practice as a lawyer, in 1941.?Food was scarce as she constantly sought?refuge, which would usually last from?a few nights to a few weeks.

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Girls dancing at the rally of Greater Germany in 1938.

Girls dancing at the rally of Greater Germany in 1938.

German League of Girls

With origins in the 1920s, the Bund Deutscher M?del was the only female youth organization within Nazi Germany. Against a racial ?defilement? and pro-rebelling against parents should they compel female youth to take part in events that involved Jewish people, the M?del formed as a way to harvest good German mothers for the one thousand-year Reich. Members contributed to the Nazi war effort by collecting money, goods and clothing for Nazi charitable donations. The female arm of the Nazi movement was severed in 1945 at the hands of the Allied Control Council.

In 1930 the Bund Deutscher M?del (German League of Girls) was formed as the female branch of the Hitler Youth movement. It was set up under the direction of Hitler Youth leader, Baldur von Schirach. There were two general age groups: the Jungm?del, from ten to fourteen years of age, and older girls from fifteen to twenty-one years of age. All girls in the BDM were constantly reminded that the great task of their schooling was to prepare them to be “carriers of the… Nazi world view”.

“The leadership immediately set about organizing youth into a coherent body of loyal supporters. Under Baldur von Schirach, himself only twenty-five at the time, the organization was to net all young people from ages ten to eighteen to be schooled in Nazi ideology and trained to be the future valuable members of the Reich. From the start, the Nazis pitched their appeal as the party of youth, building a New Germany…. Hitler intended to inspire youth with a mission, appealing to their idealism and hope.? Schirach promoted the idea of the German Girls’ League as “youth leading youth.? In fact, its leaders were part of “an enormous bureaucratised enterprise, rather than representative of an autonomous youth culture.”

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Photo: Unknown Source. H?yh? after being awarded the honorary rifle model 28.

Photo: Unknown Source.
H?yh? after being awarded the honorary rifle model 28.

Simo H?yh?

The White Death – World’s Greatest Sniper

Simo H?yh? was credited with over 500 kills in his service during the Winter War with his service cut short as he was wounded by a Soviet sniper. Simo was shot in the face with what turned out to be an exploding bullet and he was taken out of action due to these wounds. The total time that Simo H?yh? served in the Winter War was 100 days with about 500 kills credited to him. His record is truly remarkable and is long since remembered in the nation of Finland.

H?yh?’s specialty was his knowledge of the forests, his enduring patience, and his impeccable rifle marksmanship. A sniper by trade, he would dress up in all-white camouflage, sneak through the woods with only a day’s worth of food and couple clips of ammunition, and then lie in wait for any Russian stupid enough to wander into his kill zone.

Simo H?yh? was born in 1906 or 1905 (there seems to be two dates of his birth depending on the reference materials) in Rautaj?rvi, Finland.? The town was in the shadow of the Soviet Union and as was the case with many border areas, the home of Mr. H?yh??was lost to the Soviets in the spoils of the Winter War.? Like many of the towns and villages of this region the area was rural, and Mr. H?yh? was what people would call an outdoorsman spending much of his time outside letting his skills sharpen.

In 1925 Mr. H?yh? joined the Finnish Army for his one year of mandatory service.? He must have been suited well for the Army in some regards as when he left he had achieved the rank of corporal.? Later Simo H?yh??joined the Suojelskunta (Finnish Civil Guard) serving in his home district.?The Civil Guard is a difficult organization to explain but putting the Civil Guard in US terms it is much like a very well-trained National Guard Unit.

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Matej Divizna/Getty Images News/Getty Images. Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE.

Matej Divizna/Getty Images News/Getty Images.
Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE.

Sir Nicholas Winton

Saved Hundreds of Children from Holocaust

Sir Nicholas Winton, organized the transport of 669 Czech children destined for Nazi concentration camps. As the threat of World War II loomed on the horizon and Germany’s growing anti-semitism became more apparent, Winton helped transport hundreds of Jewish children from Czechoslovakia to safety in England, but his heroic efforts went largely unknown for decades.

In October 1939, Nazi Germany annexed a large portion of western Czechoslovakia. News had reached the world of Germany’s violent campaigns against Jews, and many feared that their growing presence in Czechoslovakia meant that Czech Jews were no longer safe.

Winton, who was 29-years-old at the time, was working as a stockbroker in London. When he learned about the situation in Czechoslovakia he became concerned about the Nazi threat and decided to act. Setting up an office for his new organization in the dining room of a Prague hotel, Winton utilized a 1938 Act of Parliament that allowed refugee children under the age of 17 to enter the U.K. as long as money was deposited and a family was found to look after them.

Despite his incredible humanitarian work, Winton never sought or received recognition for many years after the end of the war. Many of the children he rescued were simply so young that they could not remember how they had been saved.

The world found out about his work over 50 years later.

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I suppose that is one way to try and avoid paying back your enormous debt

The Greeks are trying it on with a massive claim against Germany for war reparations in a blatant attempt to avoid paying back their enormous debt and bail out funds.

Greece has demanded nearly ?279bn in reparations from Germany, more than the value of its current bail-out, as the cash-strapped country continues to pursue?compensation for crimes carried out by the Third Reich.

A parliamentary committee established by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras put an official number on the claim, which includes the cost of a forced Nazi loan made by the Bank of Greece and the return of archaeological treasures.

Greece suffered a brutal occupation at the hands of the Third Reich in 1941, with over 40,000 people starving to death in Athens alone.

Previous Greek calculations for the cost of the country’s occupation have stood at around ?160bn. The revised figures however amount to nearly 10pc of Germany’s GDP. ?? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: NBC News

Photo: NBC News

Auschwitz Survivor Gena Turgel Walked Out of Gas Chamber Alive

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The last voices of The Holocaust

Today is the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The Washington Post has produced this clip.

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Fat German Bastard Godwins himself

Sometimes people should just STFU.

Just a days after whining about what a pariah he is this country Kim Dotcom proves precisely why he is a pariah…he has compared his predicament to the holocaust.

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It is deja vu all over again

I am teaching my daughter history at the moment. We have looked at the origins of WWII and are now looking at the Holocaust.

We have been studying a timeline from when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

As we looked at each item and discussed it my daughter brought up the fact that some of the techniques Hitler used to destroy the Jews bit by bit were similar to those used to try to destroy Whaleoil. I am not talking about the concentration camps or genocide of course but the steps he used to turn the German people against the Jews and to render the Jews powerless to defend themselves. I had to admit that she had a point. It made me realise that these techniques were probably not invented by Hitler but in fact have been used to hurt people since the dawn of civilization.

They are perhaps the guidelines for destroying an individual or a group of people.

Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.


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