Don’t like having to put up with little brats? Kate has the cafe for you!

Kate Hawkesby gets herself in a knot over a cafe not allowing kids. quote.

Quote:I’m not sure what’s going on in Nelson at the moment, but if you’re a M?ori Santa, or a child, it must be pretty rough right now.

M?ori Santas are not welcome, and neither – in at least one cafe – are kids.

Abbey Road Burgers, Bar & Cafe has had a ban on kids in place for two months. It’s been a huge success, the owner says.

[…]So no one under 12 is welcome at his cafe. Controversial? Yes.

But has it worked? He says yes.

No longer does he have to put up with useless parents letting their kids roam free and wreaking havoc all over his premises, breaking glasses, damaging menus, and getting up to all sorts of other dastardly deeds.

So if our children are as uneducated as he says, and if they don’t know how to behave at a cafe, then how will they ever learn if they’re not allowed in one?

Does banning them help educate them? I doubt it.End of quote.

Of course, it does. quote.

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Dripping wet pinko liberal hates democracy


What is it with the left-wing and their we-know-best, the-voters-are-wrong attitude.

Take Grant Smithies for example, who writes in the Nelson Mail about his disgust that the voters didn’t return a council he wanted.

It was like a morgue when I walked into the pub on election day, despite the presence of over a hundred people and umpteen kegs of delicious beer.

Everywhere you looked, slumped shoulders and deep frowns signalled a sense of despondency and defeat.

People’s heads lolled forward over their pints. Hands patted backs in commiseration.

Dark jokes were made about leaving the city and moving somewhere new, but no one was laughing. We were too stunned.

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Rainey still denies the truth

Veteran trougher?Pete Rainey from Nelson just doesn’t get it.

The Nelson?election campaign has been marred by dirty politics, enlivened?by social media stoushes, and dominated by one decades-old debate.

By Saturday afternoon,?the Nelson City mayor and councillors, as voted for by you,?will be revealed, following an at-times turbulent, but mostly mundane six-week campaign.

Aside from so-called “dirty tricks” by some and the occasional clash on Facebook, it has been an election campaign dominated by the Southern Link.

Dirty tricks? Oh, I see, telling the truth is “dirty tricks” now is it? ? Read more »

Piggy Pete Rainey thinks that yelling at the NZTA makes a difference


Apparently, there is traffic congestion in Nelson…snort, snigger…but Piggy Pete is onto it.

Taking action now on Nelson?s traffic congestion is even more important, with the NZTA confirming Council will not be asked to vote on the controversial Southern Link highway, says Mayoral candidate Pete Rainey.

The Nelson Mail reported on Monday that NZTA had revealed the decision on the Southern Link will not be made by the council; and even if the business case is viable, MP Nick Smith admitted it could still be 10 years away.

“This is what we have been saying all along,” Rainey said. “Whatever the decision is, it?s years away – we need to act now. Rachel Reese told a packed Tahunanui Community Centre that she will not do anything about traffic congestion other than wait for link – this is really irresponsible.” ? Read more »


Questions for the Nelson Mail


The Nelson Mail appears to be the public outreach for Mayoral Candidate Pete Rainey. Instead of asking him the tough questions that need answering they talk about dirty politics.

Instead of asking the tough questions of Pete Rainey they try to make out he is an absolute angel who is being subjected to an unfair attack. The problem with this narrative is that Rainey has not answered important questions about a variety of issues, and it makes everyone wonder if the Mail should be renamed ? Pete?s Pravda?. Read more »

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician – Pete Rainey

Thanks to all the readers who are sending in all the great stories about dodgy ratbag local government candidates all over the country.

The first candidate to gain a second nomination is Pete Rainey, the aspiring mayor of Nelson, who was mentioned for his troughing while serving on the council.

The tip line has been running hot about Pete Rainey, which is interesting as there are a lot of stories for us to sort through. The latest one sent through is Cr Rainey being busted for abusing some lower socioeconomic people then trying to deny he did.

Rainey caught in ?ciggie? slur

A ?throw-away comment? from mayoral candidate Pete Rainey while talking about adding another traffic lane to Tahunanui Drive has left the Tahunanui business community fuming.

Speaking at his public meeting in Stoke on Sunday, Rainey was alleged to have said the seven car parks outside the Discount Here, Tahuna Tattoo, Sabai Sabai and Harley Pharmacy were only used by people ?buying cheap ciggies?. Read more »

Nelson to Westport road – if you build it, they will come?

by Pete

Buller’s local government is set to debate whether a new road link between Westport and Nelson should be investigated as a means to boost tourism in its district.

The proposal to evaluate whether a 56km road running from Little Wanganui through to the Motueka Valley would be feasible has been backed by the Tasman and Buller mayors.

A discussion about the motion will be on the agenda at a Buller District Council this week.

“The council needs the facts before any emotional debate emerges, and if tourism is going to develop in Buller and contribute to Buller’s economic future to help replace its historical dependence on mining, we need a northern link road,” Buller Mayor Garry Howard said.

The road would largely follow the route of the existing Wangapeka Track through Kahurangi National Park.

If the proposal to investigate is approved, it would require environmental assessment, cost/benefit analysis and community impact reports to be completed.

Personally I am strongly opposed to cutting a road through virgin forest park, but not necessarily for the reasons you might expect.

The idea behind this road is that Wesport is dying. ?As their economy is mostly coal driven, and coal being on the way out, they’re looking at tourism as their saviour. ? But, the problem is that Westport and beyond is a bit on a dead-end road, so they don’t benefit from through traffic like Greymouth, and a lesser degree Hokitika. ? Read more »

Nelson Mail continues pimping last week’s Cry Baby

Last week convicted benefit fraudster and bludger?Stefanie Coulter was moaning about her sub-standard rental and wanting it torn down.

Now she is crying a river of tears that she will be evicted from the house she wanted torn down.

After going public about the state of her rental house, Nelson woman Stefanie Coulter said she felt scared leaving her house.

Coulter, a beneficiary living in a house she said should be condemned, highlighted the state of her rental property and said it showed there needed to be a warrant of fitness for New Zealand houses.

The cold house has dry rot, exposed wiring, a hole in the pantry rats get through and scrim, a fire hazard, covered with layered wallpaper.

She had received some negative feedback after sharing her story, including over a conviction she has for benefit fraud in 2009. Coulter said that had nothing to do with what she was trying to show, and distracted from the issue of poor housing.

“I did the crime, I did my time. I was young, I was stupid, I was in a really bad place and for them to bring it all up again it’s not nice.”

Coulter said she now feared she would be evicted from the home. ?? Read more »

Why is the tax payer picking up part of this private company’s bill?

Nick for Nelson

The Port of Nelson has revenues of $46 million, and a net profit after taxation of $7.6 million. On top of that it paid a dividend to its shareholders of $4.2 million.

Yet for some reason this corporate bludger has its hand out for government cash.

The Government is to give $200,000 towards a study on how to clean up an area at Port Nelson which is considered one of New Zealand’s most toxic sites.

Minister for the Environment Nick Smith says the Calwell Slip, which is contaminated from chemicals used in ship maintenance since the 1970s, ranks among the Government’s top clean-up priorities. ? Read more »

What have the Chinese ever done for New Zealand?

Last night, Whaleoil stalwart Euan wrote

I know you didn’t mean it but you have made a racist statement by talking of only European and Maori.

There were many other people including Chinese who made this country what it is.

Meet Appo.


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